Sunday, November 30, 2008

in cloud nine

now, i'm juz overjoyed. soooo happy after such a long time. going to a retreat surely makes you feel refreshed, yea, going to genting was reallly the right choice i made despite the mounting homeworks i have in hand.

in short, i could hardly forget what i experienced yesterday(man, i sounded like i just went through some torture). well, it is because it just made me laugh and so ecstatic for the whole day!!!!!!!!! it was so fantastic. in a day, not only i got to have fun, i also improved my nihongo and getting closer with the japanese people we have here. now, i'll really cherish that memory at genting. now, i love them more, my friends, my extremely kind senpai, the TAs, yukoba-kun. now, even though i have to do so much procrastinated work, i'm rejuvenated. (is that true? i'm extremely tired actually but sooooo happy)

not only that, i received so much bday wishes it made me so 'terharu' that so many ppl actually remembered my bday. i'm so thankful. thanks to my sister too who took the trouble to call all the way from over there when she is actually going to bed. i love you! my relatives too who celebrated my bday 2 days early with a delicious cake-it's a celebration for those whose birthday in nov-dec though. but, the food was great.

now, i have to concentrate on work

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zaty said...

hey there ma classmate dear~
waah happy gila' nmpkny,
better that way,drpd tension ngan hw yg b'lmbkn kn...huhu (same here,happy~~)