Monday, December 28, 2009

it's yet to come

when i'm fully convinced the thing that i've been anticipating all this while will actually be in my hands today, it was a wait in vain.........

hmmmm, really am looking forward to it. just means i have to be patient a bit longer. just why don't you appear today, oh DHL??

it has been a long time since i last write in nihongo. i usually use the reason of having nihongo exam drawing near, only then i would be writing in nihongo. true, now in the middle of holiday, my usage of nihongo has significantly decreased. even last week was majorly filled with korean dramas.

oh my, should i work on my nihongo too on top of the abundance of other subject which homeworks ceaselessly haunt me. not like i have any real interest of tending to them in reality. it only worries the hell out of my head.

but today, i've made a little improvement! i actually void of oversleeping and i was doing math. that's quite a sursprise. thanks to my friend who invited me to her house so i could take a look on my real obligation for the first time since holiday started.


though what was done along the 5 hours there was only 2 basic questions on diagonalization (do i translate this right from taishokuka?) i've already forgotten what the heck was that and as to how to get it. so i had to make the review from the beginning from the eigen value/vector and all. a tinge of satisfaction wass felt. but then the moment when i stop came real quick coz i didn't even go past question no 3 where symmetry matrix is concerned.

i'll do it later when my mood strikes again.

so then, may i continue my ramble on my fascination then? hehehe. actually, yesterday i was quite delighted when the lyrics of the song from their (you know who) newly-released album are all up on the net already. from their concert in budoukan, there included some of these new songs and like usual, to actually catch what ryuuta (as well as kazuki in one of the songs) is singing is a challenge i've yet to overcome. so, with the help of these lyrics, i thought i could at least get a clue of what they want to convey.

so, here's why i suddenly pop up the matter of nihongo earlier in this post.

ryuuta, just why u have to create such lyrics so hard for me to understand??

anyone could be bothered to be of help? hmmm, the following song caught my interest particularly

タイムカプセル (作詞:山村隆太 作曲:阪井一生)

この街はジオラマ 詰め込まれた箱の中
傷つけるのが他人(ひと)? それとも癒すのが他人(ひと)?

絵文字のハートの数 信じて待ちぼうけた駅
掴めたと想う瞬間(とき) すり抜ける

人はひとりじゃ 泣くことしかできないけど

胸焦がした 恋の終わりも
ひとりじゃない そう想えた
少年の誓いを詰め込んだ カプセル

覗き込む鏡に 書いてはない…けど
奏で合うギターで わかりあったりハズしたり

思い出し笑い かみしめる幸せよ

喜びなら きっと倍になって
夢は それぞれだけど
肩組んであの日と同じ誓い 抱いて

あの晴れた日 木陰に埋めた

喜びなら きっと倍になって
ひとりじゃない そう想えた
少年の誓いをこの絆を 抱いて

the haunting homeworks

about one third of my holiday is already over

and i pretty wasted them away

ok, that was my fault by being occupied with drama and all

but then, when i surfed around my pal's blog, they just have to remind me with the homeworks

oh why??

following that list of hers, seems like i pretty much have like a mountain of them

-jouhou shori (the appalled c language and 5 sheets of them??)
-math (linear algebra and bibunsekibun i need to work out on coz i really suck)
-mechanics of material (yet to study much of it)
-physics report on oscilloscope jikken (need to be handed in the week the school opens but not even a single word are done)
-chemistry jikken report (on what i've already forgotten)
-and i also brought much books which i intended to work on but seems they still remain untouched

hohoho, feigning ignorance is sure a bliss

oh, and for this coming week is fully booked with other more interesting stuff, where should i sneak in these?

and today i experienced something that made me realized how tiny the world that i know of. amidst this whole world, the part within my understanding is just a speck from them all. despite that, i'm still idling away, continuing to be in the oblivion while knowing it just gonna cause me harm. this feeling of insecurity is really unsettling.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

swayed in fantasy

can't escape the fact i'm a drama-addict.

truthfully, given the holiday, i staked out my eyes just to feed this insatiable obsession. it's a wonder how i can last watching drama continuously for hours but i can hardly last even for half an hour in my class.

oh, must be because there aren't any ikemen to be sighted in the latter case XP

or, the storyline never gets me bored throughout the whole of it. more like getting me jumpy from time to time.

oh, can never understand why a surreal topic such as love can make it so engrossing. not like i ever know how it actually takes its form in this real world. perhaps, it just triggers the curiosity that makes it so appealing.

or, simply because Satan keeps on whispering to continue being lulled in this fantasy.

that's more like it.

nevertheless, i can't deny creatures such as human can be so beautiful, so pleasing to the sight you can't take eyes of them. there also lies the wonder of the makeup world where almost everything can turn out perfect. must be hardwork for all those makeup artistes to reach that perfection. and the exploitation of this amazing side of humans contributes to the boom we have now where fandom equals to paradise.

i'm a healthy teenage girl with all the hormones flowing, that's why i can't help but to be among these flocks-those who find the opposite gender are attractive, especially the good-looking ones.

shifting a bit from my usual dose of japanese ones, recently i got caught with the ones from their neighboring country. indeed, korean dramas are quite lengthy but you just get stuck on it. what more i am the type of person who once start watching one, i'll continue till the end as soon as it is available. so, if the whole series are in my reach, i can finish watching it in such a short time as i tend to watch them non-stop.

i completed korean version of 'boys over flowers' extending to 25 episodes in just 3 days. and each episode is not less than 60 minutes long. following that, as they say "curiosity kills the cat", as silly as i am just trying to peek a look at another korean series which my sis recommended a lot, it then kills the next two days of mine. or more correctly, nights.

i've become nocturnal.

i'm perfectly killed by their charms and excellent actings. which also begins my wonder as to why these kind of stories just so appealing to the masses.

moving on to the thinking phase..... at last, the neurons got some work to do

oh yea, still got the homeworks to be done, oh my, just why the c language and the others continue to torment me even amidst this lovely break....

um, better hone my nihongo for the sake of my studies.... so, let's go on to the listening practice? XD

Monday, December 21, 2009


the first monday of my holiday, and i didn't even oversleep!! when i proudly boasted that i would sleep all i want

tips of the day: in order to not miss your subuh prayer, b4 sleep make a du'a so that you would wake up, insyaallah you'll naturally wake up even without any external help....

and i'm still awake now

just that, after subuh this morning, i checked my dear notebook and finally the download for MW has finished! hehehehe

that explains the whole reasons my eyes are wide open this early morning

absolutely, i have to say, that's one incredible movie which story does not fail to excite me along watching it. in addition, the cast is so hot (here's the main plus point XP) and one difference i could notice in this movie compared to other japanese movies is that it fully utilizes the use of background music so it arouses ur interest from time to time and you'll constantly be caught in suspense. thank goodness it's decently less bloody than 'ninja assasin' i watched some time ago.

but still, they make a wise choice choosing hiroshi tamaki as the main cast, a cold-blooded murder without a sliver of mercy in his eyes. cruel but cool. XD

and how they wrapped up the story was really nicely-done too. he just can't stop looking so smart. can't escape getting the shivers though, he's one formidable character, makes you so scared while eagerly anticipating his next step when it has actually reached the end. nevertheless, the ending theme indeed fits perfectly as it resonates towards the end of the movie. i can clearly see why the song was selected, it just blends in the scene. though i've listened to the songs soo many times b4 (yeah, it's flumpool, tht's why) but listening to it with the movie sorta gives out a different vibe.

so happy i could finally watch it after waiting for so long^^

aaa, now my stomach nearly growls.....

p/s:another 2 days b4 the release ^O^

Sunday, December 20, 2009


huhuhu, this would sound something so overly repeated, but yes, "so long, my blog"
as usual, so many times i wanted to update but it all ended in vain

so, should i just make a digest for the past week (and a bit b4 that)

recent goes up first, i just returned from my family retreat at malacca. or should i write 'melaka'? it's the same anyway. and to sum it up, it was quite enjoyable.

i got a new pair of 'sepatu' XD (actually wanted to write 'foot gear' but then sepatu popped out suddenly and it just sounds so interesting). so happy my pretty scholl won't be beaten up so fast with the presence of this new white pair of tough 'crocs' i got from pasar malam... XD

not to forget, a night walk at bandar melaka is so breathtaking. didn't expect so much people would still be on the streets on midnight (seriously midnight). no need to mention the traffic jam. urggh i hate this part of the trip. leaving that aside, it was nice. really wanted to try a ride on 'eye on malaysia' though. they said there are some gondolas with transparent floor. that would be extremely interesting!!

rewind a bit, it's finally the beginning of our holiday. wow! a 3-week-holiday? are you for real? in JAD?? yes, i'm serious, dead serious. so, what should i do to fill it to the fullest? hehehe
study? um, certainly, i brought back such a mount of books home...

and rewind a bit b4 that..... it was JAD DRAMA COMPETITION. it was FABULOUS!!! MARVELOUS!!! FANTASTICOUS!! hahaha, that's pretty honestly what i felt. little did i felt bitter for not making it at least at the 3rd place (that's my sole target all along, the chocolate hamper do more than enough to make me coveting it so much) coz everyone has given generally all their best. congratz to every each and everyone for turning it to be a huge success. i enjoyed it to the max at least.....

oh, and last week was the most sleepiest week that i could remember. to stay up for the night of the whole week was certainly expected but i really took the blow during the classes. sorry sensei for being such a sore-loser in using time beneficially and ended up fighting the deadline each and every time.

a bit of self-reflecting: i got a feeling i'm becoming a busy-body in some way, have i? ummm, now i'm hesitating to do what i had intended to do......

++i just couldn't stop getting excited over flumpool. while i'm currently being impatient enough for my copy of their new album to reach my hands, the news of the release of their single which song is also again the theme song for the new season of 'bloody monday' really caught me off-guard, i just have to say, the cover is awesome!! if only they would make him facing the sea instead, coz i just got a feeling it would be more (i can't find the word here) let's just say it would carry even more deeper meaning that way...

but then, all this long, i've been anticipating for their concert in budoukan to be in dvd, and they just have to make that come true!!! what more, for the special edition would be including their exclusive photobook! 5800yen/rm200++ out of my pocket?? can't deny this is just soo persuasive yet the money issue still.....

Friday, December 11, 2009


currently, i'm so overwhelmed with delight, so happy and content

certainly, it's true in a sense when someone says shopping is a sort of therapy

it does make you feel so good

though the invisible guilt does linger and remain to lurk afterward

but still, to shop what u want(need), especially to spend the time on the process with others are so enjoyable

i could care less the tire and wear of my legs when we go round numerous shops and outlets. suddenly they got extra latent energy to keep moving on.

at the end of the day, i only got only 1 ringgit left in my wallet. yeah, didn't have much in the beginning after all. but still, as a mere student whose scholarship does not even worth much, to spend a lump rm200++ in one go is still a big deal, for me that is.

anyway, here i wanna extend my gratitude yet again to those two (yeah i know they won't ever read my crappy post here but just let me be) for taking the trouble of accompanying me and truly, i had fun today thanks to them. honestly it was quite awkward initially with the idea of going out of me the only girl and the two of them, guys. but it was not so bad. though i said i love shopping, due to financial restriction i rarely go in actuality. so, this once of a while occurrence really made me in bliss. so interesting to comment on others while they got indecisive to choose which to buy.

"just get all of that" -so easy to say, i'm loving it

but yes, shopping teaches you to be decisive. see, it's a form a learning after all. who said shopping is a waste of time?

oh, taking purikura is fun too ;D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

chou baka

the above was the conclusion we made when we couldn't solve a question regarded by our sensei as chou kantan.

anyway, i totally went out of my way by writing here today, supposedly my droopy eyes have made that firm declaration i should already be on bed now, but still, to be glued to this notebook is like inevitable now. btw, for the past 2 days, my sleeping pattern was evidently destroyed. for the day b4 yesterday, i didn't even get a wink during the night and the following night i slept straight after maghrib only to wake up in confusion past midnight. and continue being awake since.

the obvious result : a very bad sleeping in class, worse than usual.

and i'm afraid i'm gonna repeat that for tomorrow. it just seems like so

anyhow, i could just say i'm plainly irritated at the moment. a sudden dread for the coming of tomorrow comes over...

and also re-realize how dreadful the C-language were u not to put any interest in it, at all.
well, i could see my interest all go the Jdrama alone.

and i just watched one whole series Celeb to Binbo Taro in just 2 nights.
and further listening practice for today, i was exhilarated to find so much direct download links for my obsession.

the result : amidst the rush to memorize the script for my presentation, i spent my time watching a movie. the one starring kubodzuka yousuke whose voice i find so mesmerizing. thanks to the character he brought that of a mentally altered boy, the slow and one-by-one words that he said are easily understood by me who forgot to download the subtitle. and he's just too adorable to look at.

anyway, yesterday's presentation went all right, i guess, though i can't help laughing midway when my friend suddenly laugh. i just hope thye could understand all those, i think i spoke too fast for anyone to comprehend but glad i succeed in racing against time, i made it b4 the time limit.

the moral of the story : preparation is very important, don't do it just the night b4 u have a presentation, what more if u got only so limited a time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

maa ii ka

it certainly was not all sweet memory during yesterday's exam..

i admit it, i'm not that proficient enough to find that easy, no sweat, for next year, i always can try harder..

maa ii ka (just wanted to repeat the title :P)

anyway, what goes into spotlight is what happened next

definitely that compensates all the disappointments due to the exam

we had a really fun time!!

i never had a steamboat hangout with friends b4 so i could say this was my first

and thanks to all of them, it was so enjoyable and the 2 hours definitely do not go to waste, and also the amount each head had to pay were perfectly worth every cent(reminded me they haven't paid me back yet)

coz it was a buffet, just imagine how i stuffed myself up amidst the talking, chatting and laughters that we constantly had. aaah, the prawns, squids, crabs, all my beloved seafoods (sorry those who's seafood allergy, but it was just so damn good) and also the dessert that followed afterwards. it was fun to tease ryota with the chocolate. when i thought there is no one who escapes in loving chocolate.

and from that dinner, we found out each other's likes and dislikes. gosh, yu made me eat the brinjal/eggplant/aubergine whatever u want to call it. definitely, that won't be the vege of my choice. well, that was after i put the shiitake inside his bowl. hahaha. and ryota was nice enough not to bring me the orange juice once i said don't bring that (seriously thought he would). so i was nice enough after that not to put prawn into hirai's bowl. he seems to hate that a lot it would be fun to see his face were i to put it in :P

but everyone other than yu loves mushrooms. nyumnyum

so, once it's over, to walk back to our place was truly a challenge with such a full stomach.

anyway, thanx huda for the idea (initially this was to be the celebration of my bday which eventually turned out to be the consolation for 2kyuu exam). thanx kinta being along and also for the present i just received yesterday. thanx my big sis for paying in advance to cover the part i'm short. and thanx to ryota, daiki and yu for joining in the crowd, it was much livelier with you guys there.

and as usual, so bad that my camera was gone with the wind or else there would more pix to perpetuate the moments

Friday, December 4, 2009


so, it's tomorrow huh?

yea, for us, it's quite a big thing, the japanese language proficiency test. so, i'm praying all of us could make it safe thru this ordeal. ummm, it'll be a wonderful thing be everyone of us pass this year.

i'm hoping for that.

and today, despite having a compulsory gamelan practice, i opt returning home. i do have reason - family matter-a wedding of a relative of mine (which i barely remember who). i'm sorry to myself if giving such a stupid-ass reason to slack off made me worse as a person, but just let it be. i haven't been home since... a week ago. :P

more about today, we kinda have a rare bro&sis hangout :P. we went to alamanda to watch ninja assasin.

my review : not much substance in the story while the actions do take ur breath away or orally extract the liquids from inside were u weak towards super bloody scene.

to change the subject, for i haven't updated for the last few days, actually quite a lot of significant things occurred. umm, what can i say here is i'm so grateful to the people around me. they've made me happy, so happy and delighted. i love them all!!

but now, for some particular reason, my guilty-conscience seems to win over. gotta do something to fix this... ok, i'll let my complex brain do the thinking

and now looking forward to tomorrow~~~~~~~~ yea, gonna eat all i want!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

to be caught by surprise

basically, it's all quite as stated up there.

hurmmm, i really should extend my gratitude to all those people (though i doubt they would ever read this post)

as a food-lover, i was greatly pleased with the doughnut treat they prepared yesterday. and it was so chocolatey. i luv my housemates, they know me too well!

and today, amidst the rush (or was it me who really takes my time in doing everything), i was purely at a loss for words when a box of cake was handed to me when i least expected it. even the giver shows no particular expression for the event, like he was only giving me an eraser or something.

i was like "what?"

in such event, you can only smile or laugh at the least.

ryouta-kun, hirai-kun, hontouni arigatou!!!
and the others who were along celebrating the occasion despite being disrupted in the middle of your respective works, hontouni arigatou!!

and also the chocolates, hontouni arigatou!!!

although i can't really say it was smooth but the revision went on for we have test tomorrow (or more accurately only hours away).

but still, my happiness meter continued to shoot up when my dear senpai kindly did the favor i asked him from before. i'm loving him for this!! seriously, i really owe him this time.

thank you everyone!!! may Allah bless you all~

and i returned to my room with a smile to discover my mp3 somehow couldn't be turned on.