Saturday, August 28, 2010

different clocks

for me, the 5-day-off starts today~ well, not actually i can be fully relieved, they won't leave us without any homeworks and reports, and on top of that, after the holiday's over, i would have an exam for a subject i've yet to know exactly what it is about. okay, i'm working on that.

so, for the first day of this holiday, i originally intended to have iftar with my housemates somewhere out but due to some misunderstanding in my part, i eventually ended up following my parents to my grandma's place. thanks to the ride, i get more than enough sleep. at this moment, it's 12 midnight rite now and i'm awake in front of this comp.

but somehow, despite having adequate sleep during the day, i'm actually kinda sleepy. normally it's the high time now, with all the louds and noise at the utility room with my friends, sometimes playing games together. but here, it's a 180 degree change. everything's so quiet. everyone's already asleep. even the creaking sound of the fan is somewhat deafening. unlike all the young bloods i often mingle in, clearly old folks just have a different clock. perhaps this is just how they have their leisurely pace, early night and early morning and whatever come after.

calm and serene?

well, i might just imagine how i would spend my old days, relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of the life i'm used to now.

yeah, let this environment give a push inside myself, a revitalization and a boost to give more effort into what i'm doing now. kakougaku, please be friendly to me from now on! and oh, the idea of having to learn thermodynamics in 2 weeks after eid holiday is a bit frightening, but i'll just do my best! let eveything go smoothly, amin~~

Friday, August 27, 2010

at a loss for word

every so often i'll be stuck in a situation where i could not find what to say when actually i would really love to have a chat with someone. alas, i'll have no clue and end up in taciturnity. indeed, people say silence is wisdom but it is through words that people can reach an understanding and deepen their bonds. words are powerful enough it can translate what actually is felt deep inside and deliver it straight to the others. it's because feelings and emotions are such intangible things, they need some medium to travel.

but then, when words are that powerful, it can turn out to be fearful and dangerous. be it orally or written. when uttered by the two lips, it can be intimidating as the accompanying tone could be scary, it can reverberate in the mind, like a haunting chant. however, words that are written down just last, leaving an unfading proof making it just as frightening.

even while knowing that, it's inevitable to just blurt out something we do not really mean. only to end up feeling so bad once realizing what a mistake the tongue has done. or even what the fingers has just thoughtlessly lined down. an array of words that might just hurt someone unknowingly.

or is that really the case?

only people so selfless would think that. perhaps what do we really care about is how others perceive us after making that blunder on words. would they look down on us? would they go away? did i just make myself a fool?

nevertheless, by saying nothing, would that not make that a mistake just the same?

if only God would grant me the grand art of weaving words the right way at the right time..... amin~

Saturday, August 21, 2010


one of the things that ramadhan teaches you is gratitude.

somehow when you are so blessed with such a comfortable environment, all of the things that come along are taken for granted, thus we forget, and sought for more.

and more and more.

until you learn that what you actually need is nothing more but that little of something. and then you realize, by far you've deceived yourself for getting the surplus in order to satisfy yourself, oh what a waste when there's always somebody else who are deprived of all those and would be more than delighted to have it. when was the last time i feel satiated with food so simple and only a handful of it? (gosh, how gluttonous i was). and it does indeed make me happy.


and to look around, i can't deny the existence of all those things that would let me down every now and then, but there's also things that can paint up the smile on my face and also put my heart in felicity. to be glad to actually be alive. and it's all thanks to Him. He's the one giving life in each of us and the whole complete world we're living in. even when facing all those challenges, it's inevitable to be exhausted, but you can always know you're doing this for a reason and your final destination. nevertheless, for our heart is a delicate thing yet it's easy enough to be pleased by things of our fancy, He has scattered all those around very beautifully. you just can't escape the admiration and to be brimmed with sheer gratefulness.


thank you Allah, i'm happy and blissed~

p/s: the last 2 weeks of 'nihon keizai to keiei' class was so enjoyable and kept my heart leaping undoubtedly. i know i can make it through the other ordeals be it the 3 weeks of an apparently mind-boggling and mentally tormenting class, iman, ganbare!!

and retrospectively, JAD is not actually that bad after all, anyone agree? 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the price of patience

for how many longer could i hold this up inside....


everyone, have a blessed ramadhan!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


it's a saturday. with a lot of stories.

the luncheon

truly happy we could gather and hang out with our dear buddy faseeha before she would so far away from us. and the day we spent together was simply memorable. the lunch which we took so much trouble just to find the right place, and the laughter shared in the process. somehow, we ended up somewhere totally contradicting to the initial condition of the search-affordable for plain students like us. we went italian.

so funny how we barged in like some sort of an awkward party acting haughty and yes naturally, to choose something from the menu took time. or how to eat some warm bread when it's served with vinegar and something-god-knows-what. well, the pasta was not all that bad, though some bad choice makes it go below our expectation a lil bit. nevertheless, the whole party of 6 managed to enjoy ourselves. really sorry to the other patrons of the restaurant did we bother them with our noise and sheer excitement.

pastas involved : spaghetti, linguine, angel hair
also pizzas and calzones

too bad it can make you feel full when not even half has finished

the last airbender

due to some blunders in my part, i mistook that my brother would come along too. good thing izmier was there to fill in the space (waste not my rm13 spent). so, excluding me, rifqi and him were to watch 2 movies today. if i were to review it all here, might me troublesome. so my overall impression would be, good effects and i could see how interesting the original story would be (i didn't watch the animation series). but somehow perhaps it's just difficult to cram it in a movie even for the very first part of it. it's just that my mood was not that aroused while watching it compared to the other movies i've watched recently. however it does makes you curious for the next part. but for this type of movie, maybe not as much as i anticipate the sequel for darren shan's vampire's assistant.

what goes around comes around!

this might some weird occurrence to me but it does leave a deep impression inside. it happened when we were walking our way back from the ktm station. we were totally in a rush before maghrib runs out of time. more than usual i took quicker and bigger steps. but then, i didn't know since when but someone was calling us from our behind.

"stop! stop! don't run! i'm no robber"

that caught me in a daze. and he goes on further with some super-rapid-pace explaining his whole situations till the moment he stumble across us on that road. i was just so perplexed to give any response especially when he said, "really sorry to ask you this this favour, but i'm really not trying to rob you, even if i do, hit me". still in bewildered state but i somehow pity him for being stuck in that desperateness so eventually i just handed the last 3 ringgit i have in my wallet. combined with izmier and rifqi's part, it did not even make up to the whole meager amount he needed but he looked rather pleased. then we instantly left him behind and took even bigger pace to catch it in time when something really unexpected totally caught me speechless. for the second time, someone called for us.

"free taxi, free taxi"

the remaining few hundred meters home were of ease that not even a couple of minutes passed before we arrived. and not even late for maghrib prayer, alhamdulillah~

....and my fandom

kenichi matsuyama to star in the adaptation of 'usagi drop'-one manga i love to read for its simplicity and cuteness. well, there's quite a story in it too. that very cute lil girl in it is the same girl from the drama 'Mother'-a drama worth watching for its story and suspense despite being a slow one

and watching buchou today really my day a level brighter. buchou~~~!!! hotaru is just so adorable while buchou is hot like always

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fluffy cottony clouds

oh, how i love seeing clouds from the above. really, it can make you feel like to frolic on it, jumping up and down, living the child side of you though you know that's entirely impossible as it only consists of vapours. but yeah, they remind you a lot of cotton candies, offering colours from white, silver, grey and yellow sometimes, depending on where the sun is.

what made me recall all these is our visit to MAS hangar at Subang where we could explore the planes, the BIG planes which were there for maintenance. the ones i usually board were of the smaller ones, but to see the bigger ones is so much different. i mean, it's just HUGE. from the floor to the tip of the topmost of the tail equals the height of a multiple-storey building. and the one i saw was just the boeing 747, not even the jumbo A380. reminds you how tiny humans really are.

Airplanes are just amazing.

and today, instead of doing my report on the visit, i ended up wiki-ing more about planes. wikipedia is just magnificent, isn't it? recollecting my previous visit to Halim Mazmin facility in Langkawi during high school, Diamond DA aircrafts is still as desirable as it was when i first saw it. it's a light aircraft usually used by pilot school but also commonly popular for private use. who wouldn't like the idea of possessing own aircraft? how wonderful it is to surf through the clouds and witnessing the whole breathtaking scenery, eyebird view! what more, if it were to be with someone dear by your side.(*^▽^*) i'd love taking lessons to pilot it or just simply waits the other person to bring me around.... there, there, i afraid the fantasy would grow even wilder if i continue this on

 beautiful, isn't he? (hoho, i know people often refer as 'she', but i'm a grown-up healthy girl :P)

by the way, i just found what a lavish fathers could give his child as a memorable present. an experience being behind the 'wheels' of those huge Boeing 777.

as expected, the report is not even a word done. now i better start off!

Monday, August 2, 2010

SS day 1

like he said,

"counting the months"

okay, perhaps that's the exact thing i've been doing all the while. with that, we have a lot to be done from now on, like the application forms and so on

what should i write on it? hmmm, i'll let the neurons do their work on that sooner or later. i know i can't get off just by writing that i'm applying there because sensei told me to. hmmm....

but, the most important thing, what we have at the present time is the Short Semester. when the others are apparently enjoying their holiday, here we are working our brain intensively. life's not all joy and pleasure, i know that. but i'm wondering, seeing that the first subject we are focusing on have a lot to do with chemistry stuff, do i just have little chemistry with those? it's not like i have zero interest in it, but i realize it took me only a short while before it put me into slumber. dame da naa... iman, ganbare!

tomorrow would be an exciting one nonetheless. we are to visit Malaysia Airlines' place. supposedly the place where they keep their planes. i love big things. they're just impressive as to see how actually such a huge structure could send people through the sky. in my guess, they gonna show us the engine part or so. i'll try my best to get the best experience out of it. but i kinda fear when i would be frustrated were i to be clueless in front of these amazing stuff we gonna see. there, there, obviously there's a lot more i gotta learn.

reminds me how ignorant i am.

and also, apparently tomorrow the day where i would confirm my fear all the while, please2, no matter how the exam result would turn out, don't let it eat yourself, ok?