Monday, December 29, 2008

time for stories...

yeah i haven't been updating for a few days, nearly a week. well, typical reason-lazy.

last week, sadly but expected, i didn't even touch my homeworks which made me so desperate to complete them in these last few days of holiday. bad me. so, i had done for the last week? mainly watching dorama and sleep. hahaha. but i guess, there are few interesting things.

during dec 25th, my cousin engaged. the interesting thing? from the man's side(us), we went to the girl's house for the ceremony in a convoy of 11 cars. hahaha. tht's only the engagement ceremony. i tried to imagine their wedding in the coming july. the guest list seemed to be unending. with their family is a renowned caterer who definitely got so many acquantainces(do i spell this right?). but, the irony here is, while this cousin of mine was having the engagement, my sister who is of the same age as him had already done with the 'akad' hours earlier. hahaha.

the next day, due to plain boredom, when i was surfing the net, my bro suddenly asked to see the schedule for the movies at tgv, the mines. it was 4 then. what we saw was that 'the spirit' would be showing at 4.45. know the comic 'the spirit' from marvel comics? i didn't. well, we just went there anyway. imagine how i rushly took a shower and changed clothes. as usual, in the car, my bro cursed a lot. anyway, we made it on time. thank god. all i would say is 'it's quite an interesting movie'. i noticed that i like it when the story is told from 1st point of view. it somehow makes it more personal. so, the superhero of the story, 'the spirit' managed to made me enjoy it. what attracted me along the story was how the his shoe appears white while it is obviously actually black. interesting~. (dun understand, watch it urself)

and, the next day. i went out for a movie again! this time, it was the movie i've been waiting from before since i saw the advertisement by the road. it starred adam sandler-one of my favourite actors. the title? bedtime stories. what more was it's a Walt Disney's movie. i luv stories like this. i'm so relieved i need not to wait until jan 1st for the official release of the movie in the cinema. we watched the sneak preview. so glad, there was actually a friend of mine who is free enough and intersted to accompany me watching this one. thanks Aishah! oh, and also Jaja, who only arrived at the cineplex 10 minutes after it started. if she really didn't turn up that day, i think i would hit her hard enough to make her unconcious the next time i see her.
my comment for this movie? FABULOUS!! funny and hilarious! i dun regret treating my friend for this one. it was truly enjoyable. um, i'm a bad movie reviewer, i guess. :P

look at bugsy's eyes!

after the movie, jaja suddenly had to head home leaving me and Aishah. we window shopped the whole klcc for 3 hours until it was time for her to return. i guess i really love doing these kinds of things. hahaha.

oh, it didn;t stop there, when we had parted ways, on the way home, i stopped at midvalley station. i went to the gardens. if only kinokuniya had what i wanted, i need not to go here. thank god, when i already at the gardens with tired legs and entered Borders, a book i had been searching for was there. Alhamdulillah~. Borders really arrange their books systematically. it took me less than 5 minutes to find terry pratchett's 'the wee free men'. the bookstore was quite the same everywhere, i mean the borders' bookstores. when i went to one of them at pittsburgh, it's the same smell, the same signs-the colours and all, the same style. not bad. only bad for my pocket if i stayed there longer i think.

back at home, despite had promised to myself to do things of higher priorities-homework, i immerse myself in more doramas afterwards. remind me of my weak self. i finished watching 'iryu' 1st season. not only that, i found another dorama so appealing, i actually waited for it to load (this one is streamed video). now i crave for more episodes of it. astaghfirullah..... oh yea it's titled 'tiger and dragon'. a interesting story revolving a yakuza and rakugo.

so, for these remaining days, i really hope i could finish my homeworks..?

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