Sunday, January 31, 2010

please, oh please

so infuriated right now, as to how pathetic i am in term of studying

ok, i've allocated all the time for studying, yet i fail to use it to the fullest. like, how much time just to solve 1 simple problem?? no, i know i'm not stupid! but slow??? gosh, so frustrated for this....  i dunno what's wrong here. why can't it be, that everything i do just turn out right? no matter how many times i calculate, it'll be wrong. so, how do u think i could answer the right one during exam???


now i feel like going out, letting off some of the steams here. klcc?

the fact is i hate crowded place

ok, i want to eat good food


abah, please la, u know how stingy i am in using my own money, so be generous to me, at least for this exam

feel like eating some steak............

and i just munched on a huge bar of chocolate yesterday

so, what is it that i need before i can properly study?????

to be panic before exam is natural, right?

please, ya allah, put this heart at ease, let me concentrate on what i should, let my brain be active, let all the things i learnt stay carved in my memories, pour patience into my heart, strengthen my will. please make me more than strong to keep running on this path. help me in everything i do. let all my efforts be in your barakah. amin~

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