Sunday, January 17, 2010

precious times wasted

it's like there's no other issue when it concerns me-the usual lack of time-management skill.

um, today too, i just wasted another day away.

ignorant of the actual obligation.

maaa, i felt good momentarily but my guilty conscience ate me up following it. well, when i thought my drama-fever is somehow cooled off a bit, alas i got engrossed in movies instead. this stupid mind were deceived by the short duration of the movie which seems to be less harmful by the time-consuming dorama, but have forgotten that once i caught up with something, thoughtlessly it'll yearn for more.

 for today alone, i watched another 2 of it. internet sure is convenient huh....

once i woke up after i overslept till noon, what i did was dashed straight to my dear notebook and there goes 2 hours of my day. nonetheless, it was a satisfying watch. 'ahiru to kamo no coin locker' is such a nice title to name a movie. well, both 'ahiru' and 'kamo' literally mean 'duck'. you got to see the movie how difference in those two words carry its own significance. for the exact reason why i was interested initially would be because the movie was originated from novel of the same author which 'jyuuroku pierrot'(mentioned in my previous post) is based on. beyond doubt, it's really a nice one!! like jyuuryoku pierrot, it has such amazing twist that caught you off-guard. it'll surprise you to watch how the story unfold itself. well, as for the title, by the end of the movie, i can't help giggling to discover how it is named so. all the praise to the one who came up with the whole ideas that builds the story the way it is-that would be author(kotaro isaka if i'm not mistaken), he certainly have my praises. ok, i can hear warning siren-i might end up searching for more when i've marked my favourite which i just did.

talking about the story, it reflects a bit on some people's attitude towards foreigner. well, searching for the reasons, mainly the language becomes the barrier. as for me, i always have the chance to deal with some nihonjin but i always fail the chance coz i always think it won't work out. for example, when we communicate, it can reach difficult moments in understanding what each other meant to say. so, it can be tiring and i tend to give up before even trying where in fact there're a lot of things one can explore and share with these people. bad me. well, it might be the same case too when i'll be studying there. now, it feels kinda scary with the idea of living abroad. maa, i just have to do my best then.

and as for the other movie-'oto na ri'(which later consumed hours of my day), no much comments. seems like i just don't enjoy love stories as much although this is free from scenes that i prefer not seeing-u know those scenes people sometimes find necessary when romance is concerned. for this one, it's more like i don't really get the essence of the story or what it really want to convey. when one does not understand, one cannot enjoy. however, at the beginning of it, i just can't help but to chuckle as to remember someone mentioned there is resemblance between junichi okada and a classmate of mine-a thing i don't want to admit it in any way.

fufufu, should i go to time-management course, or more specifically self-discipline programme?

there's high probability i'll be dozing in class tomorrow. procrastination spells disaster but it always lingers no matter how i don't want it to

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dont waste ur precious time ;)