Thursday, May 27, 2010

the passing days (photos updated!)

seems like this month my entry count is a lil bit less than usual but it doesn't mean nothing much is going on, in contrast there's a lot of stuff that i got my hands tied. but amidst that, there're also some happy and unexpected days~
like how we ended up touring KL

getting butterfly on my finger

and saw schools of fishes and lots of other creatures at aquaria

feasting on a scrumptylicious ice-cream

riding on the rollercoaster which was totally out of plan

buying a new blouse totally way above my regular price range

simple daily surprises such as having naan as lunch

or getting our circuit working after numbers of times it had failed

missed our bus home and hitched a ride on our beloved sensei's car, and he treated us for cheezy wedges

the 30seconds trailer of flumpool's new song (gosh, how  i want that upcoming single sooo much)

or the sudden development of the drama i've been watching

or reading some blog posts that just touch my heart(as explained here)

okay, supposedly the most of the above are only captions for photos i intend to put up there but the internet just won't be nice to me from the day before yesterday when i first wrote this post. so, whenever condition allows it, i'll rethink on updating this again.
photos updated!!

but yeah, thanks to a whole lot of people who just make my life brighter. everyday is full of challenges, bearing it with all the sweet memories, we all can make it through together~

p/s: this blog somehow is like a rollercoaster ride

Thursday, May 20, 2010


point 1:

so many things have broken, literally and metaphorically. due to the overwhelming works we have, it has gone past my physical limit and so does my mental limit and i'm still trying my best to strain myself to last each day. too many stuff to cram in my head, my patience has no more to spare. to say honestly, maybe it's not too much, perhaps it's just me who's so stupid to utilise my time. facing that truth, my spirit breaks yet again. the condition of the house which need repairs and has long not mended till now, i'm irritated and no one just cares.

point 2:

to learn and to learn, you've immersed into the deeper world of unknown. to know more means to discover the whole lot bigger counterpart of what you don't know. sometimes i wonder just how oblivious i am, i'm practically the same as knowing nothing. well, people say ignorance is bliss, but isn't it frustrating? so often to be buckled with the sense of insecurity, like at any moment you could just disappear and perish just because you know absolutely nothing. yet to know how the world works, yet to know how to make a mark on this world, yet to know a whole lot of other things.

point 3:

i'm clueless about a species called 'homo sapien'. if only we can check the meter of humans' feeling like in analog meter or digital ones. it's too much a puzzle, figuring it out has become an endless game. i prefer not it can just be read like a book, words are confusing just the same. to reach and connect and to understand is just so damn hard. to sincerely say out loud of what's in the head can hardly be actually done. too afraid, too scared of the plausible unwanted outcome. or is it simply coz i'm just damn selfish? when i thought i'm thinking about others, it's only about me in the end. yeah, the reckless me. never i am the altruist coz i'm a narcissist.

perhaps, i'm being ungrateful, only ungrateful people complain. nonetheless to have so much questions in life is just part of being human, isn't it?

-done spewing out part of what has been held in by far, proceeding to sleep therapy-


not totally in a good mood


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


okay, the third one was near lie. i still got my voice but it's nowhere near my normal voice.

hayaku naorimasuyouni

too much to say yet i don't know how to put it.

and this sleepiness kicks in too hard, i'm hoping i can be genki soon. (oh my, i'm losing the words, i'm mixing whatever in my head now)

briefly, there's so much people that have my gratitude at this moment, yes, i'm so damn happy

despite the exhausting days we have to go through. undoubtedly, no one can escape from being fatigue at this rate.

jaa, will be updating soon where the conditions are more favourable.

THANKS A LOTTT! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! real life can be so delightful at times~~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

one wishlist cleared!

in fact, there were just too many good stuffs happened yesterday, one of them being getting something i've coveting so much all this while.

to put yesterday chronologically, it started at 8 a.m. saturday at 8 a.m!! if it's a usual saturday i would be still lying on bed. but yesterday was a Saturday with an agenda. i was actually going for a KL tour! hahaha, for nearly 20 years i've lived that's quite a first time doing so. actually i was just tagging along when a friend of mine invited me to join them. so there we goes, head count: 14. i know that's quite a large party but it was exciting nonetheless. and tht's the first time i ever hanged out with junior girls. a lot of them too. and the whole purpose of the tour is to let our TAs enjoy KL. in short, we're the tourist guides and also fellow interpreters for them :P

so, what's there to show in kl? ok, that pretty put me in a bind too. i mean, what i know about places in kl only limited to its shopping malls and such. so, for our dear tourists, there's at least something else we could show. there's a lot, isn't it?

so we ended up going to national museum and butterfly garden. :D

okay, perhaps museum is out of my knowledge range, but they currently hold an exhibition about coffins. quite interesting actually. but poor them, there's no japanese in the descriptions so i don't think they could understand it so much. and after that brief stop at the museum, we actually enjoyed our time in the butterfly garden. what i could think of actually was that's a good place for dating (okay, i know i'm lame). though the numerous number of butterflies can creep you out, it's still beautiful and fascinating. i got one on my finger! that is after it stopped on goda-san's arm and just stayed there. is his body emanating sweet honey or what?

moving on to the next venue, we came into a family whose 2 daughters are so cute~~~ i didn't get bored playing with the baby, it's simply too adorable despite the fact i'm not actually fond of kids. but this one is irresistible. oh emily, have a good time in malaysia though i'm sure you won't remember your time here after all.

and then, the main attraction of its all, KLCC. hahaha, i don't know for how many times i've stepped in there this year. and i'm just absorbed in kinokuniya just like always. but yesterday, it was so exciting, other than buying a book i've been looking all these while, i also discover someone else that could relate to my predilection. yea, frankly i didn't bother with him before, but we have such common interest it's such a delight. shimoyama-san, i'll remember that recommendation of yours, i'll read it for sure! i'll be waiting for the day i could actually read all those isaka koutarou's novels. i've been attracted to his works when i watched the movie adaptations from his novels. man, that's quite a style! i'm sure the novels are even more penetrating than the adaptations. now i really hope my nihongo is already so damn well enough to be able to read those.

and last but not least, petaling street and central market. that really gave me a giggle. i'm wondering what purpose does they come here all the way from japan for. they ended up buying a whole lot of anime dvds and very little of anything else. at least, they got to experience durian. i really think it's rare to find someone who would like it coz none of them does. and also what poor luck to buy a defected good it's broken a while after the purchase. and we walked and walked and walked it was already nearing dusk.

yea, time to return. yet, while the rest were heading home, i made a detour to fulfill my objective of the day and went to midvalley. however, it seems like what i want to do can't be done after all. instead, i found what has long been in my wishlist, and an affordable one at that. oh my, i've really been spoiling myself...

 but looking at yesterday, now i really really want a camera!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's epic!

the first movie i watched in May, and it's just fantastic~~!!!

it's Kick Ass!!

okay, honestly, i'll say i had not the slightest interest to watch it when looking at that title. i mean, it just sounds like rubbish. and even prior entering the cineplex, when i at least knew it's a story about someone who is a superhero wannabe, i simply thought it's a parody of all those superhero stories we've known. in short, i got zero expectation.

and then i watched it.

gosh, it's only the first minute and i already laughed my heart out. it's just too hilarious. and then the story starts, featuring a super-regular guy with no special ability or whatsoever and quite absorbed in the comic world. and his name's dave. while there's a lot of story talking about courage, in this movie, this guy probably shows a WHOLE LOT of it. to make himself a superhero while he has no powers or anything close just because there's just nobody else who would be one. of coz, who would???

and suddenly, he turns into someone in green suit appearing in streets. what does he think? cosplaying??? i thought just how stupid this story would go, alas the story really does lie on realisticity(did i just make up this word? :P). his first attempt to do justice and something really notorious happens. i bet there's no cinema that would be quiet during this scene. to not be a spoiler, i'll just say while he indeed succeed in stopping the bad doing he saw, in return, due to his own zero-superhero-skill, he took the toll of it. yeah, this is getting interesting.

and parallel to dave's story, there's another story about dad and daughter who seems like they're having their own scheme, very mysterious but creepy as well. and both story progresses and up to a point, they intersect each other and everything falls into place. 

this movie is never short of moments where i would be taken aback, especially when nicholas cage first appears with some awkward mustache. i didn't know he's among the cast! i guess his acting here is just superb as anywhere else.

youtube plays its role in the movie as well.

to make a full review of it would be troublesome, in short i'll say the plot is really great, and every casts live up their characters amazingly well. and unlike any superhero movie, it's just realistic (for me at least). action scenes, not bad, and if i could remember there's a moment with an applause from whole hall. language-wise, if you consider 'fuck' as no foul word, then it's rather clean. hahaha, i guess that word just appear in the script at 20seconds frequency?? may be gruesome at times, or simply you feel just how that cute girl can ruthlessly stab people to death?? but, she's still cute anyway.

oh, and that super-regular-guy-dave eventually turns a lot more attractive by the end of the story.

perhaps, this would be the best movie for 2010, it just has a lasting impression it still doesn't disappear until today from when i watched it. i wouldn't mind watching it again. ummm, but i figure sunway pyramid is not the best venue to watch it after all. they got such a bad hall for watching a movie it's so steep 5 rows from the front are totally goner.