Sunday, November 16, 2008

ryuusei no kizuna continued

gosh, never did i think the story would turn out to be more exciting than i expected. i surfed back the info site, yeah, before, i didn't realize that one its genres is comedy. truly, the comedy element in this story is sooo entertaining. nevertheless, the poignant core of the drama is still focused along the story.

actually, there are hilarious moments they had created despite these painful faces they wear

continuing from the first episode, i watch another 3 episodes of ryuusei no kizuna. i laughed hard. as i mentioned before, in episode 1, the siblings worked out a plan in order to retrieve the money shizuna had lost to a swindler (oh, forgot to mention, the siblings' name are kouichi, taisuke and shizuna). in fact, the plan itself means they became a swindler. the plan, engineered by the eldest, kouichi, even have its own name; "letter from canada". it was so ingenious it went hilariously perfect and they got the money after all. but i would never guess the story will take its course of where the siblings continue this swindling work! at first, i didn't refer it as swindling though as the next plan was directed toward shizuna's ex-boss who made her super annoyed with his attitude. so, it was obscured with the intention of paying back. but, when i look back, yes, they swindled the man's money in the end. this second plan was called, "Takayama Hasanobu, the delusional chief clerk". now, they all look more like detailed play scripts rather than plans. so, in this second play directed by kouichi, shizuna really did become a good actor in swindling. againAlign Center, she disguised as another woman who really caught his ex-boss's heart. taisuke(the second brother) on the other hand, plays as a bank employee who offers an investment offer-this is the scam. yes, he fell for it, not purely on the investment, it was because of shizuna. from this plan, they got 150000 yen. the most interesting part here is, kouichi was so into the plan, he made logo representing them (i forgot when it first appears but i'll surely find it).

the following plans that kouichi came up including one after they suddenly found their old friend from the institution they were sent to when their parents died. the girl was pregnant from the affair she had with her ex-middle school teacher. the problem arose when he didn't want to take responsibility. so, the script is shizuna approaches the teacher as his ex-student. the bait was that this ex-students willingly lent him money after the teacher confided in her about the girl he made pregnant. so, as an obligation, the teachers return the money when he had handed the borrowed money to the pregnant girl. ok, it does not stop at that. they deceived this teacher into buying a insurance premium after he thought this ex-student of his is struggling a hard deal working as an insurance seller. now, that's the catch. the script comes to conclusion with the teacher opened the yearbook and discovered that the name of this ex-student is actually a boy. pretty cunning, right.

the next one is what brings the story to its conflict. this next script was crafted just because kouichi was irritated by this one son to a boss of a big restaurant chains. this plan is more high-sophisticated than the previous ones. to cheat this man, shizuna acts as a girl newly arrived from abroad, so this requires shizuna to study english all of a sudden. taisuke on the other hand, acts as a jeweller, well, he got to learn jewellery, something really out of his field. the plan was to use shizuna's charm to make him buy a ring for her. it would end with both money and ring to their hands. the deception plan went good and of course a joy to watch. just see how shizuna acts as a college girl honestly telling what's on her mind. however, this came difficult for shizuna as she continued on the script. because the other party is a restaurant owner, it is highly related to her memory of her father.and...... what's going to shock them the most is, the key to the murder of their parents is at none other place but here!

so, the suspense just builds higher and higher now. while these hilarious swindling affairs serve as an insight of how they strive to continue their life, it's none other than a side story to the main aspect of the dorama. the promise they had made since childhood, that is to find the murderer and get revenge by themselves still lives on. the frequent flashbacks from the time their parents were killed emphasises their will to make the oath come true. well, this story promises to be more exciting and more puzzles which surely would get me hooked to it even more.

i found the logo, look, it's cute, right?

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