Saturday, January 2, 2010

unutterable ecstasy (sunk in flumpool love again)

usually i'll just oversleep up till afternoon when holiday is concerned, but today, my sleep was not as sound as i often have. even strange dreams appeared-all related to what i was anticipating for the day. in one of dreams, i was stupefied when the delivery i was waiting for reached my mom's hands first, the thoughts alone enough to horrify me. owing to that, i ended up waking up quite early this morning and rare enough, an early shower though no plan was made for the day.

and the whole morning passed with me getting all jittery. i thought of reading the new book i just got yesterday, but my eyes keep on staring the monitor displaying the live feed of the cctv of which one of it showing the front of our house. at last, i found some use of these cctv coz i really didn't like that idea at the beginning. it's just nonsense somehow to put cameras, it's not like we're some museums or whatever.

while my eyes were off somewhere else, suddenly i was startled by the sound of a horn. waa!! finally, i caught sight of the yellow van i've been expecting~~ after all this long, my waiting is over!! so, tadaa~!! here's the item that unluckily got delayed from reaching my very two hands for a few days but i am now more than happy that it has safely arrived after all.

'what's flumpool!?' (yosh, my 1st own cd i ever bought)

the whole contents (so ecstatic when i saw it's in fact the first press one)

aside from this long-awaited cd, my flumpool fever is escalated with the purchase of pati-pati january '10 issue the previous day. as always, they give out posters but little did i imagine they would do on 'ryuuta' alone. though i doubt i would dare sticking it on the wall but just looking at it is enough to make me blissful.

this is truly one good shot of him

and what more, for this issue, this is the photo shoot that seiji mentioned in one of his blog entries where a cat just suddenly popped in the scene(i've stated abt this in my previous post). just like he said, it's just too cute~~ but funny to see how the cat just find its place comfortably in the photo. acting so high and almighty yet seems shy with two eyes closed like that-perhaps this is only due to the blinding flash.

and the cat says : "oh, i'm so embarassed!"

well, it seems like my nihongo practice will have an extra booster with all these extra material to be read, more interesting than those physics/chem works i have on the other side here XD. like how my work space is so full with all these flumpool stuff, my mind is so occupied with them, i might have to wait a while before getting ready for the mind-boggling school works. wish me luck in completing them all.

and oh yea, 'sherlock holmes' was a pretty interesting watch too. there adds the source of my total happiness today. やった!


zaty said...

wowww you must be heaven happy now!
iman,do you realize that youre actually fangirling?

akucun said...

finally it arrived!
*jealous* xD
waa~ your house has cctv? sugoi~!

but i had no more money after buying the stuffs you read in my recent post
that is a super cute poster!!
Ryuta~~! <3 *fangirl scream*
i'll definitely buy it!

snylo said...

hehehe, fangirling it is, indeed...

can't help it, just so damn happy at the moment though i'm quite broke now and even planning to buy their budoukan dvd later (which cost nearly as much as a month worth of scholarship XP)

anyway, izzati no.2, have u any plan of coming back to malaysia any time soon? or else i got something to send to you(just a little thing but u'll be pleased i hope)

zaty said...

haha i have two imans and you have two izzatis.COOL

lol i should start saving so that i can go to arashi's concert!hahaha

akucun said...

same here
jrock or other than jpop genre cds/dvds are expensive here too
they can use up our whole month scholarship money! >_<

i'm not going back till june next year..
why2? what do you wanna send me?? xD

snylo said...

so, if u don't mind, u can give me ur address over there (if u dun want to be openly disclosed, send via mail/fb or whatever)

i've told it's nothing big, so dun get ur expectation high. i thought of giving it as bday present or sth but i have no idea when it's yours.

jing said...

Hi! I'm Jing from nakulayan@LJ. Found my way here through your LJ. ^^

I wish i could get my hands on pati pati!! Even hmv doesn't have this one in stock, and if they do, the shipping is ridiculously expensive. T_T Ryuta is my main bias, but your last picture captured my attention the most..all because of Kazuki. I'm dying here, waiting for my copy of the CD....

snylo said...

hi Jing! nice to meet you here~

lucky there's kinokuniya here or else i can't get my hands on it too, but they only got either pati-pati or b-pass as far as flumpool is concerned. otherwise, my collection of magazine featuring them have increased a whole lot by now, though i would have to struggle to read those XP

u mean, that silver image of kazuki? tht's from the leaflet where they comment on each song-really funny. i knew tht feeling, it's tormenting rite? but once it has arrived, u'll be in such bliss^^

jing said...

nice to meet you too!

maybe i should visit my only japanese store here, but i doubt they have it. :/ At least you could read them! I would have to bug my little brother to try translating them, and he'd give me the evuhl eye. I'd probably just be happy gazing at their beauties.

Pls tell me that leaflet is from the cd....

snylo said...

yup, it's included in the cd, fortunately i got the first press

now i'm on fire on getting the budoukan, the offer for the photobook is so damn tempting

jing said...

yay! \^v^/ i did get the FP.

ever since i started listening to jpop/jrock, i always always download. it was not until flumpool i learned all these first press, LE and stuff (fandom, lj comm, etc.). man, it was a headache at first! "Why are there so many versions??? *scratches head*"

i had to get the budoukan performance. i just had to.... cos i thought that was the only way to see Kazuki sing "Kimiiro Final." but in the set list, the encore performance wasn't included. *gasps* isn't that unheard of? i got it through hmv cos they had this special of buy 3 cds/dvds get 30%off. chance to get other artists' goods?

snylo said...

hahaha, it's the same for both of us, i never actually bothered with all these cd editions and all. just that when i got overly obsessed with flumpool, i first knew about all those stuff.

as for me, i dun worry much about the kimiiro final coz i figure that particular segment will eventually be put up on the net. and also there was also kazuki singing kimiiro in their previour tour dvd(only watched once though). but i'm especially attracted with the specials.. heheh

akucun said...

i've sent my address to your lj message
having you sending them is more than an honor..doesn't matter what the gift is :DDD

F said... damn happy nampak..hak3

Levaythos† said...

woahh thx alot for sharing the picturesss \(≧▽≦)/
i wish i also could buy one *broke at the moment*
and indeed,ryuuta looks really handsome there (≧□≦)

snylo said...

my pleasure~ and ryuuta always is handsome XD wonders of god's creations

flumpool hurts my wallet A LOT, but they grant me bliss~~~