Friday, December 12, 2008

the world that revolves around myself


when i self-reflect, that's what i can conclude for a general description of me

plausibly correct in a sense... i can't think of others than what matters with myself. i could careless of anything else, they just unrelated, aren't they? why do i think so, here's the proof:
  • things that occupies my mind are none other but about myself, what i like-drama/manga/etc, what i wear, what i say, what i should do next, the wrong things i had done intentionally/unintentionally, my uncertain future, anything i could think of related to me
  • when i converse with others, i can't find other topics but about myself, my stuff, my experience, my everything
  • stuffs in my blog are nothing but the same things as above
  • i tend to use the pronoun 'I' in writings
  • i can hardly imagine things that are running on others' mind. let alone putting myself in their shoes
  • seldom i think of others when using/eating/consuming something
  • you ask me how others are doing? only if i just heard it, then i knew, seldom i bother to know unless they are of importance to me or so dear to me or interesting to me (see, there's always 'me' even when it's regarding others)
somehow, i realized, that's so selfish of me. despite having learned since small the virtues of prioritizing others above yourself. what they call it in english, yeah, altruism. guess i have to be more kind from now onwards, or just more caring towards others. there is still so far from a being a good muslimah for me. so much rooms for improvements. jyaa, ganbarou~~


me, myself, and the Nani said...

oh dear

guess i'm pretty selfish too my dear

i mean,

who doesnt?

snylo said...

guess mine's a bit over than most people.. at least, tht's wht i think...