Friday, December 19, 2008

hahaha, it feels like the 2nd day of my SPM exam

yes, it was english paper on the 2nd day of my SPM examination. for the essay paper, i just tried to redo the sole grade a essay i ever had-that was during trial. the topic was sort of interesting, i never did things of that sort b4 that. it was a narrative of a girl being raped.

certainly to do the same thing again is hard, i mean, of course i would want to improve it so it would be a better essay rite. in the exam hall, i tried to illustrate the scene again in my infinite imagination in my head. i searched for all sorts of descriptive words i could comprehend and tried to arrange it in my essay. i tried to think and think the real situation, if i were the girl. blood shivered down my spine. but i lasted until the last second of the exam hoping it would be a good essay despite my handwriting which i doubt would please the examiner. i pulled my last breath, the paper's over, intending to take fresh air outside. i stood up and get my sweater on the chair. i saw red spots on the chair.


okay, back to the present time. just this afternoon, we had discussion for our groupwork. we are required to stage a forum on any desired topic. this is for our english class. my group was supposed to present the 1st week when the school reopened this january. we were lost on the topic. had a brainstorm and we think and think and think. guess what did we have as the final decision for the topic? 'EARLY MARRIAGE'-that's the theme. gosh, now i feel, we are all really 'gatal' to discuss such a topic now. well, as to why i came out with the idea(yes, it was me), juz weeks ago, our newsletter brought forth tht topic to the light. they included some opinions fromthe experienced ones and also the yet to experience it. so, i thought it's just interesting. on top of that, it's a topic of high relation to us, the young scholars. i guess, it's just right. so, during the discussion, we talked a lot about this topic. i honestly want their opinion on this. and they are surprisingly some who strongly support and not to forget who are against it. so, i'm really looking forward for the forum later. hopefully we could present it smoothly, at leasti wish i do not stutter as the chairperson. tht's really embarrasing.

after that, i discovered something really intersting. one of my girl friends actually supports polygamy. her reasonings are interesting too. tht was my first time to find such a girl.

and just now, i surfed at my ex-schoolmate's blog. i laughed hard. he's a determined man who's pursuing to be a successful entrepreneur. i read the blog as if reading chapters in 'how to be successful manager' handbook. but, with some exceptions-the ones that make me laugh out loud, there are some intentional mistakes that the business topic is confused with love affairs. hahaha, he's a guy after all. dun believe me? -->


i got grade 2A for my english gce-o. i still remember the expression of the one who gave me the slip the moment i read it. she was completely perplexed when the face i had then was one that shows some disappointment despite having grade 1A throughout the subjects. can't help it though. i was really hoping it to be grade 1A

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