Monday, January 18, 2010

fish story

maitta naa....

well, how in trouble i am is no fish story

as long as i can't get over this attitude problem of mine...

when night is specially created for the body to rest, i fail that purpose by staying up all night, mostly for unbeneficial stuff.

they say, life is full of regrets -that's one of them. in less than 24 hours, i managed by accident to watch 3 movies, aside juggling time to do my homeworks too. quite proud about myself, i at least touched them although only half is quite done.

so, as indicated in my previous post, the warning is no way a false alarm. it really did happen. i eventually searched for another and i found 'fish story'.

n. Informal
An implausible, boastful story.

be informed, the title does not literally describes the movie. it is for some interesting course of events beautifully chronicled in it that brings such title for itself. well, more applause to the movie after all. great story, great casts. it's really a nice one after quite a movie-marathon i had. well, i did have a bit of expectation for this one, and it didn't fail me, aside from few minor parts where it could always have rooms for improvement.

short description from me: you might find everything in a mess, with some story here and then jumps to another, but when you'll reach the connection, it's very engaging and fascinating. for more helpful review, someone has written it far better than me as the ones here or here. for those who already used to the theme of 'the world at its final moments', this offers you another insight. it never lacks with surprises and truly delighting. well, a few feeble points could always be overlooked, so though i feel bitter losing to myself, i still believe it was a worthy watch. funny at the same time gets you thinking.

tonikaku, shimatta na.... kono mama jaa...


akucun said...

i fail from loong time ago xD

iamSH said...

am tempted to watch it but i cant the movie online :S
not even in mysoju.