Wednesday, September 12, 2012


random post. a song i got hooked to lately. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

summer 2012

not really in a moment where i should post an entry.

but yeah, exactly during this kind of time that you'd end up doing something else. maybe for distraction.

so, after months of zero entry, i'd just like to update some stuff

for this year, i celebrate Eid back at home. i was fortunate enough to get a flight that touched down on the very first morning of Syawal.

so, i totally skipped my lab for 2 weeks (usually i slack off to, but i do the least by showing my face even for a while)

the first week for Eid celebration itself, where my family returned to my mom n dad's hometowns for several days.

i got the chance to visit some friends as well. and to be surprised to know one of them is already a mother!

and the second week is for my retreat, where i suppose i can enjoy being in Malaysia, eating various delicacies.

my friend, Aya also came to Malaysia and i showed her around though i doubt i was a great host.

as i'm not exactly in the full gear for writing, i'll just throw in some pixelated proofs.

so bad i didn't get to eat some particular food that i wish like putu piring, kuih tepung pelita, tapai ubi and more.

and now summer is over?