Thursday, December 11, 2008

out of ordinary

do you know the plastic/metal tip of your shoelace is called 'aglet'? i first knew it from Terry Pratchett's 'Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents'.


for tomorrow, we have a day off, thanks to the Sultan of Selangor whose bitrthday happens to be tomorrow. so, today, we still had school and a thing out of ordinary happened to me on this day.

i had a very short sleep the night before due to my chronic procrastination habit which required me to complete the Nihongo's homework that was supposed to be handed in the day before. no choice but to complete it anyway. however, as i was doing it in company of my notebook pc, it was kinda delayed and was slowed for various obvious reasons. i ended up sleeping in front of the notebook pc and finally get on the bed when it was 5 a.m. nonentheless, i woke up at half past 5, and snooze again, finally got into the toilet by 6. in short, i had a normal morning as usual, with addition, i got on the first bus.

class started at 7:50, nihongo class for the whole morning. my guess, inevitably i would be sleeping throughout the classes, what more we had Kanji for the 1st one-the vulnerable class.

surprisingly, from the beginning until the last nihongo class, my eyes were wide open-exception for a few minutes, they were thinning but still open. on top of that, i was quite active in class, making noises instead of sitting still with no movement nor sound as i usually do. so, proudly, i survived the morning.

in the afternoon, it was 'creative objects' class where i started working on the manufacturing of my robot. delightfully i was in my new pair of sneakers, it was sparkling white, so funny. entered the workshop but didn't get the chance to use the machine long enough. probably, we made a slight mistake in planning, shouldn't be all 3 of my group entering the workshop, we were yet to finish on fixing the engine. so, better to plan ahead next time-this friday.

another funny thing for the day: u don't only get hazy glasses while eating hot noodle, wearing goggles in the workshop too would result the same even without the hot noodle.

then again, i didn't sleep during that class-how can i? and also for the following english class where we were testing our listening ability-exactly my weakness lies here. i didn't sleep.

school finished, somehow, we had a dialog session with the CEO of our sponsor who is also the manager of our program and another person who is the Dean of our program. it was a productive session where all of the students in the program from the 3 whole batches confront with these big figures. again, i managed to get through without any sleep at all.

finally i returned, it was Maghrib. carefully removed my white sneakers, untie the white shoelaces with white aglet on it, put them properly in the rack, went straight to my room. i prayed. i lay down and slept....

until Kinta woke me to go for dinner with her. i barely just slept not even for an hour. from there till the moment i'm typing this, i haven't slept yet. so for 10th of december 2008, my entire sleep was less than 2 hours for the whole day.

glad tomorrow is actually a holiday.

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