Sunday, January 31, 2010

hold on

for the whole day i've been so damn irritated, it's like math don't want to have any chemistry with me, and even chemistry is yet to take a liking to me(i'll tend to you later, u're the last paper after all)..

until i read this:
辛いは幸せの途中です。[pain is halfway towards happiness]

finally something to cool me off a bit.

so, math and everything requires your very presence, i'm making all the efforts to love you, so don't fail me, love me back and show me how wonderful and pleasant i can feel with you around. for negative sides too, let me do no mistakes here again. coz there's always another thing i have to be careful of. let me remember all the steps so i won't tumble ever again midway. schmidt, taylor or jacobian, don't see me as an enemy, i only want to know and understand about you, don't let me misunderstand anything or i'll fall again....

oh, and chemistry too, don't leave me too far back, i can't bear having C or below for you again... be friendly to me though i'm not such a good company, i'm not such a good memory keeper for all those formula you contain, so please at least make your way inside my head and stay there as it is without any part of you missing anywhere else.

and i've yet to take a look at the am,fm,pam wave, what are you actually? let me know about you, in detail, won't you?

now i'm starting to fantasizing i'm learning all these things while being taught by ryuuta who teaches in front... i'll not miss anything he says for sure though i doubt my awake duration do have a limit XP

please, oh please

so infuriated right now, as to how pathetic i am in term of studying

ok, i've allocated all the time for studying, yet i fail to use it to the fullest. like, how much time just to solve 1 simple problem?? no, i know i'm not stupid! but slow??? gosh, so frustrated for this....  i dunno what's wrong here. why can't it be, that everything i do just turn out right? no matter how many times i calculate, it'll be wrong. so, how do u think i could answer the right one during exam???


now i feel like going out, letting off some of the steams here. klcc?

the fact is i hate crowded place

ok, i want to eat good food


abah, please la, u know how stingy i am in using my own money, so be generous to me, at least for this exam

feel like eating some steak............

and i just munched on a huge bar of chocolate yesterday

so, what is it that i need before i can properly study?????

to be panic before exam is natural, right?

please, ya allah, put this heart at ease, let me concentrate on what i should, let my brain be active, let all the things i learnt stay carved in my memories, pour patience into my heart, strengthen my will. please make me more than strong to keep running on this path. help me in everything i do. let all my efforts be in your barakah. amin~

Saturday, January 30, 2010

gakusei no minasan, zannen nagara....

maaa, that's how it is. seems like some our sensei will be leaving once the semester ends. probably gonna miss them a whole lot! for next sem, there'll be less of them remaining here. aaaa....

ok, while that would be happening for the month to come, what happened today excited me more!! to put it chronologically, 1st, kuga-sensei managed to surprise me! 

yeah, these boys never cease making me flail over them... thanks sensei, for being very thoughtful and keep this aside for me... i really appreciate it! while this may just be some trivial booklet from some shop, this means a lot to me :D (their gorgeousness is just soo irresistible) and it also serve as a nihongo benkyou for me! see, i'm not just doing some wasteful things here

moving on to the next one, today was pretty a big event for us (before robocon comes tomorrow, or more precisely hours away). after school, as we planned, we went to sunway for ecah's birthday!! and that was truly a feast we had. though i was quite disappointed when we failed to get a better seat, it was really satisfying-judging from how bloated i ended up. ok, i can't remember how much of those stuff goes down my stomach. be it prawns, mushrooms, squid, blabla, a bit of veggie, bowls and bowls of ice-cream topped by chocolate and biscuits, and glasses of drinks. i'm still bloated  up till now.

and, now my eyes have gone all droopy, cutting short the next part, we actually watch a horror movie afterwards.

it was really horror!!

not the ghost stuff, just human, ok with some exceptions for a few seconds, but it shows how human can be such a scary existence. to imagine i could be that scared, or more accurately in fear while watching it, we gripped each other's hands so hard for most of the scenes. just too afraid to see what happens next. i'm really glad i chose that movie after all, when the one we planned to watch initially was unavailable. can't believe there's no single advertisement for the movie at the cinema, not even a single poster. never even had i heard the of the title before, thank god there's gprs to see the synopsis on the website. oh yea, it was 'case 39'. highly recommended if you demand some adrenaline to go gushing out, and to get screaming at times. "why emily, why emily, why emily, why emily, why emily" remembering this would creep you out once you watched it.

today was a blast, so i'm hoping i at least could wake up on time for tomorrow's event. dunno what to expect actually. it's a event centering on our kouhai after all, so our presence does not matter much i guess.... but still, i'll be troubled were i to be late

so, last but not least.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ECAH!!! お誕生日おめでとう!!!!ずっと幸せになりますように~

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i broke my pledge

i broke my plan

i broke my will

i broke my pride

if this is gonna be another post moaning my own reckless self or self-retrospective for the so-big exam is inching near, let be it

am really looking forward to the thing i currently want most. possibilities do exist but who would trust mere possibility?

but still, how charming and beautiful Allah has created his best creatures, even if they only comes in 2D. temptations sure unfathomably  difficult to resist. sunk again.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010


U1 の学生になったら、それを勉強し始めて、今、その科目に対して、複雑の感情を抱くとも言える。最初は、情報処理ってコンピュータの世界を理解するのはとて も興味深いと思っていた。ずっと小さいから、いったいどうやってコンピュータが作用しているか具体的にあまり気にせず、コンピュータのいろいろのアプリケーションを使用してきた。それでも、やっぱりその知識があれば、コンピュータを使うするのはもっと楽ではないかと考えた。けれども、前期に勉強したことはもう大変だったと思ったが、後期に入って、何倍も理解力が必要だと分かった。正直に言うと、私には、今勉強してるC言語をKTMkomuterに例えられるぐらいだ。いつも私をむかつかれたり、いらいらされたりして、長い時間経た後だけで、やっと問題が解けた。しかも、わずかのミスでもすぐバツになり、繰り返してたまらないんだ。確かに、エンジニアーになるために、プログラミングは不可分だけに、私はまだまだ頑張らなければならない。今、私にはどうやってハッカーがそんなにプログラミングなどに夢中になれるかずっと不思議だと思う。

if in the previous night, i had a really long night enjoying my lengthy slumber, seems like tonight is soon already over without even a wink. while majorly the fault all goes to myself, it's due the exact stuff as above that occupied my whole day and night. 

i can't say how much i like/hate c language.

but i have to say, Alhamdulillah, this lousy head eventually managed to find the whole solution to the whole project we got for that particular subject. well, it consumed 1 whole day which just proved how slow i am + how i dun actually want to do it. yet once i roughly got it done, i tend to be dissatisfied and ceaselessly tried to improve the programming the bit here and there-explaining why a simple vending machine simulation(ok, pretty complicated to me) nearly took 20 hours to complete. 

and i absolutely have to thank my dear groupmates who gave their sheer cooperation including a wholesome lunch. 

and so, when i'm so engrossed in a thing, hardly i can concentrate on another.

in result : numerous other works in waiting list(reports, assignments), a mountain of stuff to be revised for the exam tht's drawing close.  

minna, ganbarou!!!!!! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

fish story

maitta naa....

well, how in trouble i am is no fish story

as long as i can't get over this attitude problem of mine...

when night is specially created for the body to rest, i fail that purpose by staying up all night, mostly for unbeneficial stuff.

they say, life is full of regrets -that's one of them. in less than 24 hours, i managed by accident to watch 3 movies, aside juggling time to do my homeworks too. quite proud about myself, i at least touched them although only half is quite done.

so, as indicated in my previous post, the warning is no way a false alarm. it really did happen. i eventually searched for another and i found 'fish story'.

n. Informal
An implausible, boastful story.

be informed, the title does not literally describes the movie. it is for some interesting course of events beautifully chronicled in it that brings such title for itself. well, more applause to the movie after all. great story, great casts. it's really a nice one after quite a movie-marathon i had. well, i did have a bit of expectation for this one, and it didn't fail me, aside from few minor parts where it could always have rooms for improvement.

short description from me: you might find everything in a mess, with some story here and then jumps to another, but when you'll reach the connection, it's very engaging and fascinating. for more helpful review, someone has written it far better than me as the ones here or here. for those who already used to the theme of 'the world at its final moments', this offers you another insight. it never lacks with surprises and truly delighting. well, a few feeble points could always be overlooked, so though i feel bitter losing to myself, i still believe it was a worthy watch. funny at the same time gets you thinking.

tonikaku, shimatta na.... kono mama jaa...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

precious times wasted

it's like there's no other issue when it concerns me-the usual lack of time-management skill.

um, today too, i just wasted another day away.

ignorant of the actual obligation.

maaa, i felt good momentarily but my guilty conscience ate me up following it. well, when i thought my drama-fever is somehow cooled off a bit, alas i got engrossed in movies instead. this stupid mind were deceived by the short duration of the movie which seems to be less harmful by the time-consuming dorama, but have forgotten that once i caught up with something, thoughtlessly it'll yearn for more.

 for today alone, i watched another 2 of it. internet sure is convenient huh....

once i woke up after i overslept till noon, what i did was dashed straight to my dear notebook and there goes 2 hours of my day. nonetheless, it was a satisfying watch. 'ahiru to kamo no coin locker' is such a nice title to name a movie. well, both 'ahiru' and 'kamo' literally mean 'duck'. you got to see the movie how difference in those two words carry its own significance. for the exact reason why i was interested initially would be because the movie was originated from novel of the same author which 'jyuuroku pierrot'(mentioned in my previous post) is based on. beyond doubt, it's really a nice one!! like jyuuryoku pierrot, it has such amazing twist that caught you off-guard. it'll surprise you to watch how the story unfold itself. well, as for the title, by the end of the movie, i can't help giggling to discover how it is named so. all the praise to the one who came up with the whole ideas that builds the story the way it is-that would be author(kotaro isaka if i'm not mistaken), he certainly have my praises. ok, i can hear warning siren-i might end up searching for more when i've marked my favourite which i just did.

talking about the story, it reflects a bit on some people's attitude towards foreigner. well, searching for the reasons, mainly the language becomes the barrier. as for me, i always have the chance to deal with some nihonjin but i always fail the chance coz i always think it won't work out. for example, when we communicate, it can reach difficult moments in understanding what each other meant to say. so, it can be tiring and i tend to give up before even trying where in fact there're a lot of things one can explore and share with these people. bad me. well, it might be the same case too when i'll be studying there. now, it feels kinda scary with the idea of living abroad. maa, i just have to do my best then.

and as for the other movie-'oto na ri'(which later consumed hours of my day), no much comments. seems like i just don't enjoy love stories as much although this is free from scenes that i prefer not seeing-u know those scenes people sometimes find necessary when romance is concerned. for this one, it's more like i don't really get the essence of the story or what it really want to convey. when one does not understand, one cannot enjoy. however, at the beginning of it, i just can't help but to chuckle as to remember someone mentioned there is resemblance between junichi okada and a classmate of mine-a thing i don't want to admit it in any way.

fufufu, should i go to time-management course, or more specifically self-discipline programme?

there's high probability i'll be dozing in class tomorrow. procrastination spells disaster but it always lingers no matter how i don't want it to

Saturday, January 16, 2010



well, it's not precisely as what's written in the title [waiting in vain], but today, there were indeed a lot of  tremendous waiting....

today's saturday - no school

and for some reason, we still had to attend a supplementary class which is part of our co-curriculum perhaps, in which i chose to take gamelan. and after so long we were off, we resumed the lessons and to wake up early in such weekend is no doubt a tough task. so, like anyone could ever predict, there was no way it started accurately on time. we was late.

really late.

and it was all for some stupid reason in addition the the reason already stated. for the cute mini bus to suddenly stop in the middle of the highway is absolutely none in any of our calculations. yes. we were stranded amidst the busy road.

a recollection of the scene in that early morning, it's like little ducklings walking by the side of the lane, careful of the bolting cars that passed by. well, ducklings for i hope we'll metamorphose into grand beautiful swan one day. and one of these ugly ducks still has a leg that is yet to be fully healed. somehow, far from distraught, i did not feel a thing, more like i don't want to care anymore. bad me but it's not like i was eager in attending those lessons. thanks to petronas, they got a kiosk nearby the spot we're stranded, so we just headed there to wait for another bus to fetch us.

perhaps, that's a blessing in disguise. the kiosk had quite a celebration for what reason i'm not clear of. but there were free drinks distributed. hahaha, so funny to remember when my friend caught sight of the canopies, she instantly speculated someone hold a free 'makan2' and my feet suddenly dashed faster. stomach is always on top of anything... i ended up gulping 3 cups of the free drinks before pakcik tahir came to our rescue.

well, when i thought this morning was bad enough, worse came in the afternoon. as i had planned with lia, we were to watch 'the imaginarium of dr parnassus'(wiki here) at 3.30 at sunway. so, once we returned from our gamelan lesson, i immediately rushed to the ktm komuter. it was past 2 when i turn up at the station. the tickets are already booked which required me to take it 45 minutes before the show starts.

and i can't say how much komuter had failed me today putting me in such frustrations. ok, when i thought i just missed one train b4 arriving, i was quite down but it ktm sure knows how to make people exasperated. from when i start waiting, there were only several people at the station, but it was streamed to the burst when i had to push my way around to ensure i get on the train that first came. of coz there'll be that hell lot of people when it only arrived more than an hour later!

it was a hectic rush and what disappointed me the most was the fact i only got in the cinemas after more than half an hour the movie had run. and i have no idea how the story had gone, what characters were present, who, and where and whatever. what i know is that the actor is heath ledger(he's famous for being already deceased). not much help in figuring the story though. so i just went along, capturing bits and bits of the story, making my own assumptions as to how the story is. apparently, the main character, in some course of event which i missed, ended up being together with a troupe of street-side performers who calls their show 'the imaginarium of dr. parnassus'. well, this dr. parnassus is able to make someone as if entering another world thru a door present in their wagon(i don't know if that big thing is called wagon). this dr. parnassus is apparently immortal, and he had made a bargain with a devil which concerns his own daughter. and this mysterious man seems to have his own reason being there. so the story goes.

at times i'm impressed and fascinated, but not knowing the essence of it fail it after all. i can't really get the clue as to how the story develop and ended the way it did.

well, those frustrations more or less were gone with the wind once we munch on something delicious!

i hate ktm komuter

i love subway's sub.


p/s: krispy kreme is too sweet for chocolate-toothed me (i'm not quite sweet-toothed with exception to chocz)

Friday, January 15, 2010

can hardly let go

well, the only thing is the fear only goes bigger....

alas, instead of pushing more effort into my studies, my attentions incline greater towards my own obsession. hahaha

and so, today, putting such lame excuse as to get me worked up, i decided to watch a movie before commencing my revision. hohoho. well, one thing did come true. watching it makes me happy, free from sour feelings that always lurk inside here. i can say i'm glad i watched it after all.

so, the movie mentioned above is called "jyuuryoku pierrot"(gravity clown). the title was somewhat appealing to me and the cast appeals me more (one of the main casts is okada masaki-a rising star now). it's about two brothers, izumi and haru who have such a tight bond but when a series of arson start to attack, curiosity from the evidences from the clues left at the crime scenes lead them to investigate the whole mystery which somehow ended up related to their own family. while getting the bottom of it, izumi slowly unveiled a tragic family secret that has come back to haunt them.okay, that's only the synopsis i read prior to watching it.

so, generally, i'd say this is one of the movies that offers no much laughter, owing to its tragic story of their past, one might also cry but watching the whole of it till the end gives you a very nice feeling, pleasant i'd say. that would be thanks to its script at parts where it's worth quoting-one includes where the title of the movie takes from. but, even from starting, where it says "haru ga ni kai kara ochita"[can also be translated as "spring comes from second floor"] instantly catches your interest. the relationship between the two brothers is well portrayed too. and i love the technique they use that effectively shows flashback bit by bit to unfold the story. while at present, the mystery of the arson is unravelled, the flashbacks told what actually had happened back then that leads to the current present. all in all, their stories are chronicled smoothly, your feelings just went along with the characters unaware. and one more thing i like about it is how each scene is never wasted for nothing of simple fillers, they are something to the whole story which later connects to a more important piece you'll only realize later.

and i don't know the case when others watch this, but when i watch it, it caught me in surprise to find out how the stories turn out. perhaps, it's me who's slow but it was pretty unpredictable. so, it really put me in suspense while the mood builds up. while the story centered on izumi-the older brother, unknowingly something apparently was going on with haru who is also the subject where the story of their past circles around. and i certainly love those boys who play their role as kids. they're lovable and cute but constructively play their part displaying the strong bond between the brothers. oh, and i found it interesting how the mother named them 'izumi' and 'haru' as when translated to english, both become 'spring'.

and as for any stories, good ending leaves impact rite? this is one of those. little did i expect, the exact first line of the story would be the last line, giving it such a nice ending.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my february wishlist *edited

hohoho, now we're already in the middle of january when we didn't realize it... and i haven't even gotten used to write 2010 in the date entry yet

so, for the coming month, there gotta be much things to be look forward to

like the EXAM for example

so my wishlist #1 is definitely making thru the exam safely and with ease, please ya allah, let all of us pass through this ordeal smoothly and next pave our way to nihon altogether without a hitch....

and wishlist #2 is...........

it's just tempting and alluring (though i pretty much know the whole contents of the dvd) but the offer that comes with its first press edition sure is seducing. and what more, when its original price is apparently 5800yen, i just found a place with a greater deal.

+++utterly irresistible+++

and carrying forward from my unattained list, wishlist #3 is  'Twenties Girls' by sophie kinsella. i know this is last year's but still, they haven't released the cheap paperback. so i have to hold until then.

and the next also goes to more novels (getting fired up after recently finished 'Nation' -such marvellous story, u just long for more)

in fact, when i checked as wiki.d-addict for the dorama for winter, there're surprisingly much that are adaptations  from manga:
  • Liar Game 2 (oops, this has run for several episodes already but yet to watch it)
  • Bloody Monday 2 (of coz, so looking forward to this, what more, flumpool sing for the ost again)
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (it got Kame so i dunno whether to watch or not)
  • Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER (i remember how much i love the original work n later somehow i accidentally bought the anime dvd with chinese subs :P)
  • Angel Bank (unexpectedly a spin-off from Dragon Zakura)
  • Tokujo Kabachi!!(Sakurai Sho and Maki star in this one, kinda interesting)
so, might this include in my wishlist? to be able to watch more doramas..... well, exam's over before february ends after all. ngehehehe

p/s: what got me hyped up more tonight is probably because i got to see such gorgeous image of ryuuta by chance. he really can make a living through modeling were music hasn't chosen him.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


without doubt, with the current state of mine at the moment, there's no way i'll be able to make it through.

whether it's for the final exam which is only 30 days away (oops, only 29 left)

or for bleep test next week. ouch, my ankles still takes the toll from the sprain the other day.

but for some particular reasons, i'm quite oblivious to all that, pacified n smothered in a momentous happiness.

well, there's a saying, happiness spreads, so better spread it out wide!

hehehe, the reason as to why i'm quite cheerful at the moment might be trivial, but it still leaps my heart in joy. the thing is i managed to finish the novel i just bought the other day! and it left quite an impression to me. i'm so glad i've read it. it's certainly a valuable buy, hehe thanks to jaja who paid for it anyway. i just knew i had to get it once i caught it in my sight. i've been a fan to terry pratchett especially the books targetting the young readers. and this latest book from him certainly do not fail to amaze me more. oh, it's like i've mentioned before in one of my post, it's entitled 'Nation'.

the story sets on an island so far from the main land we know and not even visible on the map for it lies under one of the letters of the name of the ocean. and a boy was awaiting his moment of returning to that island again. only to find there's no one left. no houses, no village, all have been swept by a monstrous wave (this kinda made me feel the author got his inspiration from the tsunami incident few years ago). however, he's not alone. the wave also brought a sailing ship which crashed in the forest killing all the crews, but one single passenger on it-a princess.

okay, this is no ordinary boy meet girl story.

unlike any other, pratchett has this distinctive characteristics he lays on the characters he creates, they are the persons who loves to 'think'. in fact, think far too much than any regular person would in times they want it or not, but they constantly think. okay, this is the point that kinda hit me a bit. while i know the path i'm pursuing requires much thinking, more often than not i prefer to find the easy way-the one without much thinking-it tires out the brain. however, when i read about these characters, it reminds me how foolish i've become. indeed, dreams are important, but it does not stop there when you have one, you have to think of the ways of realizing them. hohoho, that's what we tend to ignore.

back to the story, though not much romance is involved, i still feel it's so sweet. it certainly don't go like the cliched happy-ever-after, but still, one can hardly question the ending. although eventually the two persons were separated, they are happy after all in their own ways-having done the good for the greater cause. i love the way it reaches the conclusion. the story just goes on.

hahaha, now i believe i'm such a bad reviewer with such vague descriptions of the story and all. this is only based on how i felt after reading the whole book-good feeling seeps in. perhaps, for overcoming the ordeal i'm facing in a month, such new insight like this is needed too.

to think. and keep on thinking

Thursday, January 7, 2010

painful yet joyful

yesterday's occasion is really what i would call a spontaneous decision. it was really uncalled for when we suddenly had to decide whether to go ice skating or not in just less than 5 minutes.

and it had already way past noon.

however, considering the circumstance(it originally is a promise we made and there was no any other day), it apparently didn't allow us to say 'no'. so, in a rush, we had to get there at least by 5.

and as all 'janji melayu' would be, we only arrived at the promised place when it had passed 6-not entirely our fault, it's majorly the ktm which fail to arrive punctually and to wait for it alone cost us more than an hour. so, when we entered the ice rink, it was nearly half past six. we merely had about an hour and half left to enjoy ourselves. nevertheless, what happened more or less managed to leave a constant smile on my face. i can't stop laughing and a lil bit agitated too, when someone said it was his first time yet he skates like a pro. grrr. but a lot of thanks to Hirai who taught me a bit when i struggled to get my grip, it was only my 2nd time and what more the ice rink was wet and not as smooth as a lot of people were on it.

and suddenly, i fell. okay, this might be trivial as that was for how many times, i don't even know. the thing is, for that one time, i couldn't get up on my feet. owww, that was hurtful! it was really embarrassing, so i just put up a strong face while getting help from one of my kouhai who was present at the scene. to have a sprained ankle in the middle of having fun is really unpleasant. so, quite reluctantly i had to stop and be a benchwarmer until the others finished. they certainly do know how to enjoy in others' adversity.

so, once everyone was already over, we went to the next agenda. MAKAN2!!! hahaha, i was completely famished after the whole day as what i had was only a bowl of muesli and a few bites of a bun i shared with my sis prior to going to skating. so, while persevering with this aching leg of mine, i dragged it after all to our restaurant of choice-my condition was only as long as it's not rice. well, at first, how kind of them to consider how limited our budget was and recommended jusco's food court. it just didn't seem a good one so we moved on to some place nearby, a pasta place. not bad but then, it's quite expensive. so they recommended one other place, pasta also, and i just agreed and went from the lowest floor to the top floor... only to find out the price was no different from the previous one. maa ii ka, more walking would only hurt more so i guess it's better to just settle there. now i appreciate the escalators more...

and who says i don't like green tea?

well, thanks to them, we had quite a feast. to have good food definitely equals to happiness. just that it comes with a price. hahaha. nonetheless, i could forget the pain for a while when savoring the lamb-i just love this. but certainly, 'special green tea' is no special, they just add the sweetness which is such an unnecessary attempt. so when we'd like the normal one, when we expected a glass of it, a whole jug came!

well, last night was quite sleepless owing to the pain but the memories etched for the day overwhelmed all that.. thanks again to these wonderful people!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Impostor Phenomenon

i first discovered the above term when i was reading a blog of a friend of mine.

it's like this:
a phenomenon which is like a tape that plays inside people’s heads.  If you’re an engineering student looking around at your classmates, the tape goes something like this: “These people are good—they understand all this stuff. They really belong here…but I don’t. Over the years I’ve somehow managed to fool them all—my family, my friends, my teachers. They all think I’m smart enough to be here, but I know better…and the very next hard test or hard question I get in class will finally reveal me as the impostor I am.” And what would happen next is too horrible to contemplate, so at that point you just rewind and replay the tape.

well, honestly, i at first thought the tape he meant was cellophane tape kind of tape :P

nevertheless, it knocked me hard when this just seems like the plain truth of what's happening in my shoes now. as the excerpt comes from an article which is sorta advice for engineering students, so it just hits me in the head. hurm, quite a challenge, isn't it? well, the explanation goes further as the following;

What you don’t know is that almost everyone else in the class is playing the same tape, and the student in the front row with the straight A average is playing it louder than anyone else. Furthermore, the tape is usually wrong. If you survived your first year of engineering school, you almost certainly have what it takes to be an engineer. Just remember all your predecessors who had the same self-doubts you have now and did just fine. You do belong here, and you’ll get through it just like they did. Try to relax and enjoy the trip.

and what i'm afraid of at the moment is that, i haven't even finished my 1st year yet. but then, this laziness and ignorance had gone far too high........

yosh, これからもがんばろう!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

upgrading work in process [FINISHED]

so, this is what i'm doing instead of studying....

and DONE!!

i thought of tidying up the labels, however that would require so much work.... but with exception to all posts concerning flumpool-only for those i made sure they are properly labeled. it seems like i write about them for average once a month(dangerous fandom, it swallows my homework time)

so, new snail, and bigger~ heheh, somehow snail leaves an impression into me, so it stays. but for keeping the sidebar same as before is quite a hassle coz everything has to be done all over. and moved from classic template to the new one so it took quite a time. but i love i got the links for other blogs in order now. see, how expert i am in distracting myself from my real obligation..... hmmm

Sunday, January 3, 2010

when i finally open the winword

yup, two third of my holiday has passed without warning

and for the umpteenth time, today too i've thought of starting to work on the mountain of school works. somehow it just yet to happen. but today, i opened the winword.

good news? however, it turned out instead of doing the report in which one of them i have to hand in by next week, i thoughtlessly did a translation for a song. it's just because the song is really engaging to me in a way. well, at first i was indeed misled but later when i further listened to it, i broke into a big laugh. such sly lyrics ryuuta had done (u've figured it, it's none other but 'their' song). but, as i had said previously, i'm working on my nihongo too, so this just might be good for that purpose. hehehe (a self-justification in vain). coz this is part of my flumpool fandom, i guess putting in on livejournal is more appropriate, the done work can be seen here. <--hehe, it's not like today's post is unusually short, it's because the long text all goes over there.

before the night went late, i've promised a friend of mine to start those burdening homework by tomorrow morning at least. and it's now past midnight, any chance of waking up early?

absolutely wanna watch 'the imaginarium of dr. parnassus' soon....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

unutterable ecstasy (sunk in flumpool love again)

usually i'll just oversleep up till afternoon when holiday is concerned, but today, my sleep was not as sound as i often have. even strange dreams appeared-all related to what i was anticipating for the day. in one of dreams, i was stupefied when the delivery i was waiting for reached my mom's hands first, the thoughts alone enough to horrify me. owing to that, i ended up waking up quite early this morning and rare enough, an early shower though no plan was made for the day.

and the whole morning passed with me getting all jittery. i thought of reading the new book i just got yesterday, but my eyes keep on staring the monitor displaying the live feed of the cctv of which one of it showing the front of our house. at last, i found some use of these cctv coz i really didn't like that idea at the beginning. it's just nonsense somehow to put cameras, it's not like we're some museums or whatever.

while my eyes were off somewhere else, suddenly i was startled by the sound of a horn. waa!! finally, i caught sight of the yellow van i've been expecting~~ after all this long, my waiting is over!! so, tadaa~!! here's the item that unluckily got delayed from reaching my very two hands for a few days but i am now more than happy that it has safely arrived after all.

'what's flumpool!?' (yosh, my 1st own cd i ever bought)

the whole contents (so ecstatic when i saw it's in fact the first press one)

aside from this long-awaited cd, my flumpool fever is escalated with the purchase of pati-pati january '10 issue the previous day. as always, they give out posters but little did i imagine they would do on 'ryuuta' alone. though i doubt i would dare sticking it on the wall but just looking at it is enough to make me blissful.

this is truly one good shot of him

and what more, for this issue, this is the photo shoot that seiji mentioned in one of his blog entries where a cat just suddenly popped in the scene(i've stated abt this in my previous post). just like he said, it's just too cute~~ but funny to see how the cat just find its place comfortably in the photo. acting so high and almighty yet seems shy with two eyes closed like that-perhaps this is only due to the blinding flash.

and the cat says : "oh, i'm so embarassed!"

well, it seems like my nihongo practice will have an extra booster with all these extra material to be read, more interesting than those physics/chem works i have on the other side here XD. like how my work space is so full with all these flumpool stuff, my mind is so occupied with them, i might have to wait a while before getting ready for the mind-boggling school works. wish me luck in completing them all.

and oh yea, 'sherlock holmes' was a pretty interesting watch too. there adds the source of my total happiness today. やった!

Friday, January 1, 2010

20th gregorian new year of my life

huhuhu, seems like 2010 would be the year where i have to say goodbye to my teens age.

however, even when the calendars's changing but i pretty much don't feel a thing. aside from the diminutive fear of the coming final that is drawing nearer and nearer.

but certainly today is a delightful one. at the moment, i'm so happy i'm grinning so wide it might ache sooner or later. though it was not exactly like what we initially planned, but i still got to watch 'cirque the freak: the vampire's assistant' after all. i've been looking forward to this for weeks before it's released(which is yesterday). so to get to watch it today made me in sheer bliss. thanks faseeha for watching it together with me! at first, the plan was to watch together with others (rifqi and izmier) but sudden circumstance didn't allow them to. to sum up the story, it was really a nice one. adequate suspense and actions, pleasing to the eyes. i was genuinely expecting for more but then it had already reached the end. this might be the 1st installment to the series so i guess it's not wrong to think the sequel will come soon. and i'll definitely will catch it the moment they show it on!

but frankly, if they titled it as 'darren shan' instead, it will do far from taking my interest in it. somehow the name have some repelling power to me, i didn't even turn my head when i came across the book with that very name. so, i guess the movie had really done a good job! especially love it with their effective casts and storyline that does arouse my interest and keeps it retained. i'm originally is a fantasy genre fan, so this just suits my taste.

talking about fantasy, another thing that made me in full bliss today is i could get a hold of a new book from terry pratchett, the one titled 'nation'. what more, when i already in anxiety for i had spent so much, Jaja-my lovely friend whom i just planned to meet on impulse after watching the movie, she just said "it's my treat!". I LOVE HER!! she really spared me from misery.

honestly, for the past few days, money has been flowing out like water, so fast i fear i couldn't stop this madness. for the singapore trip alone, though it was truly a budget one, still i had to withdraw a lump sum of money-for a mere student such as me. and also on the way back from jb, i happened to find a fabulous blouse i just got to get it-though it was on sale but it's still quite a price. and i was also caught by a sudden rare craving when i saw the baskin robbin's outlet-one that could only be satiated once i bought a cone of double-scoop of the mouth-watering ice-creams.

and another thing that i just pleasurably spent money on was the magazine featuring flumpool~! :D ahh, this addiction just never ceases. thankfully though i now have to make a serious effort in reading and understanding the interviews and all, there are generous people translating it on the net, so i could compare my own understanding and the ones it really means. and i'm so pleased to see those photoshoots, they just looks so adorable and irresistible. moreover, i once read the blog by seiji where he told an account about an interview they had when there was a cat suddenly pop in the scene. and this is the exact issue he was talking about. the cat looks so comfortable in the picture, acting so haughtily as if the photo shoot was centering on it. it's understandable why seiji was so lively in that blog entry of his. he's a cat-lover at heart, so he can't help but getting excited over that. the same way my eyes got bright and shiny whenever the the topic of flumpool is concerned. XP

and yeah, definitely, getting so impatience for tomorrow, finally 'what's flumpool' gonna reach these two hands of mine! hope everything will go well :D

and oh yeah, happy becoming 23, my sis!! ngahaha, if you're gonna follow our big sis, you'll get married by next year lah!

going abroad?

so, where to start?

actually my trip to JB was quite on impulse, or maybe not really so coz it was decided a week beforehand, but the one day travel to Singapore was really a plan on a sudden. once i heard of the idea, i can't help but to get excited over it.

along the 19 years that i've lived, to visit this country neighbouring to mine was the complete first time.

and the plan of what 5 of us(me and my sis and 3 cousins of mine) were going to do over there was made the night before our leave. well, b4 that, what i've ever known about singapore is pretty much only their changi airport. or perhaps i've heard the word 'jurong' when i watched phua chu kang or sth but not even a single idea of what kind of place that may be. to research about the tourist attraction hours before you are going sure makes you indecisive. what more, our budget is sooo limited.

initial plan: snow city(apparently located in jurong) as well as sentosa island

and what happened the next day : we only stepped in singapore when it had reached noon. and we're supposed to be back by dusk.

the revised plan : to just spend the whole day in sentosa, specifically the place they call 'imbiah' coz here lies most of the attractions. and little did we expect of how much the people would flock the place. perhaps we've forgotten it's school holiday.

i could say most of our trip was filled with tremendous waiting. even before we reached the venue, we had to wait multiple times never it was short for each of them. wait for the custom clearing, wait for the bus, wait in the bus, wait in the queue for every attractions, and even from the beginning wait for one of us who forgot the passport at home. but it was nice that we accidentally used the bus after we first arrived to reach the harbourfront (the point b4 u enter sentosa). normally, one would use the mrt coz it's faster but this sorta miss we've done allowed us to sightsee singapore on the road. masyaallah, what a wonder. i mean, i would love to live in a city like that too (if you could just ignore the obvious living cost). i mean, it's sooo lovely and CLEAN. it's just tooo different from what we usually get to see over here. no need to say how organized it looks, u just feel nice in that kind of atmosphere. but somehow, my gut told me it looks sooo organized and uniformed i might eventually get insane if i look at the same sight all the time.

well, the high-end region sure is a different story. for that, no need to be in singapore, practically in any country, the rich never escapes making their residence looks ever more impressive to the point you might ponder as to how much is needed to maintain it even for a day. now, i'm dreaming living in one.

for the activities we did in sentosa, we managed to stick to the plan-the budget one. we rode on the 'luge'(slide+toboggan model originated in NZ-not that i know what toboggan is :P), watched 4D movie(use 3D glasses and they use physical stimuli to add on the experience) and also went in the cineblast (it's like a rollercoaster ride when u actually stay in one place). the sea of people was quite choking but we managed to had fun after all.

our lunch? biscuit and tuna and some breads brought from over here.

indeed there were apparently a lot of locals too for it was school holiday but i could see the abundance of tourists as well. b4, i always hear each time TA comes here, singapore is like their must-go destination. i wonder if nihonjin makes up their major tourists, there are even nihongo signs in singapore. if only the arabs come there often, there would at least be allocated prayer rooms to satiate the demand. now i got a clue how it would be travelling oversea-or nihon specifically coz the muslim community is so minor. we had to find a space-thankfully we found a quiet and a bit secluded one thanks to the help of one of their staff and just pray with our forehead touching the rocky floor. not that it was my first time but it was quite an experience.

and later in the day after we finished having fun at sentosa, on our journey back, my little adventure when searching for the mosque was quite a wacky one. not only it was already night where you naturally feel not as safe, we were also separated too having no clue where the other two-the big sisters had gone to. so, whatever it is, we think it's wiser to solat first right, so the remaining 3 of us, made our way crossing the streets (one thing i really hate is crossing streets), struggling to find a mosque which we though was only a few steps away but ended up to be at the end of the road. just imagine how 'cuak' we were to be stranded in the middle of the city, not even having to passport in case anything happens-we believe those important stuff are better be in our sisters' custody whose location are unknown. thankfully, technology served their purpose at the end.

lastly, we ended the journey by finally using the mrt on the way back to the customs and also buses later. now, i feel inferior when comparing their public transports to ours. in term of the train alone, obviously theirs are better, but one thing i admire is their stations. be it the mrt or bus stations, it's just so clean. no scattered litters or dirt that's just an eyesore. the roads are a joy to ride on too, not as bumpy as the usual you experience here. and also the system is smooth. it's more informative when it's written what's available and the timing and all. perhaps i'm being biased but punctuality does matter. and so far i've seen in a day, the ones in my sight have better manners. that's one thing you'll be so grateful of over here.

so, there goes my long-winded story of what i've seen and done for the day i've spent going abroad XP. singapore sure is one interesting country to visit and even more exciting if you got money to spend more on. there are so much more i want to do, even at the sentosa where i've gone gonna have further attractions to be completed in the future so there're more to look forward to. so, anyone wanna join for any future plan?

oh, happy new year! um, i just missed the first moon eclipse of the year about an hour ago