Monday, December 29, 2008

time for stories...

yeah i haven't been updating for a few days, nearly a week. well, typical reason-lazy.

last week, sadly but expected, i didn't even touch my homeworks which made me so desperate to complete them in these last few days of holiday. bad me. so, i had done for the last week? mainly watching dorama and sleep. hahaha. but i guess, there are few interesting things.

during dec 25th, my cousin engaged. the interesting thing? from the man's side(us), we went to the girl's house for the ceremony in a convoy of 11 cars. hahaha. tht's only the engagement ceremony. i tried to imagine their wedding in the coming july. the guest list seemed to be unending. with their family is a renowned caterer who definitely got so many acquantainces(do i spell this right?). but, the irony here is, while this cousin of mine was having the engagement, my sister who is of the same age as him had already done with the 'akad' hours earlier. hahaha.

the next day, due to plain boredom, when i was surfing the net, my bro suddenly asked to see the schedule for the movies at tgv, the mines. it was 4 then. what we saw was that 'the spirit' would be showing at 4.45. know the comic 'the spirit' from marvel comics? i didn't. well, we just went there anyway. imagine how i rushly took a shower and changed clothes. as usual, in the car, my bro cursed a lot. anyway, we made it on time. thank god. all i would say is 'it's quite an interesting movie'. i noticed that i like it when the story is told from 1st point of view. it somehow makes it more personal. so, the superhero of the story, 'the spirit' managed to made me enjoy it. what attracted me along the story was how the his shoe appears white while it is obviously actually black. interesting~. (dun understand, watch it urself)

and, the next day. i went out for a movie again! this time, it was the movie i've been waiting from before since i saw the advertisement by the road. it starred adam sandler-one of my favourite actors. the title? bedtime stories. what more was it's a Walt Disney's movie. i luv stories like this. i'm so relieved i need not to wait until jan 1st for the official release of the movie in the cinema. we watched the sneak preview. so glad, there was actually a friend of mine who is free enough and intersted to accompany me watching this one. thanks Aishah! oh, and also Jaja, who only arrived at the cineplex 10 minutes after it started. if she really didn't turn up that day, i think i would hit her hard enough to make her unconcious the next time i see her.
my comment for this movie? FABULOUS!! funny and hilarious! i dun regret treating my friend for this one. it was truly enjoyable. um, i'm a bad movie reviewer, i guess. :P

look at bugsy's eyes!

after the movie, jaja suddenly had to head home leaving me and Aishah. we window shopped the whole klcc for 3 hours until it was time for her to return. i guess i really love doing these kinds of things. hahaha.

oh, it didn;t stop there, when we had parted ways, on the way home, i stopped at midvalley station. i went to the gardens. if only kinokuniya had what i wanted, i need not to go here. thank god, when i already at the gardens with tired legs and entered Borders, a book i had been searching for was there. Alhamdulillah~. Borders really arrange their books systematically. it took me less than 5 minutes to find terry pratchett's 'the wee free men'. the bookstore was quite the same everywhere, i mean the borders' bookstores. when i went to one of them at pittsburgh, it's the same smell, the same signs-the colours and all, the same style. not bad. only bad for my pocket if i stayed there longer i think.

back at home, despite had promised to myself to do things of higher priorities-homework, i immerse myself in more doramas afterwards. remind me of my weak self. i finished watching 'iryu' 1st season. not only that, i found another dorama so appealing, i actually waited for it to load (this one is streamed video). now i crave for more episodes of it. astaghfirullah..... oh yea it's titled 'tiger and dragon'. a interesting story revolving a yakuza and rakugo.

so, for these remaining days, i really hope i could finish my homeworks..?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ambivalent emotions

ok, i'm learning things in scientific way-duh~ i'm taking engineering, so the science way is being direct. so today, without long-winded entries, i resorted to bullets

  • in the past 2 and half days, i finished watching 3 dorama series
    -Attention Please
  • yeah, i'm quite pleased watching the ikemen in those doramas
  • my interest in japanese actors raised up again. gosh, can't just resist their hotness. they made my day. thank you Ikuta Toma. thank you Oguri Shun. thank you Nishikido Ryou
  • really find it amusing to watch Oguri Shun i like in GTO. he was so small then. :D

  • in short, I'M HAPPY.
  • yesterday, my sis called. her wedding reception is planned to be in feb '11. after i finished my diploma her and b4 flying to nihon (really2 i wish i pass, insyaallah) yea, i already knew her partner b4. he's nice. but then, i'm not gonna be there on the day they gonna tie their relationship-the legal way. it's less than 24 hour now. (oh, sorry sis, it's spilled here)
  • actually, i want to go out somewhere just to hang out but no friend. yesterday my bro handed his phone which contained the sim card i was using. my friend did give me a msg inviting me to go out. it's dated on last sunday
  • everyone knows i love chocolate. when my bro returned recently, it's a shame he didn;t returned along with him a lot of chocolates like i had anticipated. a really stingy person. but then, this morning, my friend contacted me asking me if i want to order any chocolate now he's at Langkawi. yea, i ordered all i like.
  • I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT -oh my fuel.
  • the internet in my home is ridiculously slow. it has been 5 days but my final episode of ryuusei of kizuna is not done yet.
  • i still haven't touched my assignment at all yet
  • I'M .................................................................

jaa, anyone? let's go out! anywhere interesting, like watching movie. i prefer if it's not midvalley-getting sick of that super-crowded place. oh yea, this dec 31st a new walt disney movie starring adam sandler gonna be out at cinemas. definitely want to watch it~! so, anyone?

Monday, December 22, 2008

ukhuwah blooms

last saturday, i sort of had a reunion with the alumni of my ex-school which i attended for 9 long years. well, i was kinda looking forward to it since i haven't been hearing news form them for such a long time. i left the school when i entered form4 and so i only keep in contact with a few of them. the event was scheduled to be on the morning. thanks to my mother, she sent me there along with Wana who i fetched from her home.

i was really delighted to meet my old friends again, though not so much were there but still, i was happy. for my batch, there were Wana(yeah, we came together), Fatin, Khairiah, Ruqayyah, Farha, Syafiqah, Wafda, Sarah(she lives there) and some other boys. we are all scattered now, some can;t even make it coz they're now oversea. huhuhu. so, we had a bit of minisports, playing a bit. the event went okay i guess until the end, just that the attendance were below expectation. well, there's just a thing that bothered me till now, on that day, i didn't get a chance to ask the boys how they are doing. it's not like i didn't want to, it just seemed awkward, in that circumstance. gomen ne. so, next time, i hope i really could getting in touch with them. we were classmates afterall. i think that's all, for the rest, though there could be more room for improvement, i can see they've given their best.

in all these pix, my tudung seems to be badly crooked. kakkowarui naa

oh talking about the boys, i surfed around and found their blogs, active bloggers they are. and i found a really intriguing post from one of them. here take a look

btw, i've updated the links to other blog so that they can be reached to these wonderful people


my my,thank god i'm in the middle of holiday

Starting time:
::11:35 PM::

::Iman binti Abd Halim::

::Tasneem & Kauthar.::


Shoe size:
::US women size-8.5Wide (hahaha, elephant)::

::162cm tabun ::

Where do u live:
::permanent house-seri kembangan, hostel-tbp::

Have u ever been on a plane:
::a lot for the past 2 yrs,missing langkawi now (^^,)::

Fallen asleep at school:
::guess wht, now I’m called the sleeping queen-no, tht’s not compliment!::

Broken someone's heart:
::who? In what way? Okay, if I had, please let me know::

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
::it’s always me who do the calling-they dun want to use their credit. so why bother waiting for a call::

Saved emails:
::those that involve registering::

What is your room like:
::my bedroom in my house? Rarely sleep in there, or even go there, it’s too up there I’m so lazy to climb the stairs. At TBP? People say it’s like so cramp but to me, it’s convenient::

What's right beside u:
::I’m seating at a comfy seat. Beside the seat, a table used to place this notebook::

What is the last thing u ate:

Ever had...Chicken pox:
::not that I could remember::

::when I was 5 I guess, I hit head-on with the edge of the door frame, it was soooo bloody::

Broken nose:

Do u believe in love at first sight:
::everything’s possible rite, insyaallah::

Like picnics:
::wht’s the food?::

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:
::do I dance in the first place?::

Last made u smile:
::watching Bokura ga Ita::

Today did u...Talk to someone u like:
::say, if I like my parents, yeah I talked to them, more like argue with them::

Get sick:
::last month, due to that I got no clue what was being taught especially physics so I messed up during the quiz. Have to resit probably::

Miss someone:
::my friends::

Who do u really hate:
::myself, it’s more like despise my badself not hate::

Do u like your hand-writting:
::are you serious??::

Are your toe nails painted:

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
::it doesn't matter. It’s not like I always sleep on mine.::

What color shirt are u wearing now:
::blue, since yesterday::

Are u a friendly person:
::to whom I feel comfortable with::

Do u have any pets:
::do having those creatures that are only being fed without any passionate contact are called pets? If they are, in my house, there’re more than half a dozen now though I used to play with cats but now they are just not friendly ::

Do u sleep with the TV on:
::rarely watch TV now. More like sleeping with the notebook PC on beside me::

What are u doing right now:
::doing this thing?::

Can u handle the truth:
::what sort of truth?::

Are u closer to your mother or father:
::in what way? In finance matter of course my dad. To talk about girls things with mom? No::

Do u eat healthy:
::my life is indispensible of chocolates::

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:
::my friend::

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
::despite my chronic sleeping-in-class-disease, instead of helping me, my friend prefers me to sleep::

Are u confident:
::depends on the situation. If I know I’m good, no reason for being unconfident::

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
::that time I was 8, rite?
1.studying as a standard 2 student
2.right about this time, enjoying the year-end holiday, can’t remember where though, perhaps it was when I went to penang with my family in the same house I’m living in now
4.being a spoiled kid
5. Playing with my imagination::

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
::1.first, hire a financial manager. How can I put it, I’m not that good in managing money
2.funding for the welfare of my muslim fellow victims of war, to fight back
3.funding the muslim movement around the world for education purpose
4.invest in my own education-no need for scholarship anymore, why should I burden the country anymore once I can afford it
5.treat myself and my loved ones-a lot, to a a very good meal::

5 of my bad habits:
2.biting nails
3.biting straws
4.biting paper cups/polystyrene cups
5.scratching until my skin peels, I got many new scars::

5 places I've lived/living :
::1.serdang-barely remembered, I was small at taman universiti indah
3. MRSM langkawi
4.residence hotel, UNITEN
5.Taman Bukit Pelangi, Subang Jaya::

mangsa seterusnya:
so lazy to think now. What about my JAD friends? They sorta love this tagging things

Sunday, December 21, 2008

another praise

it has been so long since the last time i got hooked to an anime. the last one was code geass R2 -gosh, it's a must-see. then, i thought of following the kuroshitsuji anime, but later i found the manga to be more amusing than its anime version. however, just yesterday, when i originally intended to copy the dorama from my friend's external hard disk, i discovered an anime which somehow attracted me. yeah, i copied that too.

and just now, i finished watching all the 26 episodes. by the way, the title is 'bokura ga ita'.
let me explain that it is purely a high school love story. may i repeat, love story! can't believe till now how i actually got hooked in watching it. it's not like i ever give a damn about this kind of stuff. however, i find the characters of the story to be quite interesting, their characteristic is pretty compelling and were portrayed in a beautiful way. i admit one might see it's plain in a glance, but because it's so plain it just connects with what we encounter in daily life. they just seems so human. it made me realize how we might react when confronting certain circumstances. could we still really grasp on wht we believe?
for the storyline, mostly it runs on the typical 'high school love story'. it's about a girl entering high school, and somehow fall in love with the popular guy who happened to be her classmate she found hateful at first. the girl is a typical plain high school students but a bit babyface-cute. the guy is a happy-go-lucky guy, outstanding anywhere he is, friendly and smart. at the beginning, it may just seem like a story of a couple getting together after the boy confessed during a very romantic time, but it is no happy-ever-after story. the rollercoaster took off the moment they started to be a couple. there were smile and tears, hugs and kisses(a lot of them) and not to forget, the misunderstandings, the breakups, the miscommunications, and all the selfish sides of being in love. somehow, i wonder if the original writer wrote the story based on experience, their story thereafter was so full of up and down (gosh, i'm out of vocab here), so painful just like how the reality is. sometimes i felt the story is of my friend's rather than just a fictitious anime i watch from this monitor. it is so deep.
we humans just can't escape to have the feeling of insecurity. that's why we need support.

So, my favourite parts in 'Bokura ga ita':
  • the friendship between Yano (the main male character) and his best friend, Takeuchi
  • Yano's smile
  • Yano's various personality
  • a way to describe happiness : "to have something that makes you warm when it's cold - it can be hot meat bun, or even the person you love"

  • when Yano and Nana(the main female character) take purikura 1st time and second time before they have to be apart

  • they might be kissing all the time they could but Nana knows the boundary where he didn't allow the boy the pass through (okay, at a point she eventually willingly gave in but for the rest of the time, i really respect that, compared the other story i watch)
  • and absolutely the songs that are effectively used along the story. as every episode ends, the choice of song just suits the mood, it could made u cry having listened to it while getting immersed in the scene. at sweet scenes, it would be a happy tune while for an unexpected heartbreaking moment, the song too would break you into tears. as it does so, you would just let the the episode went on until the last second just so you could listen to the song till the end(i would usually skip the ending sequence for other anime). so, this isntantly be among my favourites for its song other than 'honey and clover'. a good job they really have done here.
simply, though i never had any experience of this sort before, i'm still greatly touched by the whole story..
here's the sweet couple which in my view really depicts the real couple out there-the stories, the selfishness, the jealousy, the passion are just so real

Friday, December 19, 2008

the list

what i have to do:
  • revising on physics (gosh, quiz again, my fault for getting red marks for it)
  • studying my 'pendidikan agama' the first day the school reopened, see, they give us quiz on the whole 11 topics
  • doing my physics homework-9 questions
  • my math homework-3 questions i guess coz i didn't even peek on it yet
  • doing my 'pendidikan agama islam' assignment. search for info from scratch
  • listen to the listening cd for nihongo
  • revising the kanji we've learnt so far-500???
  • searching for points for the english forum we had to do
  • oh, still, nihongo's homework we just got this afternoon

what i want to do

  • watch the final episode for ryuusei no kizuna
  • watch other doramaS i transferred from my friends, approximately 6 series of them
  • go out with my ex-schoolmate, somewhere at kl, jst to hang out
  • read the novelS i haven't the chance to read ever since i bought them weekS ago.
  • shopping for new clothes -it's mega sale now!
  • get my sleep. currently lacking in it
  • eating food i want. here is limited

so, is 2 weeks of holiday enough? let's just see how effectively i would use this span of time. it is worrying me when i'm foreseeing my holiday would be just full of the latter list than the one that is supposed to be my utmost priority. so, let's just see......

hahaha, it feels like the 2nd day of my SPM exam

yes, it was english paper on the 2nd day of my SPM examination. for the essay paper, i just tried to redo the sole grade a essay i ever had-that was during trial. the topic was sort of interesting, i never did things of that sort b4 that. it was a narrative of a girl being raped.

certainly to do the same thing again is hard, i mean, of course i would want to improve it so it would be a better essay rite. in the exam hall, i tried to illustrate the scene again in my infinite imagination in my head. i searched for all sorts of descriptive words i could comprehend and tried to arrange it in my essay. i tried to think and think the real situation, if i were the girl. blood shivered down my spine. but i lasted until the last second of the exam hoping it would be a good essay despite my handwriting which i doubt would please the examiner. i pulled my last breath, the paper's over, intending to take fresh air outside. i stood up and get my sweater on the chair. i saw red spots on the chair.


okay, back to the present time. just this afternoon, we had discussion for our groupwork. we are required to stage a forum on any desired topic. this is for our english class. my group was supposed to present the 1st week when the school reopened this january. we were lost on the topic. had a brainstorm and we think and think and think. guess what did we have as the final decision for the topic? 'EARLY MARRIAGE'-that's the theme. gosh, now i feel, we are all really 'gatal' to discuss such a topic now. well, as to why i came out with the idea(yes, it was me), juz weeks ago, our newsletter brought forth tht topic to the light. they included some opinions fromthe experienced ones and also the yet to experience it. so, i thought it's just interesting. on top of that, it's a topic of high relation to us, the young scholars. i guess, it's just right. so, during the discussion, we talked a lot about this topic. i honestly want their opinion on this. and they are surprisingly some who strongly support and not to forget who are against it. so, i'm really looking forward for the forum later. hopefully we could present it smoothly, at leasti wish i do not stutter as the chairperson. tht's really embarrasing.

after that, i discovered something really intersting. one of my girl friends actually supports polygamy. her reasonings are interesting too. tht was my first time to find such a girl.

and just now, i surfed at my ex-schoolmate's blog. i laughed hard. he's a determined man who's pursuing to be a successful entrepreneur. i read the blog as if reading chapters in 'how to be successful manager' handbook. but, with some exceptions-the ones that make me laugh out loud, there are some intentional mistakes that the business topic is confused with love affairs. hahaha, he's a guy after all. dun believe me? -->


i got grade 2A for my english gce-o. i still remember the expression of the one who gave me the slip the moment i read it. she was completely perplexed when the face i had then was one that shows some disappointment despite having grade 1A throughout the subjects. can't help it though. i was really hoping it to be grade 1A

Thursday, December 18, 2008


tomorrow's friday. the end of my schooldays in year 2008.

of course i'm happy for that.

even if i say that, my break is only 2 weeks long. is it that long?

nevertheless, it's still holiday and i'm allowed to enjoy it......... or not coz i'm probably am required to resit for my physics quiz which i did extremely bad last weeek. hahaha, can't blame anyone else but me.

however, today, we entered the workshop again. i'm happy for my plastic part is done, what's left to be cut is the aluminium and we can set up our robot once all these materials are done prepared. and i am now certain, the next time i'm wearing a goggle i must be in an air-conditioned area or a cool place-nihon? everytime i have it on, in a matter of seconds, vapours start to form on the surface. really weird coz i think i;m only the only who experience it that bad. however, i still like doing the hole using the drills. omoshiroi...

and after that, we had photograph session for our yearbook, can't stand laughing, they constantly made jokes. i dunno how the picture will turn out, i'll get the yearbook to see it later i guess.

i wonder what other had planned for this holiday? mine seems to be fool of lazing around...

i wanna watch drama..................

state : in happy mode

it's just good when you feel happy. even the slightest thing can make you happy. happiness makes your life ever more meaningful, the factor you can keep on living. so, search and look around for anything that makes you happy. it's a waste once u've taken a thing for granted so you just forgot to smile when it's there. well, smile is an indicator to happiness.

so, the little things that make me happy now;

-only 2 days left to endure before i'm having my 2weeks holiday
-for this remaining days, i have little things to be concerned about, quizzes over
-i managed to make lots of wonderful origami-thanks bro for this.
-i love doing works in the workshop in the making of the robot
-i like it when i could understand the dorama without subtitles
-listening to my favourite song
-having a new pair of shoes
-remembering my trip to genting
-eating chocolate, i've bought rocky for a few times just recently
-got to read the long-awaited release of my favourite manga
-looking forward for the final episode of Ryuusei no Kizuna
-n many others

Monday, December 15, 2008

so, should we add pockets?

do you know that edibile rind of a guava contains 5 times more vitamin C than an orange? and it also contains vitamin C, carotenoids, folate, potassium, fiber, calcium and iron? that's why i love guava so much over the sour orange...


today, i broke my promise to my parents. i didn't even study at all at home despite saying i would after i finished watching what my bro was watching (he's back). duh~~ it was the same everytime.
but the funny thing was when i eventually returned to tbp with burning spirit of doing last minute study for the coming chem quiz. well, i later found out it's not on monday, but on tuesday.

so, to get in the mood, i went to the utility room. to my surprise, there weren't much students there except 6-7 students from my batch while the rest were senpais-a lot of them. who cares, i'm going to study, with a lot of ppl or not. sadly, my attitude just won't change. i played more than actually studied. i disturbed others while doing so, i looked around more than i look at the notes i was supposed to look carefully. then, i saw something.

i wonder why malay men like wearing kain pelikat. i, myself prefer a pair of pants over a sarong/skirt/etc of the same class. so, the thing that i saw related to kain pelikat, yes a man wearing kain pelikat. he looked so comfortable with it. he moved around comfortably in it. he wore it like he had accustomed to it since ages. tht's just good, i thought. then, he just finished reading messages i guess, he clicked on the phone and resumed chatting with his friend. then, as usual, it's to keep the phone, right? hehehe, here's the interesting part. on the phone, there's the accesories he liked so much dangling on it. then, the next thing i saw was that the dangling accesories was the only thing visible near the top of the kain pelikat, a bit covered by the end of the shirt he was wearing. so you can guess, where he secured the phone...

that's why i love pants, they have pockets..

:) remind you, below are only worth to read if you got so much time in hand...

just days ago, as mentioned, my brother had finally come back from studying oversea, i mean not just some holiday but had completely finished it-the whole 4 years for a degree. it also means he's gonna be here for long, longer than his summer holidays he had before....

as expected, his omiyage-souvenirs is not much. not like i'm really2 looking forward to it but i thought it'll be more since this is like the last time he's coming back from the far foreign land. alas, he never changes, or maybe the coming cargo that is yet to come would meet my expectation. i truly am hoping so.

so, the night he came back, i welcomed him at the airport, a nice sister, ain't I? despite having class the next day. it seemed that the flight would arrive at 8, so my father insisted on departing from my house b4 maghrib so that we can have maghrib prayer at klia. yeah, we did as planned. finished prayer n still got more than half an hour b4 the plane even touched down, it was not like my bro would be out of the gate as soon as the plane landed right? we went to have dinner. at KLIA'a Food Garden. i thought of having a Whopper at Burger King at first though. so, mine was a plateful of mi bandung worth RM6 sth. the fork and spoon was plastic. i didn't really have a liking in what i ordered though. i ate just like how i ate stuff i dun have much passion in added with the so-not-attractive fork and spoon at hand. oh yeah, i have the tendency to use only beautiful plates/spoon/fork when eating. somehow, the hard chicken made me broke the fork into two. huhuhu. see, i told you, it's plastic.

other than that, i also forgot to order my drink-always did that, dunno why. so finished eating and i still wasn't satisfied. yeah, i need fruits. in my sight, i could see they sold fruits there. a container of cut fruits for RM3-gosh, airport price meh. guava seemed so good though i knew there was only a part of the whole fruit per container. just that i really missed to eat it. i contemplated hard. i love guava-that's a fact. need i mention its goodness anymore? so, i paid at the cashier, using the RM3 i got in my pocket(yes, pants have pockets)-the remaining after i paid for mi bandung. i went to my parents and a container of cut melon safe in my hands.

Friday, December 12, 2008

the world that revolves around myself


when i self-reflect, that's what i can conclude for a general description of me

plausibly correct in a sense... i can't think of others than what matters with myself. i could careless of anything else, they just unrelated, aren't they? why do i think so, here's the proof:
  • things that occupies my mind are none other but about myself, what i like-drama/manga/etc, what i wear, what i say, what i should do next, the wrong things i had done intentionally/unintentionally, my uncertain future, anything i could think of related to me
  • when i converse with others, i can't find other topics but about myself, my stuff, my experience, my everything
  • stuffs in my blog are nothing but the same things as above
  • i tend to use the pronoun 'I' in writings
  • i can hardly imagine things that are running on others' mind. let alone putting myself in their shoes
  • seldom i think of others when using/eating/consuming something
  • you ask me how others are doing? only if i just heard it, then i knew, seldom i bother to know unless they are of importance to me or so dear to me or interesting to me (see, there's always 'me' even when it's regarding others)
somehow, i realized, that's so selfish of me. despite having learned since small the virtues of prioritizing others above yourself. what they call it in english, yeah, altruism. guess i have to be more kind from now onwards, or just more caring towards others. there is still so far from a being a good muslimah for me. so much rooms for improvements. jyaa, ganbarou~~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

out of ordinary

do you know the plastic/metal tip of your shoelace is called 'aglet'? i first knew it from Terry Pratchett's 'Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents'.


for tomorrow, we have a day off, thanks to the Sultan of Selangor whose bitrthday happens to be tomorrow. so, today, we still had school and a thing out of ordinary happened to me on this day.

i had a very short sleep the night before due to my chronic procrastination habit which required me to complete the Nihongo's homework that was supposed to be handed in the day before. no choice but to complete it anyway. however, as i was doing it in company of my notebook pc, it was kinda delayed and was slowed for various obvious reasons. i ended up sleeping in front of the notebook pc and finally get on the bed when it was 5 a.m. nonentheless, i woke up at half past 5, and snooze again, finally got into the toilet by 6. in short, i had a normal morning as usual, with addition, i got on the first bus.

class started at 7:50, nihongo class for the whole morning. my guess, inevitably i would be sleeping throughout the classes, what more we had Kanji for the 1st one-the vulnerable class.

surprisingly, from the beginning until the last nihongo class, my eyes were wide open-exception for a few minutes, they were thinning but still open. on top of that, i was quite active in class, making noises instead of sitting still with no movement nor sound as i usually do. so, proudly, i survived the morning.

in the afternoon, it was 'creative objects' class where i started working on the manufacturing of my robot. delightfully i was in my new pair of sneakers, it was sparkling white, so funny. entered the workshop but didn't get the chance to use the machine long enough. probably, we made a slight mistake in planning, shouldn't be all 3 of my group entering the workshop, we were yet to finish on fixing the engine. so, better to plan ahead next time-this friday.

another funny thing for the day: u don't only get hazy glasses while eating hot noodle, wearing goggles in the workshop too would result the same even without the hot noodle.

then again, i didn't sleep during that class-how can i? and also for the following english class where we were testing our listening ability-exactly my weakness lies here. i didn't sleep.

school finished, somehow, we had a dialog session with the CEO of our sponsor who is also the manager of our program and another person who is the Dean of our program. it was a productive session where all of the students in the program from the 3 whole batches confront with these big figures. again, i managed to get through without any sleep at all.

finally i returned, it was Maghrib. carefully removed my white sneakers, untie the white shoelaces with white aglet on it, put them properly in the rack, went straight to my room. i prayed. i lay down and slept....

until Kinta woke me to go for dinner with her. i barely just slept not even for an hour. from there till the moment i'm typing this, i haven't slept yet. so for 10th of december 2008, my entire sleep was less than 2 hours for the whole day.

glad tomorrow is actually a holiday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a friend i hate

do you know that the metal band used to mate the eraser with pencil is called a ferrule? i just knew minutes ago.


okay, according to, here's the definition of friend;

1. a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university"
2. an associate who provides cooperation or assistance; "he's a good ally in fight" [syn:
ally] [ant: enemy]
3. a person with whom you are acquainted; "I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances"; "we are friends of the family" [syn:
acquaintance] [ant: alien, stranger]
4. a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library" [syn:
supporter] 5.
a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers)

i prefer to refer to this particular friend of mine to be in group three, the other meanings just don't apply to it. in fact, i dun have any shred of fondness towards this friend, only a huge disdain and a dire need to get away, as far as i could, to make this friend of mine disappear from sight as long as possible.

alas, this friend is always by my side-the only thing he does as a friend. oh my, does that make satan my friend too? they are forever by my side, aren't they? okay, forget about satan, this friend of mine insist of being attached to me, it makes me uncomfortable with him around, i can't hardly breathe, but in a way, instead of making me losing my space, in doing that, i got space. just that it is only for a very short while, followed by a feeling where i want to really kill him. usually, i would be the one to be left devastated in the end. i would be in despair, a bottomless penitence whenever this friend is around. nonetheless, he's ALWAYS around.

every once in a while, i would plan how to get rid of this friend of mine, i think of the route i should take to avoid him getting attached to me, i plan all the actions i should do, working out all the plausible tactics, drawing out strategies, almost a complete scheme. but then, when he has already embraced me tightly, all those plans crumble into pieces, left abandoned just like that. again, i would hate myself for that. and eventually, i am the one who gonna pay a heavy price for it.

so, i wonder just when i could get myself straight and totally get rid of this friend forever for good? oh, procrastination, please, please, dun make urself here by me ever again, i hate you, as much i hate those satans who would drag me to the fiery hell. you are never a good friend to me, yet u always cling by me. please, please, go away!

procrastination is a student's best friend

-said my actual friend

anyone with a cure? aid? remedy? antidote? placebo??

p/s: currently working on a homework, regarding pencil, and am procrastinating it

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ever heard of Rocky chocolate? the chocolate bicuit stick? do you know its actual name is Pocky, produced by the Ezaki Glico Company of Japan, but was it renamed as Rocky in Malaysia? don't worry i juz knew that too.

okay, this year's eidul adha might not be the best i've had, but certainly i'm happy for some particular reasons....

the day before i had my jlpt, i actually got the chance to shop at alamanda-specifically parkson. strange enough, my dad just let me bought that pair of pants that i like without any objection and some other stationeries. he was in good mood i guess.
  • happiness metre : 30%-i like the pants, it's maroon
when i've finished my JLPT-wearing the new pair of pants, returned home and i slept. oh yeah, JLPT was okay i guess. i just said it based on my sleep to awake ratio which was so high. can't believe i would actually sleep despite having promised to my teachers "寝ないようにがんばっています". but then, i still slept for most part of the test.
  • happiness metre : 5%-sleeping is just so good when u're tired
it was only after 6 we actually departed from our house. balik kampung lah. firstly, we were heading to Segamat, my mom's side. i just followed, also looked forward to it, meeting my beloved cousin there and all. before that, my dad bought lemang at bangi, unfortunately, only lemang was available, not the rendang. and also a container of baulu-strawberry? okay. so, we went on.

  • happiness metre : -3%-the strawberry baulu just so weird and i dun particularly like riding the car, nauseatic..
to have our prayers (jama' of coz), my dad stopped at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh. supposedly we were gonna eat here too. BUT the shop there only had nasi campur which i dun have a liking into it, so i thought of just buying a burger from A&W. guess what, it was so crowded, the queue was so damn long. i walked ahead. and i saw something else..

actually, the day before at parkson, i was actually looking for a pair of new shoes but ended up with a pair of pants. so, when i saw shoes on display, i was quickyly attracted. never thought there was gonna be al-ikhsan store on the highway though. didn't realize it but my hunger just disappeared when i was looking at the shoes. there was actually a pair of sneakers less than RM100. okay, that one was RM99. but still, it was discounted. i love the word sale (gosh, the women's disease). so, i ended up taking my parents there too, wanting to buy a pair, pointed to them the cheap one. of coz they won't buy it for me if i say i want the expensive one, immediate rejection that would be. so, while they were in, i wandered to other sneakers too, pondering which one was good, compared them in front of my parents and so on. i guess we sort of spent about nearly half an hour just being there.

lastly, a white pair of sneakers in my possession. forget the price.
  • happiness metre : 79%-in was so in an instant, never thought it would suddenly come at me, i'm grinning wide
at segamat, met my cousins, chatted and at nearly 12, i watched Hanakimi SP with one of them, she wanted to watch it so that she won;t have to transfer the 1.5gig into her bro's comp
  • happiness metre : 19% watching it again still gave me a good laugh. it was so funny and notorious in the same time.

10zulhijjah- ate ketupat, a quick shower, ate ketupat, had my raya prayer, slept, in the car to my other kampung (slept), arrived and ate ketupat, laze around in front of tv, helped trasfer song my cousins wanted, watched an episode of 1 pound gospel, ate ketupat, snacking, and finally had our journey home after it was 6-slept again.
  • happiness meter: 25%-ketupat and kuah lodeh is just so delicious!!

i had Rocky and shared it with my parents. that's so nostalgic, when was the last time i ate those kind of things
  • happiness metre : 21% so funny when us 3 sharing a box of Rocky chocolate.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

今日は能力試験 +today's JLPT +hari ini JLPT


today is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. but until now, i haven't been studying that much for that. in a matter of minutes, i'll be departing from my house, gosh, what am i doing???

hari ini JLPT (x perlu saya terangkan lagi, perlukah?). tetapi, saya hampir tidak mengulangkaji untuk sebab itu. mengapalah saya bersusah-payah membawa pulang kertas tahun2 lepas ke rumah jika hasilnya saya langsung tidak membukanya. astaghfirullah'azim.

bismillahirrahmanirrahim (dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani)
"ya Allah, mudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini. terangkanlah hatinya, teguhkanlah imannya, tajamkanlah pemikirannya, kuatkanlah ingatannya, hanya padaMu boleh kuberharap, ya Allah yang Maha Besar"

Friday, December 5, 2008

[genting episode] story about the socks

well, the after-effect of going to genting is still faintly here.

the first part of my trip to genting began the moment i left my house. the plan was to meet the others at kl sentral. the information i got was that we would be departing by bus to genting from kl sentral. so, considering the distance between my house and kl sentral that was not too far apart, i decided to leave after 7 - the other left tbp by 6:45 a.m.

i slept quite late the previous night, my relatives came for a simple occasion, a bit like family gathering, so the last departed from our house was nearly at 12. even after that, i continued to lounge around, for some reason, i watched the james bond movie that was already aired on the tv, and only after i felt like getting up, went into bed.

as expected, it was hard to wake up in the morning, only after several attempts by my father to wake me up, i finally got the body moving and hastily took a shower and also to pray. it was already 7. i remembered about the food i had promised huda, so i had to go to the kitchen and heat the karipap i had reserved beforehand. in that morning also, i finally made the decision on what to wear. however, when i was ready to exit the house, my dad insisted for a sweater. i went up flight of stairs again, entered my sis's room, got one of the sweaters she left behind. ok, what was left was the scarf.

it was quarter after 7 when i was in the car, my dad had waited since it was 7 but of course, it took time to wear the scarf properly. ok, to run for the bus whose departing time was at 8:30, i guess, i got time to spare-or not. i had to consider the traffic or any other possibilities as well. the car had moved for a couple of minutes, i was already out of my housing area when i realized something. i was to wear the socks i was carrying in the car to save time. however, what i could took out from my pocket was a piece of it. not the whole pair! i could not imagine wearing the shoes without socks-it was just inappropriate. and what's more was that, my destinantion was genting. i probably don't want to have chilled fingertoes upon arriving there. yeah, my dad made a u-turn.

i tried to follow the track i used from inside the house to the car. again, i have to unlock oh how many keys we had from the gate to the wooden door at the entrance to our house. there was no trace or the sock i'm trying to find in sight. i was in panic. i looked in the room downstairs, none. went to my bedroom upstairs, none. ok, i resort to new one. i went to my parents' room. opened the drawer, gosh, so many socks, but barely there were mine. i pushed aside my dad's and my mom's, thank god, my socks during high school was. but which one should i take. so lazy to think, i brought all 3 pairs i had in sight. imagine, holding all those in these clumsy pair of hands of mine, running back to the car. oh, forgot to lock the keys, went out from the car, locking the door, tend to the gate that needed to be locked, fortunately the chain was locked using the matching code instead of key. my hands staggered too due to the dire need to rush. okay, that's done. then, i was about to head back to the car when my sweater got stuck by the metal net on the gate. such a hassle! but then, it was not only my sweater that got stuck. i saw something else. it was my other pair of the sock.

when i returned inside the car, now 4 pairs of socks at hand, it was 7:28.

later, how we all were running, gasping, trying to catch the bus was another interesting story.

won't it be nice if i have these kind of socks. so cute...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[genting episode]the man who could speak german

well, i usually do not talk to stranger. i mean, total stranger you meet on the road. however, that day was surprisingly interesting. back from genting, we had to catch the monorail from Jalan Imbi station to KL Sentral before getting on the commuter until Batu 3-the place we live in. we were extremely tired and exhausted from the whole day at genting. everyone has already had red eyes, fatigue from enjoying too much in a day.

we were waiting at the station when an utterly unexpected turn of event took place. i was creating a conversation with the TA as usual, asking how was the day and so on. suddenly, a man, out of nowhere, jumped in the scene and asked us, "are you guys speaking japanese?". i was stunned for a short moment before jauntily replied, "HAIT!" of course i giggled followed by translating it to "yes" to the man. he was kind strucked too i guess, for suddenly having a japanese language for an answer. He was a typical malay man, with straight not so short, not so long hair, wearing old school spectacles and of average height. then, he looked towards us, and smiled. there was a light of astonishment i guess, reflected from his eyes, perhaps, it was so weird to see us the typical malays to speak so cosily with the japanese-not that fluently though in my case who struggle to find the right sentence eveytime i speak to these japanese. but then, for people to instantly recognize japanese was not that much too, so i had this thought, "oh, does this guy know japanese too?", instantly i inquired him that. too much to my surprise, okay, he doesn't know japanese aside from the normal greetings such as arigatou, sumimasen, gomennasai but this person actually speaks german!

he was so 'ramah', asking us a lot of questions with the soft voice of his. he did know a lot, asking whether we are currently at UM which apparently we not and also he ask about our course and so on. when the monorail arrived, we entered and continued chatting with him. i was quite far, so for the earlier part of the journey when the train was so packed (it was half past 10 for god sake), i could not join their conversation. when people had gradually decreased, i got a seat and again we talked. without being reserved, i asked for his name, exchanging it with ours and like old friends reunited, we talked a lot. i'm not sure whether he is a student or already working, i guess it's the latter but he sure was interested in languages. we talked about differences in these languages, the letters used and how i mentioned to him i'm so troubled with numerous kanji existed to trouble me. on his side, i loved the way he made the analogy for german language that it's like add math when english is modern math. well, the letters are quite the same with common alphabets only with some additonals-did he said 'some'? but i'm sure he mentioned that german is actually like old english while french being a whole different language. italian too, he referred as quite rough, the same way the people always behave. the interesting part here is when we partially became translator for both this malay man and the japanese beside us. kudou-san however made the effort of practising english with this man. he pronounced it quite good i would say, at least i understood, and so the man. well, he had heard us enough speaking in japanese all the while, so we made him speaking in german. fairly interesting! now how i wish to learn another language too. his soft voice attracted me.

so, we parted ways at the kl sentral. happily greeting each other goodbyes. it would be a pure chance if i were to be able to run into this interesting man again. of course, i could hardly forget his name-the same as my friend i got here.

Monday, December 1, 2008






















okay, this post is intentionally done in japanese, but i know pictures worth a thousand words, so u already know what i am trying to say here, i guess. for the detailed description of the trip, well, the photos don't cover all what had happened, i would do it in the next post when i have time, insyaAllah. but surely, these are the memories i would cherish for a long long time, at least, i would remember it clearly for as long as i am in this JAD program. it was such a sweet, sweet memory to be forgotten.