Monday, November 10, 2008


oh, i guess i just missed lots of events to be off-record. just now, i surfed through osaka class blog and there were pictures from when we gathered at watima-sensei's house. man, that was one of the event i won't forget, not so soon. there, i got to meet all of them who were so far away. okay, exceptions to those who are already at overseas and to far to travel to kl or got another business to do. anyway, i arrived ther quite late since everyone else was already there. the journey there was a little story in itself. the reason for my late arrival was due to the additional class i had in the morning. it only ended in the afternoon. i was with fatimah then. running out of time, i kindly ask from my teacher to hitchhike us to the nearest commuter station. lucky, she agreed. however, there was still a good deal of walking from across the stree or more accurately, we stopped on the flyover and walked along the pavement, down the bridge to the commuter station. while we were out of the car, there was already a commuter passing by. thinking there wouldbe lots of time before the one, we sauntered down the road without any haste. but then, just when we were metres away from the station, it arrived. imagine how rushed i was to catch it. i dropped my phone, thanks it's not broken. fortunately, we caught it after all. that was how i got the commuter.

fast forward to when we've arrived at ukm station, it happened we were actually on the same train as 3 others coming from kmb. so we joined and make a 2 taxi convoy. as we arrived at the house after a good deal of finding it, i could see smoke already puffed up inthe air. there was BBQ! yes, the food's nice. there was also caramel which i love so much. i ate the chicken about 5 pieces i guess, there was always new ones after another. in short, i got bloated when i get home. but, what i was so excited about is absolutely meeting all of them! mashitah, anis, najwa, ira, mimi, faseehah, attiya, nabilah, nada and the others. we chatted a lot. i mean there were so much to talk about. the boys were also in high spirits too. i mean, there were never enough of the jokes. all in all, we had a great afternoon there. at about 6, everyone already made their way to return. i got back with faseeha and stay at her house for a while before my dad fetch me. in fact, that was the first time i arrived the despite the fact that faseeha had many times lounging around at my house. at least i got to see her cute brother.

the girls

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