Friday, November 21, 2008


it's friday, no school tomorrow. supposedly i'm happy with that fact but something feels off. do i forget something?

no more dove chocolates. i finished it yesterday by giving it to the guys during the meeting

dai5kai nihongo achievement testo? pretty bad. what i read didn't even appear in the question paper requring me to 'bantai' all the way...

in minutes, i am to go down to the utility room to do the orthographic projection of our robot. i'm still in my tshirt.

i had to to go all the way to plaza alam sentral today due to the dysfunctionality (is this a word?) of the ATM machineS surrounding Unisel. i wonder why can't Unisel install at least an ATM in its premise?

i've listened to flumpool's songs over and over since i was overexcited to find it available for download.

the waiting list of drama/manga for this week is exhausted. i've been reading/watching them all during the weekdays.

so........... does it mean i have to STUDY?


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