Friday, December 5, 2008

[genting episode] story about the socks

well, the after-effect of going to genting is still faintly here.

the first part of my trip to genting began the moment i left my house. the plan was to meet the others at kl sentral. the information i got was that we would be departing by bus to genting from kl sentral. so, considering the distance between my house and kl sentral that was not too far apart, i decided to leave after 7 - the other left tbp by 6:45 a.m.

i slept quite late the previous night, my relatives came for a simple occasion, a bit like family gathering, so the last departed from our house was nearly at 12. even after that, i continued to lounge around, for some reason, i watched the james bond movie that was already aired on the tv, and only after i felt like getting up, went into bed.

as expected, it was hard to wake up in the morning, only after several attempts by my father to wake me up, i finally got the body moving and hastily took a shower and also to pray. it was already 7. i remembered about the food i had promised huda, so i had to go to the kitchen and heat the karipap i had reserved beforehand. in that morning also, i finally made the decision on what to wear. however, when i was ready to exit the house, my dad insisted for a sweater. i went up flight of stairs again, entered my sis's room, got one of the sweaters she left behind. ok, what was left was the scarf.

it was quarter after 7 when i was in the car, my dad had waited since it was 7 but of course, it took time to wear the scarf properly. ok, to run for the bus whose departing time was at 8:30, i guess, i got time to spare-or not. i had to consider the traffic or any other possibilities as well. the car had moved for a couple of minutes, i was already out of my housing area when i realized something. i was to wear the socks i was carrying in the car to save time. however, what i could took out from my pocket was a piece of it. not the whole pair! i could not imagine wearing the shoes without socks-it was just inappropriate. and what's more was that, my destinantion was genting. i probably don't want to have chilled fingertoes upon arriving there. yeah, my dad made a u-turn.

i tried to follow the track i used from inside the house to the car. again, i have to unlock oh how many keys we had from the gate to the wooden door at the entrance to our house. there was no trace or the sock i'm trying to find in sight. i was in panic. i looked in the room downstairs, none. went to my bedroom upstairs, none. ok, i resort to new one. i went to my parents' room. opened the drawer, gosh, so many socks, but barely there were mine. i pushed aside my dad's and my mom's, thank god, my socks during high school was. but which one should i take. so lazy to think, i brought all 3 pairs i had in sight. imagine, holding all those in these clumsy pair of hands of mine, running back to the car. oh, forgot to lock the keys, went out from the car, locking the door, tend to the gate that needed to be locked, fortunately the chain was locked using the matching code instead of key. my hands staggered too due to the dire need to rush. okay, that's done. then, i was about to head back to the car when my sweater got stuck by the metal net on the gate. such a hassle! but then, it was not only my sweater that got stuck. i saw something else. it was my other pair of the sock.

when i returned inside the car, now 4 pairs of socks at hand, it was 7:28.

later, how we all were running, gasping, trying to catch the bus was another interesting story.

won't it be nice if i have these kind of socks. so cute...

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