Monday, February 1, 2010

gimme a break!

this post is just done out of my frustration of having to still go to school despite the fact that it is now revision week. so do expect some stuff just spurted out when this rage is no longer uncontainable. (and later i realize there's no use with all this stupid rage, so some of the contents have been edited afterward)

okay, what i understand from the word 'revision week' is that we got to do all the studying we deem need to prepare for the examination. well, a semester to cover seems like too much when all you did is playing around all through. so, won't u mind giving us time for ourselves to reflect on this and do whatever we can to rectify it before it's too late?

yet, u demand us to go to school? compulsory? what the heck is that?

i know u're worried and mad at us for being not such an achieving group of people like u expect us to be. but, to be forced like this is certainly the last thing we look forward to. now, i'm stressed with the mere thoughts of going to school alone. i grow to resent that sole idea.

 who says school is always fun and joy?

not when i have to iron my clothes(an action i don't particularly enjoy since i was small) and when i desire to casually wear something i feel comfortable (baju kurung is never one), some people say i better don't. why? to 'jaga hati' those people? who?okay, i think i'm becoming  bit of emotional here. no need to mention anybody when it's all me who can't accept how some stuff work. it's just like that, for anything, it can hardly ever be amiable to every single person. so, in this case, i just fell to be the opposing party.

and getting on the bus is not exactly what i say pleasant. while i'm all up to the eco-thingy, better get on a single transportation with lots of people to reduce the emission, but this selfish me like not the rush and such unfortunate times where keep standing and finding balance seems arduous.

and once school over, i could get caught with lethargy and ended up sleeping my day away. whose fault do u think i'm tired out? certainly when u despise something, ur body agree with you and give out negative reactions whenever that thing is concerned, like a simple action of going to school which i start to hate enough to wears me out in no time. so, what can i start now i just woke up?

the fact is i'm not a night study-warrior.

*currently so caught up with this song, been repeating listening to this for a few days now, its upbeat tune makes it enjoyable to my ear, piano does rock! and though i know only little of what he's saying, i can't help but to just love it*

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