Thursday, December 18, 2008


tomorrow's friday. the end of my schooldays in year 2008.

of course i'm happy for that.

even if i say that, my break is only 2 weeks long. is it that long?

nevertheless, it's still holiday and i'm allowed to enjoy it......... or not coz i'm probably am required to resit for my physics quiz which i did extremely bad last weeek. hahaha, can't blame anyone else but me.

however, today, we entered the workshop again. i'm happy for my plastic part is done, what's left to be cut is the aluminium and we can set up our robot once all these materials are done prepared. and i am now certain, the next time i'm wearing a goggle i must be in an air-conditioned area or a cool place-nihon? everytime i have it on, in a matter of seconds, vapours start to form on the surface. really weird coz i think i;m only the only who experience it that bad. however, i still like doing the hole using the drills. omoshiroi...

and after that, we had photograph session for our yearbook, can't stand laughing, they constantly made jokes. i dunno how the picture will turn out, i'll get the yearbook to see it later i guess.

i wonder what other had planned for this holiday? mine seems to be fool of lazing around...

i wanna watch drama..................

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