Wednesday, November 19, 2008


well, today's not like any other day. i'm extraordinarily got my fingers working on writing in a few entries within only a few hours. maybe, it was due to my excessive sleep i had hours ago. in fact, i was sleeping in class longer than i was awake. my excuse; i took medicine and it made me feel sleepy. i've asked the doc not to give me that kind of medicine though.

so, about yesterday's yesterday. my friends and i went to the police station. we were supposed to give statement regarding the snatch case involving my japanese teacher. however, it turned out that we were invalid witnesses as we didn't really see it when the snatching happened. one of my friend, hanisah saw the perpetrators before they were in action. the bike they rode on parked at the petrol kiosk. hidayah was the closest during the snatching yet she only saw it 1-2 seconds after it happened. the bike went away passing in front her, leaving ookoshi-sensei on the ground. me, on the other hand, only in the scene when she already fell onto the ground, hidayah is already there with couple of other people around. i could see blood on her head and hands. feeling panic, we quickly rushed her towards unisel in front of us. it was quite a commotion. i dunno if malaysia is safe or not now. but surely, they, the foreigners had already have bad impression towards this country when this happened to themselves. now i'm ashamed.

back to the police station, i wonder if all police are like that. i know i'm in the wrong here, for attempting to generalize something based only on the small portion of it that i encountered with. whatever it is, i would say our time there was not really good. they were quite rude-i'm not sure if they regard that as rude, maybe it's normal for them. firstly, we asked where can we find this particular person, the answer we got was; "keluar pintu ni, belok kanan, terus, belok kanan, nampak bagunan, naik tingkat satu" in less than 5 seconds with an unfriendly tone. ok, i endured that. then, when we found the place after searching it by ourselves in the end, he was there about a minute after we arrived. he was SMOKING. i hate smoke. on top of that, i'm quite sick with cold and cough, smoke just made it worse. thank go after he called two of my friends, he didn't require my presence, so we all were dismissed. i'm thankful i didn't have to inhale that smoke from the white cylindrical object between his fingers. yeah, we got back. the conclusion is... lu pikirla sendiri

i went to clinic that evening.

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