Sunday, November 28, 2010

let me do this in 10 minutes

yes, it's hectic times like this that i suddenly want to post an entry while having one whole report left undone.

but here i go, i went off wiki-ing some trivial stuff. (funny how wiki-ing sounds so acceptable as googling does)

there, i lost 2 minutes.

so, what i browsed about was Daruma Dolls. actually, i've been asking some people who are coming back from japan to get me this as omiyage. and of course, they just didn't find it and i got something else.

i mean, isn't this unique stuff is visible everywhere when i watch their dorama or whatever. is it so difficult to be found?

i found it really interesting to how they use the doll. to people who doesn't know, originally the eyes are blank and when one makes a wish, they colour one eye, and only after the wish is fulfilled the other is coloured. omoshiroi. somehow, it can be a reminder you still have to push more effort in pursuing what you desire.

so, back to why it's hard to find, i discover that 80% of the doll production is at Takasaki (Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo) source<---check this out! no wonder they couldn't find it easily, the people i asked it from lived so far from the said place.

okay, i got only a minute left.

so, eventually i passed the time limit i set for this by 8 minutes, it's because i thought of putting a screenshot of a dorama where i saw the most amazing form the daruma has taken, but i just couldn't remember of which episode it's featured in.

instead, i found this when i googled. look at those mini tiny ones below them all.

so, later folks!

nearing defeat

this might be recurring every so often, and i despise myself each time it happens

i can't focus on what i really should do.

instead i'll be distracted to plenty other stuff of no beneficial. including what i'm exactly doing here-writing a blog.

it's frustrating.

hopefully, my report will be able to be completed fully and without much fuss while there's only barely a day left, to include there's also the presentation slides to be done.

ok, enough of that.

mou, ganbaru shika nai

this is what i should stick in mind

btw,some time ago, i finally get my japan map in my own room (*^-^*)

and lastly, let's see in a few days who is it that actually remembers or makes the effort to remember............

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


it's read as くらげ (kurage)

well, the kanji, one by one brings the meaning of 'sea' and 'moon'

combined, it means jellyfish.

a creature that majorly consist of water and little of everything else. fleeting through the waters like nothing else matters.

it reminds me of our visit to JIMAH power plant, where i got a glimpse of the above mentioned creature but quite different to my usual image of it. never did i know there would be one of this size. i did only watch from above when it fleeted near the surface of the water but i guess the full picture must be something like this.

it's still jellyfish, yes. 

ok, i prefer to be near to the ones in the first picture, or more accurately i'd love to simply watch them, though people might say i better do many other things than that. but, animals just soothe you in a way you can hardly comprehend why. they just do. that's what great about God's creations. All praises to Him, Subhanallah~

and the reason why my interest perked up to this creature out of a sudden is because of the following.

yes, i'm absorbed in drama yet again. this time it's Nagareboshi (among other dramas i'm engrossed at the moment). a bittersweet love story enough to keep my interest aroused and maintained. at times painful, at times funny. and call me a girl because i really am one, i can't escape from being mesmerized.

like here's what i call marvel of God's creations. XD somehow he constantly reminds me of someone so close though. guess who? hehehe

Monday, November 22, 2010


if i were to blurt out the following orally to my friends, i'm sure i'll be bashed or just plainly ignored. now, i'm grateful for the presence of what we call blog. it's regarding the JLPT. today, we did the last year's paper, and frankly, i'll say, that's just WAY TOO DIFFICULT. for the current me, at least. okay, that's what i wanna say about the matter. now, i can barely see any light of hope of me passing at this rate, and the new format N1 model paper does not seem easier.

and what i answered to the interviewer for the university entrance : the subject i like/good at -> nihongo

well, i'm not lying. i do enjoy all the thing i'm able to do following to learning it.

i could understand the dramas!! well, though not fully. but it sure leads to the addict i'm having at the moment.

and understanding those lovely lyrics from songs i love to listen. but still, i'm amazed to Ryuuta's style, the more reason i'm so desperate to be better in nihongo. Flumpool, just wait to the day i could watch you perform live...

Okada Masaki made me watch a drama about tax - a topic never occur to me. He's such a hottie~

and actually, i intended of doing my report tonight....

p/s: i need to grab a book now. ah~ how much i want 'I Shall Wear Midnight' at the moment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

what i had on Saturday

since early morning, it's a  day filled with entrance interviews & written exam, never lacks of its own nervousness, yet still amused to find one of the persons in charge as a very nice eye candy XD

hopes everything goes all right, not just for me, for the rest of us too.

but the fact is we're still far from being able to be relieved even after we would get the result for university entrance, we still have a few months to finish the current semester. with its own mind-boggling subjects to overcome.

and today, i had my regular dose of drama. you should never stop practicing, right? next week(precisely tomorrow), we gonna have a mock exam for jlpt. it seems to be last year paper. quite strange, now the one we gonna actually sit this year would be of revised new format though. but i guess the contents are still relevant, so why bother?

later, i searched around to expand my drama inventory. and sure, i did find some. there'll be day where i'll do dramarathon very soon.

and a burger for dinner.

a nap after a long day. emphasis: a NAP. coz it's only an hour. before i woke up to be startled for it was already 11 p.m.

and we already bought ticket for Harry Potter which showtime is 11:30. nevertheless, we made it in time, skipping the intro.

-thought of writing down about the movie, but the words just don't seem to flow out-

though not really what i would deem a marvelous one, it's quite a nice watch. and i haven't seen any movie lately. well, it does make me look forward for the latter part of this 7th installation of the movie series. it would be when i'll be scheduled to be in nihon already. should i make an effort of watching previous ones that i missed?

i guess i'll still succumb to the habit of reading any subtitle available, even if it would be japanese.

i should learn listening properly. sorry for never being a good listener. i'm just not inclined to be so.

whatever crap i'm starting to write here, it's nearly 3 in the morning and my eyes is still wide open while my brain is showing signs of needing rest.

for today, i hope it'll be a sunny day. it's sunday after all. and whatever will be coming today, i'm wishing so that  it'll be a happy one, something that could make me enjoy my day at least.

so, everyone, enjoy your day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

courage undetected

Meiji University Interview ⇒ Saturday, Nov 20th  8:00 a.m
Saitama University Written Exam ⇒ same day, 9:00 a.m
Saitama University Interview ⇒ same day, between 1:00~4:00 p.m

mental preparation : still undetected (plausible radar damage)

Electrical Experiment report due --> tomorrow 5 p.m
progress : 66%

may everything goes all right, amin~

Thursday, November 11, 2010


yosh, it's now the battle for the interview, yet while the person beside me is preparing for that sake, i'm still sticked here... like izaan said, there's one week more, no worry :P

so here, i'd like to share a quote i found somewhere, it's originally from a book which title i no longer could recall correctly.

You don’t quit practicing because you suck, you suck because you quit practicing. 

You don’t play because you’re good. You’re good because you play. 

You don’t run because you’re good at running, you’re good at running because you run.

somehow, recently it occurs upon me that actually all the bitter feelings/experiences/recollections i gathered so far were actually a valuable treasure. though many people prefer to eradicate those unpleasant things, it's because of the very existence of those that we mature and learn how to appreciate.

coz, i can never be good when i never do it, right? let alone be marvellous like how i perfectly won't mind being one.

so, from now on, no fear! (while inside i still shudder)

ya Allah, please assist me in all of what i do, grant me wisdom, grant me perseverance. i need nothing more than your blessings throughout my life. keep me safe and sound, and so my family and my dearest ones. keep our hearts clean from any evil, forever devoted only to you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

there's a lot to wish for

if you get only a wish that'll be granted, what will you wish for?

that is one difficult question.....

i do have a lot that i want at the moment.

but first, we'd like to have problems to be cleared off our heads, right? perfectly, there's constantly a thing that is fleeting in my mind regarding what i believe is troubling me.

please, spare me of it.

sometimes i just want to whisk it off and make myself think that it's only me who creates the problem in my own head. the more i think about it, the more it is making a mess inside me. and naturally, it's not a thing you can easily put into words. yes, it's indescribable. but for sure, it's agitating.

perhaps i'm too much influenced with all the dramas i'm addicted with, my sense of logic might be far-fetched from what we call reality, the realm in which we're living in for real. and i'm overestimating things. for example, for a thing that supposed to be sufficient to make someone happy, still i'm expecting more and something just feels incomplete, in result i'm not that happy.

should i blame myself for being too much engrossed in dramas that it affects my thinking?

and what ceaselessly troubles me is when it comes about interpersonal stuff. easily said, i'm just clueless about the whole thing regarding it.

first thing, we have to consider others, and read their signals so as to make appropriate actions (for what purpose i'm still puzzled- is it not make them in unease or for solely not making a fool of own self?). but then i fear i misread those. i easily think the other party is not interested, so i should just shy away. in the end, it's me who feel lonely (somehow this word sounds too clichéd). however, there are times when i think if i can be this troubled, there must be others too having the same conflict (is there?). so if i change my position in the previously said situation, it might be me who makes others think the same thing as above. due to my inept self who hardly knows how to deal with people, i might unknowingly giving such unintended signals making them shy away instead. and the exact same result ensues, yes, that clichéd word.

honestly, i'm not a good talker. nor can i read the atmosphere. let alone people's mind. strangers, acquaintances, they might just be the same to me, i'm clueless about them.

and as day passes, when so much thoughts has piled up, the whole thing just feels so complicated. it feels like you are so lost when you discover so much stuff beyond your comprehension which you were so oblivious to before you didn't even know such things even existed.

it asphyxiates you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

more reading list

here's what i hope i get to read/have in my possession before the year ends.just why they have to be so damn expensive at the moment?? anyone? *wink**wink*

and now i've gotten to the last part of 'children' by isaka kotaro. once i finish with that, i'll go compare it to the tv adaptation. the character 'jinnai' can't fail from amusing me.

and the other day, i got myself this cute little things i'd love to adorn my scarf, well their purpose is generally not only limited there, but i'll think of that later.

anyone interested? *begins daydreaming of getting more pocket money*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i don't know why, but since the new sem started, i felt as if i've turned so much older, i mean by stamina. i easily feel tired and there must be a day in a week (excluding the weekends) where i can't escape from stay tied on the bed for almost 12 hours. and it's weekdays we're talking about here.

and that still doesn't cut short the amount of sleep i never intended to have during class.

at times like these, people will say, you lack exercise!

and i cringe at the whole truthfulness of it...

but what bothers me more than the above is how i can easily be in a dream. or what i thought is a dream. perhaps it's only my mind flying off somewhere else especially when this occurs in the middle of a class, but what i'm sure is, it's tiring! the purpose of getting sleep is to get rest, yet what you get after sleep is getting even more tired.

and even more frustrating is i can't recall what the dream was about. perhaps, some of the fragments are still left in the memories but it only last for seconds the moment you wake up, and suddenly it vanishes into thin air. at lucky times, i could remember one or two characters in the dream though.

and recently i just noticed how the book i'm currently read affects the dream i have. the other day when i read a short story about vomiting, i had this dream in which i feel so nauseous and somehow it linked to how i actually vomited all what i ate the previous night. stupid, right? but that really made me fell unwell for a few days. and i just finished reading a novel about indian society, and i dreamed something very related to it. i told ya, i can't remember my dream, but only the feelings linger which i can't easily grasp or properly translate into words.

talking about books, lately i'm so hooked to them, perhaps it's a seasonal thing, but it still puts me in such delight for the fact i actually finished 3 novel in only a few weeks just recently. they indeed had jumped in the queue as i'm still in the middle of reading 'children' currently. yosh, i'll finish that too soon! and when i feel like it, perhaps i'll review that a bit. well, i'm eager to finish it coz i'm looking forward to read another book (or more exciting, buy it for myself) which i had once leafed through a few pages of it some time ago in the bookstore-a novel told from the eyes of a cat. it's a classic work i guess and reading it in its original language is ever more tempting...

this reminds me when we were having our SPM exam week where others were cooping themselves with textbooks and kept leafing through their notes, i jauntily read a few novels i divulged from my buddies' room which i found just to my liking.yes, this only means i'm actually in a period where apparently we're very busy....

p/s: only about 2 weeks b4 the interview for the universities, zenbu umaku ikimasu you ni~