Sunday, November 16, 2008

BLOODY MONDAY:manga and dorama

continuing from the previous entry, the next series i instantly took in favour is 'Bloody Monday'. even the title itself sounds terrifying. yes, it is because in the story, a whole nation is threatened by a deadly virus meant to cease the existence of its massive population. the dorama is based on a manga. so, beforehand, i already read the manga and i know, i should watch this! not only because the main star is attractive (the one plays Ren in gokusen 3), the plot is exciting too, always making me on edges.

to compare the manga and the dorama, the story is intact but there is a slight changes in the details and arrangement of events and the matter of decency. it was a shonen manga to begin with, so some exposure of 'those' thingy is originally high than the dorama which must fit to various audiences. the first episode of the dorama unexpectedly took long enough. i watched in mysoju and there were 6 parts of it in which each parts spans more than 10 mins. the protagonist, takagi fujimaru is only a highschooler but he posesses such an amazing skill in hacking, allegedly a legend. supposedly, about 2 years ago, he had sworn to his father-a member of a special division in the authority, never to do hacking again. however, due to some circumstance, he actually do it once again when one of his teacher went over the limit. this case differs from the manga where ths suspended students are a couple who were caught kissing. the trigger to kitagi's involvement is the suicide attempt by the suspended girl. in the dorama, a girl who worked part-time is suspended, after the teacher made an offer to the girl to give herself to him but the girl refused-coincidentally, takagi noticed the girl ran from the teacher's lab and caused his suspicions. so, i think this beginning is not so strong. progressing to the centre of the story-about the virus plan, the opponent side reveals more figures than in manga while both focus on Maya, the women who approaches takagi as a teacher. in addition to that, the drama features the existence another hacker on the other side that is as good as takagi. while takagi is using his famous alias, Falcon, the other one is Bluebird. before that, the time when his father was framed as a murderer making him a fugitive, the resulting course of events differs too. in the dorama it seems that his own whole division suspects him in the murder. there is a woman who would come to takagi's house and and be by their side, however the dorama features her as the observer from the division instead of someone trusted by takagi's father who believes in his innocence like in manga. here. takagi is left with no one to trust.

[manga volume 1]

talking about trust, in manga, he actually has a circle of friends who borrow their strengths while takagi struggle to discover the truth. in dorama, he is alone, only the double-faced maya with him. the whole story starts when takagi decode a file about a christmas massacre that whips out a whole town in russia, a small trial of the effectiveness of the virus. it was a request from his father initially as a part the division he works in (also known as third-i). when his father has become a fugitive, he is told to forget about it, yet he decode that after all. in the manga, this was the time his friends-the newspaper committee knew about the whole things and offer their support. in dorama, he directly pass it to the woman from the third-i which stays suspicious of his father. the next sequence of event where takagi's sister, haruka got kidnapped resolved differently too. in the absence of anyone by his side but the woman from third-i, he tried to save his sister in a less stylish way than in manga where it involves his friends who includes a prodigy in karate and archery. the term set by the kidnapper is the same which requires him to haack into a power station system but the action brings different meaning in manga and dorama. the manga concludes the goal from that term is purely to make sure takagi does the hacking while in dorama, they actually in need of the info from the hacking for the next turn of event which is truly shocking. they cause a stir in a shopping complex after causing a blackout and spreading fumes from an unknown box. this by itself contains some actions. all the important figures in third-i (again, in dorama, they truly suspect takagi's dad) and takagi himself gathered in the midst of confusion. the situation was really panicking with fear of the virus threat. there was quite a chaos there. however it was finally resolved but it ended that the affair at the complex signifies that the opponent had already got hold of falcon, in what way, i'm that slow to figure out by myself.

either way, it's undoubtedly an excitable turn of plot for both manga and dorama. a definite must watch. honestly i prefer the manga for its emphasis on friends' element and a more laid back attitude of takagi, but the dorama itself is a fabulous show full of suspense and actions. another episode made me anticipating more and more. really looking forward to the next one.

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