Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some perverted thoughts

have u found someone so cute and adorable, and suddenly u feel like u wanna hug that person? be it in front of your eyes or in the screen. this applies only towards opposite gender.

today, i felt that way....


it's okay, someday i can do that too, legally, insyaAllah

or... today? hey cats, where are you! <---implausible, at where i live now, there's no hygienic cats in sight

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Tess said...

Hi Li'l sis,

That's not a perverted thought. Having sex with animal is a perverted thought. It's only natural to want to hug and caress someone or something. But if you decide to touch/hug somebody, make sure the other person ok with it. Be it male or female, young kids, or old ladies. If they don't like it, please avoid any physical contact with them. Also, don't you have a hugging buddy? Hehehe... to bad, you're not here :-p