Sunday, November 9, 2008


it's just that i went back all the way to my home 25 minutes away despite my mount of homework for the sole reason of chocolates. well, it's no ordinary chocolates, not here. i could find it nowhere in where i live. those chocolates were posted by my sister now residing in pittsburgh. now, i love her more. not only that, she included in the parcel a bag whose size i find kinda big and a 2009 calendar. the calendar was special coz for every sheet of the day was meant to be cut into an artpiece. it's called kirigami by the way. kiri = cut, gami = paper. it's so interesting i can't wait to start cutting once 1st january is over. but god, i'm afraid for the year to end so quickly. i haven't done enough things for this year.

so, what i love most among those bundles of chocolates is probably this one,
not only because of smooth texture of this dark chocolate which melts in your mouth like heaven, the chocolate cover also includes a message. i like to keep those messages. it's so inspiring. i mean, not only you feel good coz of the chocolate in your mouth, you also get in spirit. that's a good combination.

and they also serve as a beautiful decoration for my file. now, i can get through the day.

so, with the new stock of chocolate, i guess i'm more energised to face the days ahead. i got my supply of energy, feel good and i just hope my weight does not rise again.

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