Thursday, December 18, 2008

state : in happy mode

it's just good when you feel happy. even the slightest thing can make you happy. happiness makes your life ever more meaningful, the factor you can keep on living. so, search and look around for anything that makes you happy. it's a waste once u've taken a thing for granted so you just forgot to smile when it's there. well, smile is an indicator to happiness.

so, the little things that make me happy now;

-only 2 days left to endure before i'm having my 2weeks holiday
-for this remaining days, i have little things to be concerned about, quizzes over
-i managed to make lots of wonderful origami-thanks bro for this.
-i love doing works in the workshop in the making of the robot
-i like it when i could understand the dorama without subtitles
-listening to my favourite song
-having a new pair of shoes
-remembering my trip to genting
-eating chocolate, i've bought rocky for a few times just recently
-got to read the long-awaited release of my favourite manga
-looking forward for the final episode of Ryuusei no Kizuna
-n many others

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