Friday, October 17, 2008

consecutive loss

or this week, i'm really in a deep great remorse
for countless times over, i had lost to the negative side of myelf
i had made a promise, that is to fully concentrate in my studies, starting this second semester..
well, it haven't even lasted or days and i already broke that promise
i wasted lots of my time again on useless stuff
aaahh, i am totally clueless now......


things i gotta quickyly overcome :
-the chronic sleeping-during-class disease
-irresistance towards internet temptation
-overeating? oh my, got a lot of open house invitations
-laziness in doing studying stuff
-where's my breakfast??
-too dense a.k.a insensitive...?

should i ask for help, sending out s.o.s signal? would anyone even care? or, even if they care (thank god, they still love me), would that brings me out from this abyss?

1 comment:

sakura_heart said...

okla,dpt gak g open house...
sini xrase dah raye..