Wednesday, January 13, 2010


without doubt, with the current state of mine at the moment, there's no way i'll be able to make it through.

whether it's for the final exam which is only 30 days away (oops, only 29 left)

or for bleep test next week. ouch, my ankles still takes the toll from the sprain the other day.

but for some particular reasons, i'm quite oblivious to all that, pacified n smothered in a momentous happiness.

well, there's a saying, happiness spreads, so better spread it out wide!

hehehe, the reason as to why i'm quite cheerful at the moment might be trivial, but it still leaps my heart in joy. the thing is i managed to finish the novel i just bought the other day! and it left quite an impression to me. i'm so glad i've read it. it's certainly a valuable buy, hehe thanks to jaja who paid for it anyway. i just knew i had to get it once i caught it in my sight. i've been a fan to terry pratchett especially the books targetting the young readers. and this latest book from him certainly do not fail to amaze me more. oh, it's like i've mentioned before in one of my post, it's entitled 'Nation'.

the story sets on an island so far from the main land we know and not even visible on the map for it lies under one of the letters of the name of the ocean. and a boy was awaiting his moment of returning to that island again. only to find there's no one left. no houses, no village, all have been swept by a monstrous wave (this kinda made me feel the author got his inspiration from the tsunami incident few years ago). however, he's not alone. the wave also brought a sailing ship which crashed in the forest killing all the crews, but one single passenger on it-a princess.

okay, this is no ordinary boy meet girl story.

unlike any other, pratchett has this distinctive characteristics he lays on the characters he creates, they are the persons who loves to 'think'. in fact, think far too much than any regular person would in times they want it or not, but they constantly think. okay, this is the point that kinda hit me a bit. while i know the path i'm pursuing requires much thinking, more often than not i prefer to find the easy way-the one without much thinking-it tires out the brain. however, when i read about these characters, it reminds me how foolish i've become. indeed, dreams are important, but it does not stop there when you have one, you have to think of the ways of realizing them. hohoho, that's what we tend to ignore.

back to the story, though not much romance is involved, i still feel it's so sweet. it certainly don't go like the cliched happy-ever-after, but still, one can hardly question the ending. although eventually the two persons were separated, they are happy after all in their own ways-having done the good for the greater cause. i love the way it reaches the conclusion. the story just goes on.

hahaha, now i believe i'm such a bad reviewer with such vague descriptions of the story and all. this is only based on how i felt after reading the whole book-good feeling seeps in. perhaps, for overcoming the ordeal i'm facing in a month, such new insight like this is needed too.

to think. and keep on thinking

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still a long way ahead, this laziness has rooted so deep it requires much effort and will to actually get moving and do what should be done