Friday, December 19, 2008

the list

what i have to do:
  • revising on physics (gosh, quiz again, my fault for getting red marks for it)
  • studying my 'pendidikan agama' the first day the school reopened, see, they give us quiz on the whole 11 topics
  • doing my physics homework-9 questions
  • my math homework-3 questions i guess coz i didn't even peek on it yet
  • doing my 'pendidikan agama islam' assignment. search for info from scratch
  • listen to the listening cd for nihongo
  • revising the kanji we've learnt so far-500???
  • searching for points for the english forum we had to do
  • oh, still, nihongo's homework we just got this afternoon

what i want to do

  • watch the final episode for ryuusei no kizuna
  • watch other doramaS i transferred from my friends, approximately 6 series of them
  • go out with my ex-schoolmate, somewhere at kl, jst to hang out
  • read the novelS i haven't the chance to read ever since i bought them weekS ago.
  • shopping for new clothes -it's mega sale now!
  • get my sleep. currently lacking in it
  • eating food i want. here is limited

so, is 2 weeks of holiday enough? let's just see how effectively i would use this span of time. it is worrying me when i'm foreseeing my holiday would be just full of the latter list than the one that is supposed to be my utmost priority. so, let's just see......

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Loly said...

Hai, just blog walking. Nice article :)