Saturday, November 8, 2008


hahaha, at long last, i got to watch the movie for hana yori dango!! it's not too exaggerated to say i'm over the clouds now. i am really happy. the drama series was so exciting and with the movie, i would say they managed to bring it to a very beautiful end. i remember i used to watch the series one episode after another, well, sometimes it made my heart jumped. nonetheless, the movie my heart jumped more than ever. hahaha. what made watching the movie overly exciting was by seeing it with friends-a lot of us. in fact, i went to the cineplex together with 10 others. even our TA came along, she only watch it now coz she didn't get the chance when it was showing in japan back then. thankfully, the movie is shown at sunway pyramid which is close from our place. without waiting for the weekend, we went there the evening of our last class of the week.

because of dinner, i was late for about 5-10 minutes. fortunately the moment i entered the hall, it was time when makino was presented with the tiara- i didn't miss the vital part of the story. in the movie, as the time space is years later after the series, they really look great. i still love hanazawa rui. he's so hot! tsukasa was somehow i realize having more manageable curls? makino on the other hand, although nearly graduated fromnuniversity, she still have the same look like when they were in high school. for the story, this movie mostly focused on this main couple and how they tried to retrieve the stolen tiara. tsukasa in this movie surely blurted out sweet and romantic lines it would really make your heart melt should those are meant for you. however, he's still as stupid as ever. all in all, though the theft of the tiara unveils itself as only a mere conspiracy, tsukasa and makino developed their characters as a more matured couple. i'm glad the movie doesn't include such 'hot' scenes that always appear in love stories. nevertheless, the passionate kiss on the wedding day was enough to suffice those elements. and also the scene when tsukasa was totally heated up but was disrupted before taking any single move was really funny- i laughed so hard my stomach ached. ah, talking about their wedding, that was truly a great wedding, considering the sentimental value they had on the venue. i wish i have a memorable wedding like that too. aah, so dreamlike. not enough of that, the last few minutes of the movie really gave it a satisfying ending. well, it doesn't escape the 'happily ever after' concept but there was a deeper meaning to the whole story. it kinda gave this kind of ending "i-may-not-know-what-comes-hereafter-but-i-would-surely-protect-this-happiness-no-matter-what". for me who could care less about love in her own life, i still get touched watching the story.

though not every one of was a staunch follower of the series, i admit we truly enjoyed it. i enjoyed it-very much. my 11 ringgit sure had flown but it was worth it. i don;t mind watching it again. i would still smile and grin like it's first time. oh, last night was even more delighting for me as i could get hold of sophie kinsella's new novel 'Remember me'. i'm halfway reading it now n i guess i would finish earlier than i thought. i didn't mind another 35 ringgit flown away. the story is just fabulous!

but then i remembered, i have physics quiz next week and i hadn't make any effort in studying it.

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