Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bonds under the falling stars

oh god, i'm sure i've promised myself not to get engrossed in dorama again, at least for this crucial second sem. but no, i just had to find my new obsession and there it goes. i'm already hooked to it, not just one, but two!

so, after a long while, i deviantly resumed my downloading routine. it started with 'ryuusei no kizuna'. at first, i thought i'll only look forward to it after this sem is over, or the earliest during the year-end holidays. however, to find it already on the net, it was such an hard-to-resist temptation. feel kinda kinda relieved even though the 3-day interval in completing its first episode seems absurd, at least i'm not occupied in front of the comp during that time span. the past week had also been a tough one, with the physics quiz and all. it's not like the other weeks hadn't been tough enough, and the upcoming week too, i have nihongo achievement test in schedule and assignments to finish, gosh, i really a big-fat procrastinator. ok , back to the topic, the dorama was awesome!! it was worth it waiting for such a long time until it finished downloading. ok, roughly, the story is about siblings of three whose parents were killed when they were children, on the night they surreptitiously went out of the house to watch falling stars and returned only to find their parents' cold bodies in a pool of blood. the story catches up when they're already grown-up with the murderer still at large and only months away before the case officially closes. the eldest brother however is determined to find this man who had wrecked their lives. the irony here is that the one who stars as this eldest of the siblings who carry the sufferings throughout his life and bears a painful expression in his face is ninomiya kazunari-a member of arashi who had the most cheerful face and one can't help but to find him adorable. compared to his last series-'yamada tarou monogatari', this is an absolute shift of his character. on the other hand, the one who plays as the second brother who is cheeky with a playful attitude is nishikado ryou-the famous Asou in 1 litre of tears. i haven't watch that whole series yet, but i watched him in 'last friends'-he plays as a psycho guy here, really scared me. here, they make a fabulous mix of characters. oh, not to forget, the last of the sibling is their sister who actually unrelated by blood, to make the story more interesting, of course this vital fact is still unknown to her.

at first impression, my perception was that this gonna be a sad story, full of displays of their sufferings while the whole truth unfolds before them. instead, what i got from its very episode seems to trample that idea. yes, they had a painful, unerasable memory and an incomplete childhood. they even bear massive distrust towards the cop who fail to catch the perpetrator of their parents' murder. even mentioning about the case would cause instant uneasiness. yet, in enduring so, they more or less live their life, in their own way. and this drama, had portrayed that amazingly well, in a somehow, beautiful way. there is an incident in the episode where the sister got swindled after giving up his job in a high-class firm for some reason. well, it was frustrating, anyone would. the eldest didn't give much expression at first, making the sister even madder. however, as the story progresses, the younger two plans to get the money back, and to their utter surprise-after their pathetic plan failed, their brother is already steps ahead in doing so. what more than that is the thing his brother had then was actually a brainy one which had required unthinkable efforts one would ever put. despite the painful look he always carry, he actually would go that far-investigating on his own, spending days scrutinizing suspects, and even crafting a whole detailed tactics in retrieving the lost money. oh gosh, that left his brother and sister astounded too, to witness such existence of an unexpected side of their brother. as an audience, me too was full of excitement by then. and guess what, the plan actually worked perfectly even with its bizarre method. well, it was really an enjoyable first episode. i'm really looking forward for the next one!

p/s : before the series, i listened to its theme song by arashi but i didn't quite like it but then, when i watch it, it really fits the dorama.

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