Monday, December 22, 2008

my my,thank god i'm in the middle of holiday

Starting time:
::11:35 PM::

::Iman binti Abd Halim::

::Tasneem & Kauthar.::


Shoe size:
::US women size-8.5Wide (hahaha, elephant)::

::162cm tabun ::

Where do u live:
::permanent house-seri kembangan, hostel-tbp::

Have u ever been on a plane:
::a lot for the past 2 yrs,missing langkawi now (^^,)::

Fallen asleep at school:
::guess wht, now I’m called the sleeping queen-no, tht’s not compliment!::

Broken someone's heart:
::who? In what way? Okay, if I had, please let me know::

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
::it’s always me who do the calling-they dun want to use their credit. so why bother waiting for a call::

Saved emails:
::those that involve registering::

What is your room like:
::my bedroom in my house? Rarely sleep in there, or even go there, it’s too up there I’m so lazy to climb the stairs. At TBP? People say it’s like so cramp but to me, it’s convenient::

What's right beside u:
::I’m seating at a comfy seat. Beside the seat, a table used to place this notebook::

What is the last thing u ate:

Ever had...Chicken pox:
::not that I could remember::

::when I was 5 I guess, I hit head-on with the edge of the door frame, it was soooo bloody::

Broken nose:

Do u believe in love at first sight:
::everything’s possible rite, insyaallah::

Like picnics:
::wht’s the food?::

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:
::do I dance in the first place?::

Last made u smile:
::watching Bokura ga Ita::

Today did u...Talk to someone u like:
::say, if I like my parents, yeah I talked to them, more like argue with them::

Get sick:
::last month, due to that I got no clue what was being taught especially physics so I messed up during the quiz. Have to resit probably::

Miss someone:
::my friends::

Who do u really hate:
::myself, it’s more like despise my badself not hate::

Do u like your hand-writting:
::are you serious??::

Are your toe nails painted:

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
::it doesn't matter. It’s not like I always sleep on mine.::

What color shirt are u wearing now:
::blue, since yesterday::

Are u a friendly person:
::to whom I feel comfortable with::

Do u have any pets:
::do having those creatures that are only being fed without any passionate contact are called pets? If they are, in my house, there’re more than half a dozen now though I used to play with cats but now they are just not friendly ::

Do u sleep with the TV on:
::rarely watch TV now. More like sleeping with the notebook PC on beside me::

What are u doing right now:
::doing this thing?::

Can u handle the truth:
::what sort of truth?::

Are u closer to your mother or father:
::in what way? In finance matter of course my dad. To talk about girls things with mom? No::

Do u eat healthy:
::my life is indispensible of chocolates::

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:
::my friend::

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
::despite my chronic sleeping-in-class-disease, instead of helping me, my friend prefers me to sleep::

Are u confident:
::depends on the situation. If I know I’m good, no reason for being unconfident::

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
::that time I was 8, rite?
1.studying as a standard 2 student
2.right about this time, enjoying the year-end holiday, can’t remember where though, perhaps it was when I went to penang with my family in the same house I’m living in now
4.being a spoiled kid
5. Playing with my imagination::

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
::1.first, hire a financial manager. How can I put it, I’m not that good in managing money
2.funding for the welfare of my muslim fellow victims of war, to fight back
3.funding the muslim movement around the world for education purpose
4.invest in my own education-no need for scholarship anymore, why should I burden the country anymore once I can afford it
5.treat myself and my loved ones-a lot, to a a very good meal::

5 of my bad habits:
2.biting nails
3.biting straws
4.biting paper cups/polystyrene cups
5.scratching until my skin peels, I got many new scars::

5 places I've lived/living :
::1.serdang-barely remembered, I was small at taman universiti indah
3. MRSM langkawi
4.residence hotel, UNITEN
5.Taman Bukit Pelangi, Subang Jaya::

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