Saturday, November 22, 2008

a haiku after so long

there's 39 days left before year 2008 meets its end.

that's fast.

i could remember what i was doing when it was 0000 hours of january 1st, 2008. i was at my house. just arrived from the airport. my baggage still full of stuff waiting to be unpacked. i got less than a week before i go to uniten for my intensive japanese language and english language course. that one took 10 weeks of my year 2008.
thereafter, a short 3 weeks of break, lounging at my house, doing craps. immediately i enrolled in JAD program. it was april.

suddenly, it's nearly the end of november now. i'm even turning 18 next week.

what have i done?
-my 1st sem exam : a bit of disappointment - no worry
-events; bon odori, bunka no hi, raya, went to langkawi, camp at pd
-read novels
-watch drama

i browsed others' blog. they remind of how long has it been the last time i feel like writing a poem. where's my art brain gone to?


again, got homeworks,
my head is starting to ache,
please, give me a break!

okay, that's my haiku after so long not getting this brain playing around

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