Wednesday, November 19, 2008


honestly, i never heard of this band before. not until i watched bloody monday. even that took me until the 2nd episode to realize about the singer of its theme song. guess what, i instantly take a liking to it. anyway, the title for that song is 'over the rain~hikari no hashi~'. it really fits with the mood of the drama. for me who is so blind in music, i could say it have some similar feeling when i listen to dtecnolife songs but more sentimental, dtecnolife's songs are much faster in beats.
the four members of Flumpool [combination of four, lump and pool]
so, being juz like i am, despite the hw i have beside me here, i surfed the net for their video clips for the full version of the song. aside from that song, there were others too from this band. my impression, 'not bad!'. this one song titled 'hana ni nare' has a catchy beginning. (I've mentioned that i know nothing in music, so i could not describe anything). i could continue listening to it even though it's quite long for a song, it went past 5 mins. for the video, though it can be better, they've done their best. maybe it's juz me who do not into video clips that only features the band performing in studio. perhaps, it was done in that style to introduce themselves to the people. they're new anyway. at least, it's not as bad as some other band whose song i really2 love but i would only listen to it rather than watch the video clip. i wonder why can't they do at least an interesting video clip to attract us to see it. in my opinion, because you're lending not only the ears, but also the eyes, so they should show us something extra, give it some story to make it more interesting to watch instead of watching the singer singing the song throughout the video. juz a mere opinion from a little girl here.

i think hollywood makes more interesting video clip than we have here. maybe there're exceptions to one or two that i like, for instance, "kiss, because i'm a girl"-a korean song and also "sayonara" by mr. children. i yet to find another i won't instantly forget. i'm really looking forward to more interesting PV......

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