Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ever heard of Rocky chocolate? the chocolate bicuit stick? do you know its actual name is Pocky, produced by the Ezaki Glico Company of Japan, but was it renamed as Rocky in Malaysia? don't worry i juz knew that too.

okay, this year's eidul adha might not be the best i've had, but certainly i'm happy for some particular reasons....

the day before i had my jlpt, i actually got the chance to shop at alamanda-specifically parkson. strange enough, my dad just let me bought that pair of pants that i like without any objection and some other stationeries. he was in good mood i guess.
  • happiness metre : 30%-i like the pants, it's maroon
when i've finished my JLPT-wearing the new pair of pants, returned home and i slept. oh yeah, JLPT was okay i guess. i just said it based on my sleep to awake ratio which was so high. can't believe i would actually sleep despite having promised to my teachers "寝ないようにがんばっています". but then, i still slept for most part of the test.
  • happiness metre : 5%-sleeping is just so good when u're tired
it was only after 6 we actually departed from our house. balik kampung lah. firstly, we were heading to Segamat, my mom's side. i just followed, also looked forward to it, meeting my beloved cousin there and all. before that, my dad bought lemang at bangi, unfortunately, only lemang was available, not the rendang. and also a container of baulu-strawberry? okay. so, we went on.

  • happiness metre : -3%-the strawberry baulu just so weird and i dun particularly like riding the car, nauseatic..
to have our prayers (jama' of coz), my dad stopped at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh. supposedly we were gonna eat here too. BUT the shop there only had nasi campur which i dun have a liking into it, so i thought of just buying a burger from A&W. guess what, it was so crowded, the queue was so damn long. i walked ahead. and i saw something else..

actually, the day before at parkson, i was actually looking for a pair of new shoes but ended up with a pair of pants. so, when i saw shoes on display, i was quickyly attracted. never thought there was gonna be al-ikhsan store on the highway though. didn't realize it but my hunger just disappeared when i was looking at the shoes. there was actually a pair of sneakers less than RM100. okay, that one was RM99. but still, it was discounted. i love the word sale (gosh, the women's disease). so, i ended up taking my parents there too, wanting to buy a pair, pointed to them the cheap one. of coz they won't buy it for me if i say i want the expensive one, immediate rejection that would be. so, while they were in, i wandered to other sneakers too, pondering which one was good, compared them in front of my parents and so on. i guess we sort of spent about nearly half an hour just being there.

lastly, a white pair of sneakers in my possession. forget the price.
  • happiness metre : 79%-in was so in an instant, never thought it would suddenly come at me, i'm grinning wide
at segamat, met my cousins, chatted and at nearly 12, i watched Hanakimi SP with one of them, she wanted to watch it so that she won;t have to transfer the 1.5gig into her bro's comp
  • happiness metre : 19% watching it again still gave me a good laugh. it was so funny and notorious in the same time.

10zulhijjah- ate ketupat, a quick shower, ate ketupat, had my raya prayer, slept, in the car to my other kampung (slept), arrived and ate ketupat, laze around in front of tv, helped trasfer song my cousins wanted, watched an episode of 1 pound gospel, ate ketupat, snacking, and finally had our journey home after it was 6-slept again.
  • happiness meter: 25%-ketupat and kuah lodeh is just so delicious!!

i had Rocky and shared it with my parents. that's so nostalgic, when was the last time i ate those kind of things
  • happiness metre : 21% so funny when us 3 sharing a box of Rocky chocolate.

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