Tuesday, June 30, 2009

14 DAYS...

i dun exactly know why am i sitting here...

no worry, there's still 14 days remaining..... until my sem exam

oh, i wish i could be that relieved, if i could...

anyway, it's been long since i last posted an entry, it's not like i was too preoccupied or anything, maybe it's just me who have problem in using my time properly. everyone have the the equal 24 hours in a day tough. but i guess, there are still a lot of people out there like me. i'm not alone :D (quite a stupid way to please myself)

anyway, as for what happened for the past week, i skipped class for the first time since i enrolled in this program. well, it's for a sound reason, not like i could help it. i was caught by surprise too to receive the news of my uncle's death. we're quite close and i didn;t even had a clue that we was indeed suffering from a terminal cancer. well, that made me such an ignorant person to be that oblivious of that critical information. whatever it is, i'm glad at least i made it to his funeral. al-fatihah for him.

once i got back to shah alam, instantly i'm pulled back to this bustling life of a JAD student. however, we were given a momentary break from all that on last saturday. it was JAD SPORT'S DAY!!! what more can i say.

well, we had a blast. everyone's having fun as far as i could see. well, what i like most was seeing our teachers in action. it's not an everyday sight to see them in sports attire springing into action. for the female teachers, they still look beautiful, as for the male one, they could not be any more hotter. hehehe. my focus, of course my long-adored takatsu-sensei.... sasuga, he looks so cool and manly. even better when he brought along his family. his children are so cute, though they look like typical japanese kids but still, they inherit his good-looking part. oh my, again, i'm sunk....

so, tomorrow, there continues my life here with more attractive events to be burnt in my memory (burn as in burning disk, ok). what i got in store for the next few hours in the launching of the rocket we made during our physics class. yeah, i'm looking just how far my group's rocket will diverge from our prediction. hahaha, i don't expect much with such lousy work we had there, as long we have fun, it's all that matters

and not to forget, this saturday: the speech contest! well, it's not like i'm participating but i'm giving all my support to my fellow roommate!! ganbatte!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


frankly, i'll say i'm quite senseless in term of music... never learnt a thing about it, never had an inclination towards it... even in learning, i'm not that strong in auditory, i guess i'm more of a visual and kinesthetic type of person. but i know, music is a form of art, it's a thing that makes people enjoy... and thanks to that, i enjoy listening to music. though i know little what distinguish each of the numerous kinds it encompasses of.

and now, for some reason, i'm absolutely absorbed in a band that had made music as their pursuit in life. yes, as some people might have known, it's none other than a newly rising japanese band, flumpool. well, they've started as indie band long way back but i'd say new coz they just debuted less than a year ago. as for me, i only started to knew them when i was fascinated by the theme song a dorama i watched back then in october (i'm a drama-addict). it naturally aroused my interest in finding out just who sang it and instantly i've become their fan. indeed, they do sing songs just how i like it. and, unmistakably their appearance also became a big factor in me adoring them, a lot.

and since then, i could say, their songs always blast in my ear (well, i do know respecting the public harmony, so the earphones always stuck up here) and i'm really excited in knowing their latest updates and progress. i do have abundant of others in my playlist too, but rarely i would bother about the artist. honestly, i had never been such a fan, let alone to like a specific artist continuously for a long time. it;s just that, somehow they captivates me. i would be very pleased for each of the new song they came up until now. i know they might not be that great of a band, not yet, but i like them for what they have presented so far. and also, thanks to one of the members who would not fail to update their blog, i'm happy to know what's they've been up to, how they have grown up. and also, i could practise my nihongo in a way i really enjoy :D

and by following their news, i'm also happy as a fan, when they've made such amazing progress, realizing their dreams. congrats, even barely a year after they debuted, they've made it to budokan. of course, it is no easy course. when i see they've made this far, more than i love them as a fan, i can't ever be more impressed, i can hardly contain this admiration. i admire their will and efforts, how they straight on doing what they've set their hearts to. somehow, i question myself, just why cant i be as spirited as them? i have my own dream too, my own mission to be cleared, but i doubt this self have given off all it could. i'm on this way to becoming a person whom anyone would acknowledge, a prestigious engineer i could ever be (well, if not, why would i study engineering). however, it's so easy to lose focus. i don't know why but this self is so weak against temptations. again, i would question myself again, "if flumpool could give out such efforts that yield such amazing result, just why couldn't i do the same?" they're homo sapien too, the same as me, rite?

now, i feel like thinking "i'm not gonna lose to them!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

does it matter?

well, we've learnt from physics class, when there is action, there's reaction - the 3rd law of motion

or i like it more to remember it by sayou-hansayou (作用反作用) -sounds a bit like 'penjual sayur :P

well, the thing is when we are expecting a thing to magically occur, that's unlikely to happen, right? but the problem lies when to initiate a thing (the 1st action), it definitely requires if not much, quite an amount of courage from inside....

if i could come up with excuses, it would be the matter of timing, or just it's not meant to be...

but in the end, i know, it's the courage that i'm lacking.............

life's such a complicated thing to comprehend, or is it because it's just my own view that's so much distorted?

+another meaningless mumblings by a girl who knows little how to express her own feeling+

Monday, June 15, 2009


we afraid of the things we couldn't see

we afraid of things we do not know

we afraid of insecurity

we afraid of being left in the low

yes, i am afraid

i am afraid of the oblivious me
whose next step would determine the next me
whose dream is still lost in the unknown

so, which path should i choose?

would i just be walking in circles or in wiggling lines
when my goal is still nowhere in sight?

please, let it be the moonlight
or even the streetlight
to shine the path which my heart can follow with all its might
where my body could strive even with all coming plights

i pray to you my Lord
guide me to where you know is the best
let me lead a life which would always be blessed
there's no one else i could depend on
please, ease this unrest soul.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mada mada da

suddenly i realized,

i could be such a pathetic pessimist at most times.....

i wonder why?

yes, the world's a complicated set of things of which most parts i could never comprehend, but it can't possibly be that hard like how i always imagine it to be... like how i feel this self can't belong to where i want most to be, like how i feel everything's desirable are out of reach, and like how i feel.....

it can't be like that, right?

now, am i a pessimist or optimist?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

over a hurdle

yes, my booster of motivation, now the above image is my notebook wallpaper. unmistakeably, countless hurdles have to be jumped over in order to get there.

indeed, i can't deny, the past week was arduous! among of all the weeks we've gone through up to now. i mean, with so much deadlines to meet and all. we were pretty beaten up.

but then, that's more of the reason for 'rejuvenating'!!! with that said, once the last class of the week finished, we headed home, feeling like a heavy load off our back here. such a relief! and then we decided. instead of the usual cooking routine, it's the time to treat ourselves for more. yes, we went to Sunway just for the sake of dinner! it's a pity it was not the whole 5 of us as Lia had already another plan so it was only me, syifaa', syara and Ecah.

mode of transportation: cab. it was kinda frustrating as the fare we were made to pay was rm15 while the metre was clearly displaying an absolute value that is even less than rm10. now, that's what we call unwise cheating. if it's not on, i won't feel that bad. but still, for the sake of day, i guess we would just let that slide by.

so, we went in. the air-cond sure as chilly as usual but comfortable. pondering on where to have our hearty meal was tough. it's the night where we have to enjoy fully. it's not like we can always have such night to just freely go out and eat just because we desire it. so, we go round and round. ooops, some deviated path we had there when a sale came into view but then immediately we re main composed and focused on purpose of the night. more walking and finally we came to a word. quite unexpected in my part, we resorted to 'Ichiban Ramen'. okay, honestly said, that's quite a first time of me having ramen.

my takushoku

the ramen was maa-maa or more frankly, to consider that menu again in future won't likely be in my options. but still, it's a nite out so, no matter what, i guess why don't i just enjoy it regardless of what i had. thanks to that optimistic side of me. nonetheless, we enjoyed eating there, lots of pictures taken and the following is my favourite

and surely enough, once we were over with our dinner, we went wild, taking pictures anywhere we find intersting. but somehow, only today i found out perhaps i set it somewhere not right, not exactly all the pictures came out beautiful. zannen da~. soredemo, until the shops lowered down their shop bars, we were still hanging around the aisle and having fun our own way.

and that's how we spend our most-awaited friday nite. yeah, like people say, the harder u have to push through, once u're done, the sweeter the moment'll be. now, if i watch the past week in this light, i'd be thankful for giving me such happiness in return. well, i have to thank my precious friends too for being such a wonderful companions regardless in what situations we were in. arigatou!!

nevertheless, iman being iman, after returning here, despite the persuasive sleepiness, what i did was straight to my beloved notebook. and then, i continue my indulgemnent in happiness. as always, kimura takuya never fail to pull off another astounding dorama for this pair of eyes to watch and for this simple mind to take pleasure in. his character in the new dorama is exciting with his weird personalities. a snapshot. ^_^

Monday, June 1, 2009

dear foolish me

it's just that i could hardly contain my happiness when i finally got to see the latest PV from my fav band, flumpool!!!

MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~

certainly, i love this video. it's beautiful. different from before, the color tone used throughout the video matches perfectly with the mood of the song. what i like most is the starting of the song. it's just great and makes me want wonder how it follows. due to repeated listening to the song, i could hear it reverbrating in my mind already.

aside from that, as this song serves as the theme song for the movie adaptation of one of Tezuka Osamu's work, i can't help but to be really eager on watching the movie as well. it does have excellent line of actors of which i really favour Tamaki hiroshi since i first fancied him in Nodame Cantabile drama. while the drama portrays a more funny character, he stars as a scary antagonist in this movie. but so handsome :D. can't help it, i'm a girl who instantly get attracted to appealing opposite gender. though i never read the original work, i could see there's a great story packed in it with some fabulous actions that are tempting me to watch it.

but still, i don't think i could any sooner.

and so, back to my position, thanks to this, it just proved how vulnerable i am to any kind of distractions. what more, this time it's the things i love. oh my, i'm still left with mounting works to do. okay, yosh!!! ganbarou!!

forgive me when i whine

"Indahnya karya agung ciptaan Allah~!"

i was astonished when a friend of mine used the phrase when describing one of the wonderful creations of Allah - a physical look of a man. yeah, unmistakably, we are lucky to have someone as good-looking around us, what more, he's our beloved sensei who made the complicated Chemistry seems more bearable to go through. :D :D. subhanallah~
at least, i sleep less during his class. i still had to work hard in getting the gist of the lesson everytime though.

thank you Allah, you give me this perfect pair of eyes so i could delight in all these beautiful sights you bestow us.

aside from that, my recent discovery that really made me take a liking to was indeed a voice of man-surely the greatest of Allah's creation. it's hard to describe, but i really find that particular voice of that person is warm and mesmerizing. no wonder he's an actor (well, if i'm not a drama-addict, i don't think i'll find him).

thank you Allah, you give me this perfect pair of ears so i could be amused by the various sounds you fill this world.

and now, i currently put on this 'bedak sejuk' which surely has its own unique smell once you dab it on your skin. i won't say i hate it but i'm glad i still am able to smell. if not, the chocolate cake i had and big apple doughnuts i bought yesterday won't be any different. with smell too, i know which food has gone bad or not. and even the smell of air prior to when it rains. and the leather scent on my wallet which always makes me feel good as well.

thank you Allah, you give me this wonderful nose so every piece of my life and memories are made distinct with the numerous smells that accompany.

like how i just mentioned long before, rather than verbal communication, i greatly fond more on the physical contacts that connects people. you see, when you touch, it means even more. naturally, some sense of security comes in and you feel good. it might be from the warmth that get transferred over of simply from the delicateness of the others' skin when you stroke through. it's so sensational. oh my, now i feel like hugging.

thank you Allah, you give me this amazing suit of skin i could feel very secured and to be able to touch and to frolic on so many textures of this earth and all the stuff located on it.

and above all, i couldn't deny how food has become the major part of the contributors to my daily happiness. i could be content after helping myself to a good, nice meal, be it home-cooked or even from packaged food. when people say happiness is contagious, well, of course when you could share with others. in fact, the more, the merrier. and not to forget, how this sweet-tooth me would be extremely pleased whenever i could gorge on fine bar of chocolate. that's just heavenly.

thank you Allah, you give me this astounding tongue so could indulge in so many mouth-watering delicacies that makes living much more marvelous.

now i realized, i have so much of these wonderful things i could be pleased and to learn from. so, there is no reason to get all depressed like how i did at most times. ne?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1x-8uxMqmE --i failed to embed it somehow