Sunday, December 21, 2008

another praise

it has been so long since the last time i got hooked to an anime. the last one was code geass R2 -gosh, it's a must-see. then, i thought of following the kuroshitsuji anime, but later i found the manga to be more amusing than its anime version. however, just yesterday, when i originally intended to copy the dorama from my friend's external hard disk, i discovered an anime which somehow attracted me. yeah, i copied that too.

and just now, i finished watching all the 26 episodes. by the way, the title is 'bokura ga ita'.
let me explain that it is purely a high school love story. may i repeat, love story! can't believe till now how i actually got hooked in watching it. it's not like i ever give a damn about this kind of stuff. however, i find the characters of the story to be quite interesting, their characteristic is pretty compelling and were portrayed in a beautiful way. i admit one might see it's plain in a glance, but because it's so plain it just connects with what we encounter in daily life. they just seems so human. it made me realize how we might react when confronting certain circumstances. could we still really grasp on wht we believe?
for the storyline, mostly it runs on the typical 'high school love story'. it's about a girl entering high school, and somehow fall in love with the popular guy who happened to be her classmate she found hateful at first. the girl is a typical plain high school students but a bit babyface-cute. the guy is a happy-go-lucky guy, outstanding anywhere he is, friendly and smart. at the beginning, it may just seem like a story of a couple getting together after the boy confessed during a very romantic time, but it is no happy-ever-after story. the rollercoaster took off the moment they started to be a couple. there were smile and tears, hugs and kisses(a lot of them) and not to forget, the misunderstandings, the breakups, the miscommunications, and all the selfish sides of being in love. somehow, i wonder if the original writer wrote the story based on experience, their story thereafter was so full of up and down (gosh, i'm out of vocab here), so painful just like how the reality is. sometimes i felt the story is of my friend's rather than just a fictitious anime i watch from this monitor. it is so deep.
we humans just can't escape to have the feeling of insecurity. that's why we need support.

So, my favourite parts in 'Bokura ga ita':
  • the friendship between Yano (the main male character) and his best friend, Takeuchi
  • Yano's smile
  • Yano's various personality
  • a way to describe happiness : "to have something that makes you warm when it's cold - it can be hot meat bun, or even the person you love"

  • when Yano and Nana(the main female character) take purikura 1st time and second time before they have to be apart

  • they might be kissing all the time they could but Nana knows the boundary where he didn't allow the boy the pass through (okay, at a point she eventually willingly gave in but for the rest of the time, i really respect that, compared the other story i watch)
  • and absolutely the songs that are effectively used along the story. as every episode ends, the choice of song just suits the mood, it could made u cry having listened to it while getting immersed in the scene. at sweet scenes, it would be a happy tune while for an unexpected heartbreaking moment, the song too would break you into tears. as it does so, you would just let the the episode went on until the last second just so you could listen to the song till the end(i would usually skip the ending sequence for other anime). so, this isntantly be among my favourites for its song other than 'honey and clover'. a good job they really have done here.
simply, though i never had any experience of this sort before, i'm still greatly touched by the whole story..
here's the sweet couple which in my view really depicts the real couple out there-the stories, the selfishness, the jealousy, the passion are just so real

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