Sunday, March 29, 2009

i was on MRT

okey, makes little sense with MRT here in malaysia coz we only have ktm and lrt.

nonetheless, it's not the transport MRT after all. i was meaning to use for its whole another meaning: MALAYSIAN RUBBER TIME (hehe, borrowed from "honk, if you're malaysian"). sensitive issue, anyone? honestly, if it were me, i'm quite, not quite just greatly bothered by this sorta thing. undeniably, it can be infuriating, ne? however, today, i might just had grouped myself with this kind of people who certainly don't have a sense in turning up on time.

yeah, i was late to the driving class. neboushiteshimatta. well, it had passed, what more can i say. gomen? so, today, for the 1st time, i sat in the driver seat. though it was only in circuit and in gear 1, i was quite excited. it moved safely, that one made me relieved somehow. go, go, red kancil!

and today too, i got to meet 2 of my ex-schoolmates!! i was so excited. so happy. well, for one of them, we previously planned to meet but failed so when i finally got to see her today, i was ecstatic. thankfully, she got this afternoon vacant and she immediately go out once i called her. well, for the other person, it was an unexpected meeting. sorry, i didn't recognize him at first and i was too engrossed in my novel. his appearance was somehow different too. never thought i would have friend that's in army. proud of him.

and as expected, izzati actually bought that ARASHI calendar that's just sooo expensive-for one heck of a calendar. like how i called her when i bought the magazine featuring flumpool, i received her call too when i was in sardine-packed commuter. happy for her!

Friday, March 27, 2009

teh ais itu tidak sedap

what an ungrateful girl i am (pertaining the above title)

well, i'm just saying the truth according to my taste bud.. never mind that

the thing is, i was expecting a better one, now that i've walked down to the shops and returned here all sweaty at noon... it's actually quite far and why the heck is my house up the hill, such a hassle in returning here..

perhaps, this might be a good exercise-for me that is, who seriosly lacking in it. and after the longg sleep i had that stretched over 12 hours.. hahaha

so, yesterday, i finally got a hold of my coveted magazine featuring my fav band, flumpool!!! i was all nikoniko(smiling) after having it in my hands.... of course i would, i missed the chance of buying it the 1st time i saw it and i regretted it much coz i lost my whole wallet afterwards, to think back, i would not be sad losing the wallet if i already posessed the mag by then... i'll still be smiling despite the loss(talking about hte ifs here).. hehehe

this just arouses my desire of getting a new denshijisho, i seriously wanna understand the whole article and interviews. it's so hard with the one i have now.. aarggh, just why did i have to drop my precious denshijisho b4 and ended up getting an older model one after that? i really regret that now....

back to the topic of the mag, aside from the feature article, the major counterpart was about other bands in japan which i barely knew... huhuhu... but i notice one thing, their male artists sure are beautiful! hahaha.. i really mean it, and i'm not even talking about the idols here, just normal bands who have the same passion in music but they're are simply good looking no matter how i look at them. or perhaps, their make-up artists are just so great to bring out the best look out af all of them... i don't particularly care but it really serves as eye-candies. well, when i'm listening to music, because it is 'listening', i'm only using my ears, duh~. okay, enough of my nonsense. -ciou-

just watched a movie at starmovie, 'premonition' starring sandra bullock and julian mcmahon(oh man, i love this hot guy in 'charmed'). i shed a tear. it's so heartwarming... i can't stop getting touched for stories like this.. a great movie after all..
now, waiting for the subs for the final episode of 'voice', um, another story revolving death... this theme always produces heartwarming stories i guess

Thursday, March 26, 2009

almost over?

yea, i'm the stupid here who can't benefit her time properly and now what? it's already near the end of march which also means the ending of my holiday is just around the corner..

it might be a bit early for this kind of post(can only say this sorta stuff if it's only an hour away from over is what my head says). but i could note down what i got so far:

i cooked fried rice-that is by using perencah nonetheless
choked full with shoujo manga's fantasy
my ears are full of j-music
tons of doramas
a bit of novels
having my properties lost-wallets and such
piled on weights
discovered nico nico douga
frequent reads on wikipedia
some dorama series came to their satisfying ends
rarely had mornings-always stuck glued to the bed until the afternoon <-bad girl

the moment i'm typing this, i actually have to wake up early morning tomorrow. screw me...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


just that i could hardly put my time to the utmost benefit and this was what i did:

just some random quiz answered with random instinct i had and the result....

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education:
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

how do you think? if what i think of myself is true, then most of these are true...
just that when it comes to the question of relationship, it just seems that i'm utterly not interested for the moment. huhuhu, made me remembered a joke i made with my sister, "perhaps it's just that the guys around me don't give out enough pheromones?" hahahaha,

+++++++and when i proceed later(the quiz), it came to this:

What's your personality love style?
You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

++++++and further to this:

What type of personality do you have?
You are self-centered. People around you get tired of trying to please you all the time. You don't care how others feel and everything has to be done your way - this is why you don't have very many friends. Deep down, however, the real you is quite a nice person, and when you like someone, you can be very sincere. So try to think less about yourself and you will eventually be a more popular person.

ummmmm.. kamoshirenai ne?

Friday, March 20, 2009

when everything's good is taken for granted..

in a sudden, i remember the seminar on gifted children we were made to attend some time ago....

when i was still innocent little child learning in school, i remember being called gifted or whatever, not that i mind, but it just felt to me that i'm no longer one now i'm reaching 19. i don't know, i dun seriously give a damn whether a person is smart or not, i'm so much pampered i dun see any difference on this matter. just why should i care for others. people say how lucky i am, now i'm in university owing to my intelligence. seriously, i don't think that is the case.

however, yeah, it's true indeed i managed to get a place thanks to my academic achievement previously. honestly speaking, i admit it was hard but i don't think i even gave my best though. it's pretty normal to even hear people i'm such a lazy bum, i didn't put much effort as i should but somehow i managed. so, is there really a difference in intelligence in people?

i read an article from my friend's blog ( and it got me thinking...

the key points i got from the article as to how they nurture their children from in carriage until the time of raising them up in order to be the top of everything are these:

-the food consumed by the mother and the child(lots of nuts, more on fish, salads, fruit-fruits eaten first b4 meal)
-no smoking environment
-the brain exercise done by mom and the child (doing math problems)
-music stimulation
-the encouragement to create
-emphasis on sports

these are how they create the environment that any child raised in it would be shining the most. when i compare it to mine, a lot are similar. the only thing that are void in mine are probably the music part and it was me who prefer not be involved in sports. i guess the magnificent part is this:

"Menurut saintis di Universiti Israel, siasatan menunjukkan nikotin dapat merosakkan sel utama pada otak manusia dan akan melekat pada genes, ini bermakna keturunan perokok bakal membawa generasi yang cacat otak (bodoh atau lembab). Suatu penemuan yang dahsyat ditemui oleh saintis yang mendalami bidang genes dan DNA"

my family and almost all of my relatives are non-smoker, even if there are, they know to go somewhere else to do that. even i hate it when i smell the smoke, i can't stand it when i'm near a smoker. thanks to that, my brain is saved from the horrible nicotine.

well, in the diet side, okay, i munch everything and a lot of them, but it's just normal in my family to have salads (which i found surprising later there are some others who don't), a lot of fruits, nuts and generous amount of dairy products. in education side, my parents could be said as avid readers to provide me the environment with bulks of books in my sight, and they encourage me in math as i quite love it. other than that, when i was little, instead of barbie, i got building blocks as my toys and i was free to make anything out of anything i could find in my house. even when in high school, we had this programme which require us to come up with something be it new inventions, research or art masterpiece.

at last, i could say what contribute to my so-called smart brain majorly comes from the environment.

the issue here is, why with so nicely-prepared environment, i seem not to use it for my good and waste it all away? i even got the feeling that even if i got that smart brain, i'm at fault at deteriorating it. supposedly with all these, i could perform better in whatever i'm doing now (in this case, i'm currently in that so special programme of JAD), alas i have this lackadaisical attitude and can hardly excel in the academic subject i'm taking, let alone the co-curricular as i doubt we even have it. i no longer enjoy doing those good stuff like i previously did. it has been so long that i last play with my imagination i could barely come up with new interesting stuff. i prefer to lay back and stay lax rather than making new adventures. i am no longer different from the unprivileged people out there. so, the problem here eventually lies within this pathetic self. i have everything prepared yet it just won't work unless my own self make a move.

i guess this is what they call when people take things for granted....

lailahailla anta subhanaka inni kuntu minna az-zolimin...

i know i've done damage towards myself, i know i'm in the wrong, please guide me back to the right path

Thursday, March 19, 2009

blog surfing

as i had cited before, it's not like i don't have things to do, it's just me who don't want to do them, so i'm bored...

so, when i'm bored, here's what i do:

in google blogsearch, i typed this: 'mrsm langkawi'

guess what, the result? so many (hahaha, i'm out of vocab here, otak lembap)

surprisingly, there are lots of blogs from my juniors, yeah, they got so much time to kill, huh? not only the newly spm-leavers, those who just managed to get in were abundant too.. so excited huh, those ppl... it's okay, it's not so bad over there, my 2 year experience was not that much to be proud of, but just be it. i could say, i'm glad to have been there at the very least...

and i noticed this, we certainly are creative in naming our batch, aren't we? here are those that i know:
batch 6 - seeckz(sorry if i spelled it wrong, seniors)
batch 7 - dynasty chi
batch 8(mine!!) - infineight
batch 9 - uninety
bath 10 - TENacious
whilst doing this, my friend suddenly pop up this question; "are you missing Langkawi?"

urrmmm, honestly i don't know. well, isn't it good at least now i remember it now coz in years to come, these memories will eventually fade. it's not like i don't cherish them, but it's just how we are, humans, we forget in time. what more, we don't even have a memento as in the yearbook to reminince our sweet moments later. am i wrong my friend? even now, if you ask me what i remember during my childhood years, i could hardly recollect anything beneficial. so, when i'm all grown up and have so many obligations to meet, do you expect me to remember my schoolyears, and it's so short, for god's sake.

um, the point here is, (how come, i've gone so far in that school's stuff), in one of the blogs i surfed through, one of them really intrigued me. i don't know who that is though, i doubt he's my senior from school though. i told ya, i randomly intrude people's blog. in one of the posts, he included a song from hirai ken. it's so nice. it reminds me of all the people i've met and how good it is that i've met them. so, here i dedicate this song for all these people who surely had made my life ever more colourful, whoever you are. especially my buddies from JAD, though it's a only a mere one year we've been together, you guys mean so much to me.

出会えた全てを悔やむ事だけは 決してしたくないから
If sometime we should separated apart...
I wont regret our meeting..

p/s: forgot to congratulate my high school teachers, they surely had worked hard. though i fear i would even forget ur names as time passes, my thanks would never cease. kore karamo ganbatte!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

琥珀のゆりかごCradle of Amber

---++++i usually am not into this tagging thingy but this one is interestingly fun, so without even being tagged, i'm doing it :P. for some songs, the translation of the title follows after the artist++++----

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

'Utsukushisugite' -Izumi Kato [too beautiful]
hahahaha, surely can't resist it when one actually comes to me

'SUN SHINE!!!' -GReeeeN
not so actually..

'Sore ga Ai deshou' -Shimokawa Mikuni [that is love, perhaps]
LOVE? really???? anooo

'I Remember You' -YUI
hahaha, i'm a forgetful person actually

'Sayounara kara Hajimeyou' - GReeeeN [let's start from goodbye]
how does that mean?

'Harukaze' -flumpool [spring wind]
am i that refreshing?

'Stay with Me' -Kaoru Amane
just who could it be? hehehe

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
'Day by Day' -GReeeeN

'Prisoner of Love' -Utada Hikaru
not so, actually

'Y' -Spitz
oh man, i can hardly run from that question again and again

'KISS shite' -+KOH [kiss me]

'Omaeya naito akannen' -Sakuraba Yuuichiro [can't live without you]
oh my....

'Hajimari no Kaze' -Ayaka Hirahara [the first wind]
i can't particularly dance anyway

'It's gonna rain' -Bonnie Pink(i guess)
the tomb's gonna be wet

'Tsuki to Naifu' -Suga Shikao [moon and knife]
i'm a lil interested in astronomy however, that sharp object? i dunno

'Last Kiss' -Bonnie Pink
we'll see later

'Canvas' -Ken Hirai
it could mean anything

'Mahou no Kotoba' -Spitz [the magic word]
:D just what can it be to please me that much i wonder, hehehe /grinning/

'Stand by Me' -The Brilliant Green
(great coincidence)

Kohaku no Yurikago -(RAVE ost) [Cradle of Amber]

I deem there are scores of bloggers who want to be tagged with this one,
Hence i’m tagging:
*Izzati Azlizan, my active blogger friend
*Ceca, welcome to blogging world

malas nk fikir dh

Anybody who wants to be tagged with this one??You can have this entry posted in you blog, by having yourself tagged..


i guess it's the poor communication skill we have here that makes everything so bothersome....

ok, enough of that, don't wanna remember all the unpleasant things

btw, i hope my friend had safely arrived at her home in sarawak after such a long wait and even prolonged by a slight mistake. it was nice having you here though i doubt i had given her such hospitality she deserved, i wish she found it pleasant to be here. anyway, it was surprising how we ended up riding on the boat at Mines. it was such a long time ago that i last rode it, when i was still elementary school, i guess. so nearly a decade had passed and only now i rode it again. kimochii ii.

and thanks to her too, i found a new wallet to replace my lost one. and also a new pair of earphones.

yeah, the outing to Mines was really enjoyable.. (though i was lethargic the whole day after, dun mind)

actually, i got lotss of things i could do and should do, it's just that i dun have the slightest desire to do them that i'm left with nothing else, i'm pathetically bored now... in this circumstance, what should i do??

Monday, March 16, 2009


again, i slept pretty late n am writing for this instead of properly sleeping in my bed...

un, i woke up late after having a late nite last nite. and i was surprised by a message in my phone.

"salam, weh iman, ic ko de kt aku taw... (and blablablabla)"

i was like.... WHATTTT????

talking about my severe forgetfulness...... in this case, not only me

so, it resulted with me having to pay that exorbitant fine and losing my whole wallet afterwards... such a heavy price

well, i did not even feel the slightest bit of sleepiness once i was out of bed thanks to that.

so, today was just another day at home.. so trivial not worth of mentioning. well, i did intend to have a walk in the evening but the weather gave out warning and ceased all my intentions. my chance of a little exercise gone away. sorry Kinta, such a disappointment for you.

umm, back to reason as to why i woke up late, it was unexpected. it has been a while i've been away from nihongo but at the previous nite, i guess i really used up everything i could remember. i couldn't believe i could actually chat in nihongo for approx 2 hours... hahaha, quite a record. i'm glad i could still practise other than constant listening that seems useless as i tend to read the subtitles instead.

btw, i'm delighted to have found this PV of the new song from GReeeeN (one of my fav singers now):

though i had different image when listening to song many times over beforehand, i still like this video..

Friday, March 13, 2009


the above picture justifies my title for today.....

well, after the whole predicament i've gone through, i got to feast on really delicious foods.. that's not entirely disappointing... who's gonna pull a long face, if there are lottttsss of prawns, lambs, squid, chicken, beef mounting the plate in front of her? hahaha, not me... not after having all that followed by 3 serving of ice-creams as the dessert.

now, i seem like a pure glutton..

never mind all that. the food was just the side attraction (but it feels like it's the main focus for me though). it was the lunch to celebrate our senpai's graduation. at last, they graduated after enduring 3 long years here. oh my, i have 2 yrs left to complete. the pre-grad lunch was fabulous. so many shows and performances. but i guess the one that attracted the most attention was after all ours. oww, this sounds like bragging. but, no offense, they really gave their best, no, i;m included too. it was performance consisted of choral speaking a bit of pantomime. it was entirely fascinating. the acting was really wonderful. if only i recorded all that, i'd love to see that again and again. it was full of laughter yet was so meaningful. the best part was probably the last message they relayed to our senpais and they replied energicatically.. i couldn't stop laughing.

so, that was what happened the day before yesterday.

for yesterday and today, it was all about moving my stuffs. we had to move houses, it was conceding the reshuffling of the houses. so, for the next sem onwards, i'll be in the same room as Lia!! i'm so ecstatic. we're of the same course and she's the type who studies and all (well , she's in the dean list, duh~~!) so, i hope the spirit diffuses into me as well. no more of these lackadaisical attitude of mine. it's like having a watch over me.. hahaha... now, i'm aching in parts of my body, not doing exercises for a long time really wears you out even after a few movements. my bad...

so, korekaramo, ganbare~~~!!!

happy holz!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


okay, this post is just one of the places i could vent all the things crammed inside me, don't bother to read if you are only looking for interesting stuff in people's blogs, i've told ya in advance....

my food diary:

the day before yesterday, i had combo steak for my dinner and melon juice to complete the picture
yesterday, i ate several big apple doughnuts to suffice my dinner
today, my dinner was bakso which used up my remaining money, and all i had for the whole day precedingly was a plate of roti canai for breakfast and mcD apple pie+yoghurt drink for lunch.

okay, i might be contradictory to my own self who on the mission of boycotting the ruthless israel's supporters, but you might laugh at the reason i did so. it was 10 in the morning and i was in the middle of rows and rows of shop lots. and a sudden urge as the sign the nature doing its course come in. yeah, the purchase was done solely for the sake of the only available clean toilet i could use of the moment.

so, back to why my last dinner used the last bit of my money, it is due to what happened in the afternoon despite having just received quite a fair amount of money on that very morning. why i got the money? it was for paying the fine for losing my MyKad.

the fine for losing MyKad the 2nd time : RM200 (and RM10 surcharge for processing fee)
i got : RM160 (in my wallet was RM30+)
i paid : RM110 --->students get 50% discount (everyone, remember this!)

naturally, i went on with the idea i've been having that is to spend the rest of my day at kinokinuya

i'm glad i went there. i'm so pleased i got to see so many refreshing faces on the magz. i really mean it. there's actually a mag which is choked full of photos and infos on johnny's jrs. it was unwrapped so i get to flip from cover to the back. ahh~~ bishies all over. actually, there's another mag which instantly caught my eye the moment i arrived at the book shelf. it's featuring my favourite band, FLUMPOOL!!! i really really really really really want to read through it and sequently make it to my collection (i haven't actually collected anything yet though) but still i coveted it so much i almost at the verge of buying it when i realized, if i buy it, i won't have much money left. that's how expensive it is, just for one heck of a magazine.

so, i go round and round the whole suria klcc with no particular target or objective. i mean, i'm not there to buy anything nor do i have the needed material (money) to do that even if i desire to. with the 30kcal yoghurt drink i bought, i went for a stroll around the park, watching the overexcited kids playing under the drizzles of the miniature water park, watching an eager foreigner sunbathing under the malaysian sun in mid March, a couple so clingy to each other like they were sticked with glue while they are walking. i got a hold of the camera, the battery was already near dead i could not do much. little did i think of checking my bag again.

evening drew near, i finished a novel at the bookstore, and i knew i had to head home or more precise, the hostel. i thought of having steamed bun at home so i went again to where i bought the yoghurt drink to get another bottle of it (i'm getting such a predilection towards it) along with the bun and to the same counter again i went to pay. i slipped my hand inside the bag.

it wasn't there.

panic surged up but i could say nothing. though i just stared at the wallet in that morning hoping it won't be missing next. and it just simply did.
calling my dad was of no help.

it's nearly dusk i could not return by commuter even if by chance i had my reloaded touchngo in my pocket as it required me to pay for the cab later.

the other pocket was my phone and a one ringgit note + 20sen n 10sen coins.

the alternative: a bus from kl sentral that stops exactly in front of this residence complex.

an hour : how long i waited for U65 bus to arrive amidst the drizzles
a little bit less than an hour : how long i had tovstand in the bus from the beginning of the journey till i hopped out of the bus.
nearly half an hour on the bus : i chatted with a man whose voice was quite low this ear which is so hard on hearing could not quite catch

CONCLUSION+++that this messed up self could come out

  • things just like to be separate themselves from me. just how many times i've lost such important stuffs.
  • perhaps i'm just so bad i deserve all this
    cursings are bad
  • you should not refrain yourself from getting good food. coz either way, the money you saved might just gone any way it wants
  • i'm not sure i could be like japanese people who managed to be still for long intervals. even when sitting down, i'll be changing positions for like, every near 10 mins? what more when i'm standing
  • i'm so not compatible with people with low voice

Monday, March 9, 2009

an attempt to have a productive holiday

well, as the title goes, it just means, the past few weeks of no schools were just another passing days of time wasted...

hahaha, that's exactly what u get for not making any proper planning when the free time falls in your hands... talking bout seeking more time when you really need it but when those coveted time really comes to you, you don't know what to do with it...

and plenty or several things comes unexpected

instance 1: i learnt how grateful i am i always put the ceiling fan at speed 1. due to my own recklessness, i managed to get a small cut in my finger, when i tried to put up the blanket to cover the window and raised my hands so high the blade of the fan got my finger. there were blood but nothing to be worried. thank god.

instance 2: when you just so free with no tasks in hands, you don't bother to check anything of your belongings until the time demands it. okay, i just realized i do not possess my identity card anymore. the last time i sighted it was when i was sitting for my final exam and that was... 2 weeks ago? and it's not my first time losing it. such a hassle.

instance 3: the recent events resulted with lots of junk foods and chocolates in my possession thanks to the others who refuse them. as the consequence, i've been living on them. from when i woke up in the morning(or more frequently afternoon) till i slept in late night, i've been munching them all the time. i expected the abundant stock would last longer but it seems i managed to eat them much faster. the result > my bad pimples problems just got worse.... the so expensive skin-care product i've been using just coming to no effect it seems

so, i hope the coming days will go smoothly.... yeah, no fights, no misunderstanding, no self-condemnation, what more?

umm, and to my friends, happy holidays!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


the above title was supposed to be of days ago.... well, exam's over

well, since then a lot happened. in short:

during the last day of exam, i finally ate the snack i received from my dai-senpai at japan with my friends.THANK YOU, ARIGATOU! well, it tasted like rice snack, it is. my friend said it's like honey star. whatever.

so, once the exam's over. we went for a movie - geng!. i admit, that's the best local animation i've watched so far. the story was not bad too. i was quite entertained. "pashipashi" and "fikir masa depan!" was what i could not forget from the movie.

and of coz, when we go out, it's incomplete without the 'makan' time rite? and for this time, it was Carl's Jr. hahaha, a great choice. i mean, the money i paid was worth the food i received. gosh, it's like the most enormous burger i had ever munched on. nevertheless, for not wasting it, i finished it anyway - to my friend's surprise

and the following day was a kinda retreat with the alumni. yea, my stomach was still full with the burger and my heart was heavily reluctant to go, but i made a mistake by accidentally slept at Lia's house, so i went anyway. and guess what? IMAN DID FUTSAL! yea, this clueless Iman played after all. well, only 2 notorious games though and then i disappear somewhere else. :D

so, there starts my day of no school at TBP. what do i have here? songs, doramas and novels. yeah, these are the unread novels i intend to read for this holiday. total = 8 with average of 350pages per book (one's not in the picture). actually, there was a day when huda and I really got nothing to do, and we straight went to Subang Parade on a whim. had lunch worth the same as 5 of my usual lunches. and withdrew more money afterwards when i accidentally found a novel by Neil Gaiman. stayed at MPH until the light's off. hahaha. went through the rain in the dark night to catch the train.

okay, we do find our ways to kill time, that being among of them.

it seems i'm drown my world of J-musics and dorama at the time. hahaha, in contrary to my buddy who's so delighted she could indulge in her favourite bolloywood stuff out of my door. yeah, ironic isn;t it?