Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ambivalent emotions

ok, i'm learning things in scientific way-duh~ i'm taking engineering, so the science way is being direct. so today, without long-winded entries, i resorted to bullets

  • in the past 2 and half days, i finished watching 3 dorama series
    -Attention Please
  • yeah, i'm quite pleased watching the ikemen in those doramas
  • my interest in japanese actors raised up again. gosh, can't just resist their hotness. they made my day. thank you Ikuta Toma. thank you Oguri Shun. thank you Nishikido Ryou
  • really find it amusing to watch Oguri Shun i like in GTO. he was so small then. :D

  • in short, I'M HAPPY.
  • yesterday, my sis called. her wedding reception is planned to be in feb '11. after i finished my diploma her and b4 flying to nihon (really2 i wish i pass, insyaallah) yea, i already knew her partner b4. he's nice. but then, i'm not gonna be there on the day they gonna tie their relationship-the legal way. it's less than 24 hour now. (oh, sorry sis, it's spilled here)
  • actually, i want to go out somewhere just to hang out but no friend. yesterday my bro handed his phone which contained the sim card i was using. my friend did give me a msg inviting me to go out. it's dated on last sunday
  • everyone knows i love chocolate. when my bro returned recently, it's a shame he didn;t returned along with him a lot of chocolates like i had anticipated. a really stingy person. but then, this morning, my friend contacted me asking me if i want to order any chocolate now he's at Langkawi. yea, i ordered all i like.
  • I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT -oh my fuel.
  • the internet in my home is ridiculously slow. it has been 5 days but my final episode of ryuusei of kizuna is not done yet.
  • i still haven't touched my assignment at all yet
  • I'M .................................................................

jaa, anyone? let's go out! anywhere interesting, like watching movie. i prefer if it's not midvalley-getting sick of that super-crowded place. oh yea, this dec 31st a new walt disney movie starring adam sandler gonna be out at cinemas. definitely want to watch it~! so, anyone?


zaty said...

fyi,for the assignment part,it's two of us who havent started anything yet..hahah hope you really mean that..'xsntuh lgsung'!gagaga

i just realised that i havent linked yr blog to mine,that's why xslalu lalu sini ek?ihik sorry,

ill link yrs asap,promise~
have a great cuti,classmate!

snylo said...

yup, i;m serious. dead serious. zenzen. entah biler la nk ader kesedaran nk wat homework yg melambak ni. ish3. cuti pun tinggal baper hari jer lg kn...

Keyrana said...

skrg blaja mane? kos mcm jepun jerk..dengki!

zaty said...

yayy~!!!huahua glad to hear that!kikiki jht x?ngehee(^-^)"

as soon as you wanted to start yours,btau ek..dont wanna be the only one who doesnt do anything,gagaga


Tess said...

I disagree with your statement "...the science way is being direct"
being short & direct has nothing to do with "scientific" way.

being scientific involves asking question, doing research, construct hypotheses, perform scientific experiment on the hypotheses, analyze data & draw conclusion. You don't have to direct to be scientific. Please refer to original work by Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, or Descates where they communicate their scientific results in a very elaborate language.

My point is again that direct writing style has nothing to do with being scientific. However, it is easier to convey scientific results using direct writing style. This writing style is the prefered style in Business or Formal Communication in the United States.