Sunday, November 9, 2008


yeah, i just finished reading a wonderful novel which i bought lil more than a day before. i went to mph warehouse sale a few weeks back and brought home 9 novels yet i finished reading this book i just bought first before them. i admit it was a totally page-turner. oh yea, it's 'Remember Me' from none other else but Sophie Kinsella. i am really intrigued by the whole content (ok, make exceptions on those 'turning on' parts, i totally have zero interest in those). all i could say is i didn't regret spending 35 ringgit on the spot i saw it on display. guess what, i've been waiting for the paperback since the year started. and now, the year is almost at its end.

just imagine if one day you find urself suddenly 3 years ahead of what you could recollect. ok, if it's me, i might already finished my Jad programme here and by then, find myself in a totally unknown place in japan. ok, that would totally freak me out. nonetheless, for the antagonist of this story, she finds herself as a wife she doesn't even know, a boss in the department of the company she remembered just joined 51 weeks before, having body figure she could only be envious of and a her own personality of someone she never was. anyone would be if not extremely, ultimately shocked by all this new possesion one could not remember getting a hold of. she wakes up to discover her life is like a fairy tale. her husband is a multimillionaire. her house is a grand, far beyond normal penthouse one could ever live in. a fully digital-functioning house controlled by a remote control. a big screen displaying anything from sceneries, her mail inbox and her visual pets. it was like those houses in 'cribs' program on mtv. but, more important, she was allegedly married a gorgeous man coming out from magazine yet owning his own property company. what's that? however, to her surprise, from remembering being a laid-back office girl who typically enjoy being in company of friends, loves chocolates, having a messy table, her 28-year-old self is nothing of all that. she is supposed to be a composed career lady, who treats her subordinates(also used to be her best buds) harshly, wearing nothing but black and beige and enjoys food none other than low-carb diet. no cookies, no chips.

it all felt surreal.

well, she struggles to find herself in this new personality. having a perfect marriage, perfect body, perfect career in short a perfect life seems all dreamy and a thing one could ever wish for. yet, she felt void. she then discover more strange things. her best friend is now some high-class girl who only enjoys gossip while her buddies she had known throughout childhood no longer in speaking terms. it was only 3 years but it felt like she lost a lifetime. everything turns over drastically. there is no way the previous her could feel belonged now. a husband prepared everything in a manual, get fussed over a cloth on the floor, who sends invoice for what the wife broke at the house doesn't seem like an ideal man you want to live with though his assets could probably feed every war refugees this raging world contains. getting stares from your own subordinates calling you names you won't want to hear does not seem like an example boss one could ever be. well, being so up high, wealthy and affluent does not guarantee a good life one could imagine. there's no use raking up all those money if you know how to care for others.
well, at least that's what i had learnt.

in short, the whole story is so magnificent you would not want to put it down. your heart jumps up and down. however, the girl in the story lost her 3 years due to an accident, but me who meet no accident, just frequently forgetting stuffs, at an important time at that. why the heck is that?

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