Monday, November 24, 2008

craps of today

ok, i thought of refraining myself from the amazing innovation of mankind called computer, but here i am, facing it eye to eye again. i juz couldn't resist the temptation. bad me. i am supposed to spend tiem doing homeworks here at the beautiful utility, yet i entered the computer room and utilized one of its set of computer

so, today began late, as yesterday ended really2 late. i slept at around 4 sth. i don't know what had got into me, i watched an episode of ryuusei no kizuna, unsubbed from the beginning till the end. i know i'll waste another 40 minutes again later when the subs are out but well, seeing the complete notice tempted me know what the episode is about.

and i woke up at 6:45.

i arrived at school at 8.

not enough with that, our 'pendidikan islam' today was held at a really cramped place. i slept for nearly an hour.

our 'creative objects' class, i was supposed to complete the orthographic projection of our robot. i tried my hard to do it. never would i expect a sudden change in plan due to some miscalculations that requires a major redo in the drawing. gosh. when will i be able to complete it?? we're racing with time though, by next week, we must complete all through the parts drawings too.

i haven't begun my short story assignment yet.

yes, i know my life now is unorganized


etykus said...

hehe.. lbey kurang jea idop ite.. huhu...
plus games,komiks,cd cter jpon+korea... tolong!!

hehe.. iman,wndu ety x?..
hoho... lme xjmpe an.. xpe2.. t ety mlwat korg kat sne eyh.. hehe..

Tess said...

it should say craps of the day =) or simply Today's Crap

mashi said...

waa..soooo many assignments.undone.haha..

tu la,org suruh amik prog us, nk jugak ke jepun tu.tgk ktorg b'senang lenang... ;P