Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's fall!!

A lovely autumn and it's getting to chill to the bones~


Saturday, October 22, 2011

days without solitude

are definitely the days i'll have more smiles on my face.

recently my friends have been coming to spend time together more. even in this cramped room, we can still have fun, make food, and sometimes sleep together. well, those are the times i love being in this room. my room which is so clattered, messy, untidy but cozy. we can talk about a whole lot of stuff, though at time when they talk too fast in japanese i can't even catch, but it's still fun.

one of the funny thing is when my friend spent the night, i woke up in the morning, and saw her in the futon and nonchalantly i asked,

"sedap tidur malam tadi? best kan futon tu?"

and i was wondering why she got such a perplexed face upon being asked that ^^"

and now we already have this sorta club of mechanical engineering girls, apparently only my batch has many girls (we have 5!) while other batches only have 1 at best among nearly 100 of boys. when i met the girl who is a junior a year under me, she cannot relax much but it turns out we are actually of the same age! next time, i hope he can wear off all that awkwardness.

so, when i'm spending my time alone in this room, something does feel not right for some reason. as much as i dread the coming monday which means school, i really look forward to it where we can have fun together again.

these things adorning my wall is my only companion on days like now

now, let's get all these works done!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

diary - calendar - phone

sorry for not updating what i really should (reminder: about the vacation). but this morning after a sleepless night and being comforted by watching the silliness of golden bomber group, i discovered something was off with my iphone.

some of the events i entered into the calendar are shifted from their original time. they are later than they should be! i didn't know why and i was puzzled. when i scrutinized it, they are late by about 12 hours. so i figured maybe things went wrong when i entered the events when i was in the States. but then even the recent ones are the same. oh why oh why. remind you, i was actually already lying on my bed preparing to sleep but this problem is bothering me too much. okay after searching there and here, i figured out the timezone setting was off when entered all the events before, and now with the latest iOS 5 (yeah, i already updated to new iOS) the timezone setting is turned on. apparently all my entries were set to the default some US timezone.

the only way to fix it is to readjust each of the event's timezone to tokyo to make them appear correctly.

as troublesome the previous may seem, actually something more serious actually happen. i didn't realize it earlier but all the events prior to sept14 were wiped up clean! ehhhh! i was so perplexed. how? why? if it's because i didn't backup the calendar anywhere during the iOS upgrade, then why did everything after sept14 (though the timezone was a wreck) remains?? anyone, enlighten me. i was already sooo sad as pretty much everything is recorded there, i somehow used the calendar as my diary to note whatever events i had since i came here. even simple occurrence like my friend coming over to my room to something exciting as live events. okay, i tried to keep calm. maybe it was my fault for not backing everything up. perhaps it can no longer be helped once this had happened. well, at least, i'll still reenter those big events that i don't want to forget. it was already enough for me to already forget most of what i've experienced in 20 years in my life. honestly i cannot vividly remember my schooldays anymore. it's like they never happened at all. it kinda sucks when you cannot remember be it pleasant or not. it'll be so sad to forget my first few months in japan where i really want to be.

so i entered the first live i've gone here, then the next one. but then when i recheck, the one i just entered was not there. eh, did i forget to tap 'done' just now? i entered it again and the next one. then, the same happens. ehh, i can't possible make the same mistake again? when i looked hard with my head already so confused, just seconds i entered the event, it disappears!! what?? ok, i give up. something is just wrong. no way it would just disappear like that, from texts to complete blank.

now i'm thinking of going to the apple store to inquire about this mysterious occuring. but it's in ginza. and i haven't started on my lab report yet. and i haven't gotten any wink of sleep since yesterday afternoon (where someone woke me up by calling at the door, inviting for some event somewhere at a church at omiya).

but this is really bothering me.

btw, in between of the above events, i actually discovered how to integrate (is this the right word, my confidence in my language skills is falling low nowadays) holidays in iphone calendar-in my case, the japan holiday. this way, you will be informed of the holidays and know what holiday it is for like last monday is 体育の日-Health and Sports Day, without the need of any extra calendar apps. the steps is quite simple from what i found in an article in the internet but the link given there is no longer usable. so here, i'll just rewrite the steps with correct link for anyone's reference.

1. from your iphone, go to this link:

2. at 'download' button available there, tap and hold. choose "開く" (or maybe "open" in english)

3. a dialogue box saying "カレンダー”日本の祝祭日”を照会しますか?" will appear (or something equivalent in english), just choose "照会" (again, i don't know the english equivalent)

4. after a while, another dialogue box "カレンダー”日本の祝祭日”が追加されました" appears, just tap "完了" (or "done"), and when you check your calendar, all public holidays is marked with their names you plausibly never knew. like next month on nov 3rd, it's 'national culture day'. ah, how i wish i can do the same for my university's holiday and events, then i won't need to check the paper campus diary every time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


sorry for not updating for sooo long.

and i've thought of updating about my US trip, at least after i'm back to japan.

but no, i have to keep myself busy by saying "what should i do??"

and this weekend i got a kinda homestay programme.

which actually requires me to prepare now as i got to get off in a few hours to go there.

oh iman, you're such a lazy bum.

and school starts this monday.

yet, i'm enveloped by this indescribable feeling which is just trivial and unnecessary.

but yesterday's night i just felt to listen to this one song.

yeah, been listening to this one song on repeat until i fell asleep (really late).

and once i woke up, did what every human do when they wake up, and this song plays on loop again. should i say it's haunting? it's rare for me to be able to listen to a song repetitively as i'm a type of person who gets bored easily. but i don't know, something just seeps in so deep.

ok, that's a short note for this morning. i better get going, pack whatever i need. hopefully everything goes right. no more of this unwanted gloominess.

minna, ganbarou!! sayonara to that old selves

maybe i'll update the stuff i've been wanting to soon, when i get busy perhaps