Monday, December 22, 2008

ukhuwah blooms

last saturday, i sort of had a reunion with the alumni of my ex-school which i attended for 9 long years. well, i was kinda looking forward to it since i haven't been hearing news form them for such a long time. i left the school when i entered form4 and so i only keep in contact with a few of them. the event was scheduled to be on the morning. thanks to my mother, she sent me there along with Wana who i fetched from her home.

i was really delighted to meet my old friends again, though not so much were there but still, i was happy. for my batch, there were Wana(yeah, we came together), Fatin, Khairiah, Ruqayyah, Farha, Syafiqah, Wafda, Sarah(she lives there) and some other boys. we are all scattered now, some can;t even make it coz they're now oversea. huhuhu. so, we had a bit of minisports, playing a bit. the event went okay i guess until the end, just that the attendance were below expectation. well, there's just a thing that bothered me till now, on that day, i didn't get a chance to ask the boys how they are doing. it's not like i didn't want to, it just seemed awkward, in that circumstance. gomen ne. so, next time, i hope i really could getting in touch with them. we were classmates afterall. i think that's all, for the rest, though there could be more room for improvement, i can see they've given their best.

in all these pix, my tudung seems to be badly crooked. kakkowarui naa

oh talking about the boys, i surfed around and found their blogs, active bloggers they are. and i found a really intriguing post from one of them. here take a look

btw, i've updated the links to other blog so that they can be reached to these wonderful people


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sakura_heart said...

knl farha ke??
dak maahad tu...
tp die masuk,dila kuar..