Sunday, January 31, 2010

hold on

for the whole day i've been so damn irritated, it's like math don't want to have any chemistry with me, and even chemistry is yet to take a liking to me(i'll tend to you later, u're the last paper after all)..

until i read this:
辛いは幸せの途中です。[pain is halfway towards happiness]

finally something to cool me off a bit.

so, math and everything requires your very presence, i'm making all the efforts to love you, so don't fail me, love me back and show me how wonderful and pleasant i can feel with you around. for negative sides too, let me do no mistakes here again. coz there's always another thing i have to be careful of. let me remember all the steps so i won't tumble ever again midway. schmidt, taylor or jacobian, don't see me as an enemy, i only want to know and understand about you, don't let me misunderstand anything or i'll fall again....

oh, and chemistry too, don't leave me too far back, i can't bear having C or below for you again... be friendly to me though i'm not such a good company, i'm not such a good memory keeper for all those formula you contain, so please at least make your way inside my head and stay there as it is without any part of you missing anywhere else.

and i've yet to take a look at the am,fm,pam wave, what are you actually? let me know about you, in detail, won't you?

now i'm starting to fantasizing i'm learning all these things while being taught by ryuuta who teaches in front... i'll not miss anything he says for sure though i doubt my awake duration do have a limit XP


zaty said...

ryuuta as your tutor?haru!

snylo said...

that would be very blissful, for me! hahahaha