Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh, how?

juz now, even with our ortoghraphic drawing not done yet, we went to eat our late supper. we had to call it a night (oh, was it morning already?). it was already 1 a.m.

there was a television in the restaurant. -oh, juz how long since the last time i watch tv?

there was a commercial break.

it is an animation figuring a white robot moving slithefully and gone through some sort of transformers' sequence before transfigure into as a plane


suddenly, this ran through my mind;
if the old me is watching that, i would surely think of how beautiful the robot is, how i love to see it move surreally unlike human

but, this is what the current me is thinking.
oh, how does they make it move like that? it has so many joints, it sure need a lot of settings. what kind of material is the most suitable for it? it looks like plastic or metal or even fibreglass-do they use fibreglass for robot? how do the parts attach to each other? nails? glue? but, for those complex movement, the commands must come from a microchip. oh, when will i learn about that?


surely, taking engineering change one's way of thinking towards something. it's more than just beautiful. it;s how you gonna get it operating. nothing just magically moves as we desire, with human power that probably won't be.


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