Monday, December 15, 2008

so, should we add pockets?

do you know that edibile rind of a guava contains 5 times more vitamin C than an orange? and it also contains vitamin C, carotenoids, folate, potassium, fiber, calcium and iron? that's why i love guava so much over the sour orange...


today, i broke my promise to my parents. i didn't even study at all at home despite saying i would after i finished watching what my bro was watching (he's back). duh~~ it was the same everytime.
but the funny thing was when i eventually returned to tbp with burning spirit of doing last minute study for the coming chem quiz. well, i later found out it's not on monday, but on tuesday.

so, to get in the mood, i went to the utility room. to my surprise, there weren't much students there except 6-7 students from my batch while the rest were senpais-a lot of them. who cares, i'm going to study, with a lot of ppl or not. sadly, my attitude just won't change. i played more than actually studied. i disturbed others while doing so, i looked around more than i look at the notes i was supposed to look carefully. then, i saw something.

i wonder why malay men like wearing kain pelikat. i, myself prefer a pair of pants over a sarong/skirt/etc of the same class. so, the thing that i saw related to kain pelikat, yes a man wearing kain pelikat. he looked so comfortable with it. he moved around comfortably in it. he wore it like he had accustomed to it since ages. tht's just good, i thought. then, he just finished reading messages i guess, he clicked on the phone and resumed chatting with his friend. then, as usual, it's to keep the phone, right? hehehe, here's the interesting part. on the phone, there's the accesories he liked so much dangling on it. then, the next thing i saw was that the dangling accesories was the only thing visible near the top of the kain pelikat, a bit covered by the end of the shirt he was wearing. so you can guess, where he secured the phone...

that's why i love pants, they have pockets..

:) remind you, below are only worth to read if you got so much time in hand...

just days ago, as mentioned, my brother had finally come back from studying oversea, i mean not just some holiday but had completely finished it-the whole 4 years for a degree. it also means he's gonna be here for long, longer than his summer holidays he had before....

as expected, his omiyage-souvenirs is not much. not like i'm really2 looking forward to it but i thought it'll be more since this is like the last time he's coming back from the far foreign land. alas, he never changes, or maybe the coming cargo that is yet to come would meet my expectation. i truly am hoping so.

so, the night he came back, i welcomed him at the airport, a nice sister, ain't I? despite having class the next day. it seemed that the flight would arrive at 8, so my father insisted on departing from my house b4 maghrib so that we can have maghrib prayer at klia. yeah, we did as planned. finished prayer n still got more than half an hour b4 the plane even touched down, it was not like my bro would be out of the gate as soon as the plane landed right? we went to have dinner. at KLIA'a Food Garden. i thought of having a Whopper at Burger King at first though. so, mine was a plateful of mi bandung worth RM6 sth. the fork and spoon was plastic. i didn't really have a liking in what i ordered though. i ate just like how i ate stuff i dun have much passion in added with the so-not-attractive fork and spoon at hand. oh yeah, i have the tendency to use only beautiful plates/spoon/fork when eating. somehow, the hard chicken made me broke the fork into two. huhuhu. see, i told you, it's plastic.

other than that, i also forgot to order my drink-always did that, dunno why. so finished eating and i still wasn't satisfied. yeah, i need fruits. in my sight, i could see they sold fruits there. a container of cut fruits for RM3-gosh, airport price meh. guava seemed so good though i knew there was only a part of the whole fruit per container. just that i really missed to eat it. i contemplated hard. i love guava-that's a fact. need i mention its goodness anymore? so, i paid at the cashier, using the RM3 i got in my pocket(yes, pants have pockets)-the remaining after i paid for mi bandung. i went to my parents and a container of cut melon safe in my hands.

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