Sunday, May 29, 2011

note before the end of may

the end of may means half of my semester are already done with

while i'm still clueless about most of the classes.

the end of may also means, june's approaching.

my read-book-list still haven't increased since the early april.

what has become of my a-book-a-month target?

nevertheless, i read a few volumes of manga (like i expected, Waltz is truly a great purchase):D

now i hope i could finish the novels stuck at the rack beside my bed.

i wonder just when i can finally be a great time manager to be able to spare time for those.

as i am currently a queen of wasting time.

dame da!

p/s: and yet again, i'm eating instant noodle for dinner. no wonder my head seems not to be functioning at its best.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

what i learned

after more than a month staying here, i had to shop a lot.

and being a typical student, cheap stuff are what i sought for.

but now i know, the cheapest one always doesn't fit your need.

like how i ended up with 2 pairs of sneakers as the first one (the cheap one) hurts my feet.

and i just made another purchase of this kind again,

aaa, this really wears me out.

ok, now i better save up coz things are expensive, or more like only expensive things are truly functional.


Friday, May 27, 2011

day 40 -sushi-

it really took me a long time to update things here.

and already 40 days has passed since i first set my foot on this land.

but then, only yesterday i got to eat sushi for first time in nihon.

it was really fun. of course, time spent with friends are always enjoyable. and funny and everything else.

better than doing things alone, right?

yeah, i've infected with kawabe's style of blogging with line by line basis. (note: kawabe is the drummer for one of my fav bands, WEAVER and he blogs almost everyday here)

well, coz it seems easier and neater to look. compared to this one sensei's writing on the board. he really writes things anywhere he feels like it, nowhere everything on it is in any particular order.

i think i've been spoiled too much by a lot of sensei who write everything so neat, easy to copy straight to my notes. now i'm troubled. i even got a test for that particular subject this monday.

i think i've started to 'mengumpat' or more familiar in english, grapevines gossipping. lol

so, why don't i just continue?*evil grins*

back to today's event, like i said, it's fun and indeed FUNNY. how something i predicted actually came true. how people's behaviour can be that easily foreseen is amusing. i read a lot of shoujo manga so it's funny how to see stuff often illustrated in manga to be before my own eyes. like how someone has a crush on another, and obviously shown yet barely gets any response.

somehow, i feel sorry.

okay, now i feel bad. but the fact i find it amusing to watch is not a lie.

nevertheless, it was really enjoyable, eating sushi and all. thanks to all these people. but then, look at the difference of the number of plates on both tables. respectively there were 4 boys and 3 girls yet the number of plates is greater on the girls' side. gyaku janai??


p/s: i got a sorta test tomorrow, yet i can still update blog?

Monday, May 23, 2011

to be honest

living alone is simply lonely.

lol. talking about the obvious.

but yeah, when i go to classes, i do meet my friends but then, when i returned home, there's no one but me alone.

only when it's the weekend, it feels lively, which requires a bit of effort to go somewhere with people i know, and spend time, no matter how trivial it is. or for some stupid reason, like i can't do my homework alone in my room, so i took the trains to go to the neighboring city.

i cleaned up the room after a while, yet i still can't find the lost wallet. and it still has 10 singapore dollar in it. well, thanks to my habit of spending every last yen i have in the wallet each time i shop. yeah, i went shopping again last week. an unplanned one as i only intended to only go to Ueno Zoo.

i managed to see giant panda for about 30 seconds.

the giant panda was behaving like a sloth.

just like how i'm feeling most of the time.

so, what i'm going to do this weekend?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

GW '11


yappari, typing from the big keyboard here at the computer still gives a better feeling. and i can type faster.

so, as the title goes, this is so as to not forget the first golden week i had here. just for some who doesn't know, you might like clicking here to get a clue of what i'm talking about. this is a prized holiday since there will be no holidays excluding the weekends until we finish our exam, that is in July.

for this year, the golden week is a bit inconvenient. it's a friday off bundled with the weekend, and three days more off in the middle of the next week. so, the monday of school sandwiched in the middle of these two  was really demotivating.

so, part one-Friday till Sunday (29th apr~1st may)
on friday, i went to shinjuku with Arini. only two of us wandering into the complete unknown roads of shinjuku by ourselves. the original plan was to spend the day shopping so that was what we did. but unlike me who brought back about 10 pieces of clothing, arini barely shopped for anything except for a few. ate kebab for brunch at a shop with such a friendly owner, and finally some food that i can call hot.

for saturday and sunday, it was a gathering for the sisters at a campsite in Seseragi somewhere in Saitama. yeah, we were really close with nature. the water is like icewater. and then i'm plunged back into the town life of saitama (though the prices of stuff are high here, but it's still not a city) for the Monday.

and goes to part 2!! Tuesday till Thursday (3rd~5th May)
and Tuesday came, holiday mood again!  in fact, we went into a lott of places in that single one day. On that day, it's me and Arini again and also Aisyah Jlo~~ Takuya offered to show us the around, that's so kind of him. he also brought along his Korean girlfriend who is shy but friendly. so, first we made our way to Harajuku. 

it was so packed with people we could hardly slip through the massive crowd. after being there for about an hour, we retreated and headed for lunch at shin-okubo, somewhere a station away. ate at a thai restaurant after united with another bunch making a table of 10 people at the cramped place. well, not bad but i guessed i've just picked the wrong menu, it's not that amiable to my tongue. and afterwards, a bit of detour for someone was looking for a specific store, it was cloudy but we still went for ikebukuro. thanks to the guide of the day, without much ado, we reached our destination-Nekobukuro! it's located at the most upper floor of some building, the rest of the building is Tokyu Hands store. we entered the premise and there they were, a bunch of cats lying everywhere. i mean, they just lie and do nothing. so inactive perhaps tired from being an exhibit all day every single day. well, i won't be surprised even if these cats are intentionally sedated or something, coz they are just plain lazy to move at all. like this sleeping cat, we were tired too so we called the day off and 3 of us returned to Jlo's house in Chiba~

 Wednesday, the real reason of our sleepover at Jlo's house. we were invited to join a sort of manager at Jlo's residence to go fishing~ well, i never thought i'll see a japanese rice field by now. where i live at, it's all concrete. here at somewhere in chiba, it's quite a village. beside the field, the waterway houses some fishes, honestly we were surprised to find we're actually fishing here. we originally thought we're going to some river or somewhere. but more surprisingly, we weren't the only one fishing there, though not as much as people flocking in harajuku, but cars and vans are lined along road. the result: 2 tiny fishes both caught by the expert Arini.

 Thursday, picnic at Shimizu Kouen. originally there was no plan of this but it just happens that some senpai are going there on that day, so we stayed at Chiba for another night and joined the crowd.

so, before we go separate ways, together we entered a flower garden. the fee is quite the same as entering nekobukuro. though we were off the season a bit, the flowers that are present are simply magnificent. i guess this one deserves a post of it's own to show it's whole spectacle. 

and the next day came, it was school again before another weekend. so on to part 3? 

hehehe, until the next post ;)