Friday, January 1, 2010

20th gregorian new year of my life

huhuhu, seems like 2010 would be the year where i have to say goodbye to my teens age.

however, even when the calendars's changing but i pretty much don't feel a thing. aside from the diminutive fear of the coming final that is drawing nearer and nearer.

but certainly today is a delightful one. at the moment, i'm so happy i'm grinning so wide it might ache sooner or later. though it was not exactly like what we initially planned, but i still got to watch 'cirque the freak: the vampire's assistant' after all. i've been looking forward to this for weeks before it's released(which is yesterday). so to get to watch it today made me in sheer bliss. thanks faseeha for watching it together with me! at first, the plan was to watch together with others (rifqi and izmier) but sudden circumstance didn't allow them to. to sum up the story, it was really a nice one. adequate suspense and actions, pleasing to the eyes. i was genuinely expecting for more but then it had already reached the end. this might be the 1st installment to the series so i guess it's not wrong to think the sequel will come soon. and i'll definitely will catch it the moment they show it on!

but frankly, if they titled it as 'darren shan' instead, it will do far from taking my interest in it. somehow the name have some repelling power to me, i didn't even turn my head when i came across the book with that very name. so, i guess the movie had really done a good job! especially love it with their effective casts and storyline that does arouse my interest and keeps it retained. i'm originally is a fantasy genre fan, so this just suits my taste.

talking about fantasy, another thing that made me in full bliss today is i could get a hold of a new book from terry pratchett, the one titled 'nation'. what more, when i already in anxiety for i had spent so much, Jaja-my lovely friend whom i just planned to meet on impulse after watching the movie, she just said "it's my treat!". I LOVE HER!! she really spared me from misery.

honestly, for the past few days, money has been flowing out like water, so fast i fear i couldn't stop this madness. for the singapore trip alone, though it was truly a budget one, still i had to withdraw a lump sum of money-for a mere student such as me. and also on the way back from jb, i happened to find a fabulous blouse i just got to get it-though it was on sale but it's still quite a price. and i was also caught by a sudden rare craving when i saw the baskin robbin's outlet-one that could only be satiated once i bought a cone of double-scoop of the mouth-watering ice-creams.

and another thing that i just pleasurably spent money on was the magazine featuring flumpool~! :D ahh, this addiction just never ceases. thankfully though i now have to make a serious effort in reading and understanding the interviews and all, there are generous people translating it on the net, so i could compare my own understanding and the ones it really means. and i'm so pleased to see those photoshoots, they just looks so adorable and irresistible. moreover, i once read the blog by seiji where he told an account about an interview they had when there was a cat suddenly pop in the scene. and this is the exact issue he was talking about. the cat looks so comfortable in the picture, acting so haughtily as if the photo shoot was centering on it. it's understandable why seiji was so lively in that blog entry of his. he's a cat-lover at heart, so he can't help but getting excited over that. the same way my eyes got bright and shiny whenever the the topic of flumpool is concerned. XP

and yeah, definitely, getting so impatience for tomorrow, finally 'what's flumpool' gonna reach these two hands of mine! hope everything will go well :D

and oh yeah, happy becoming 23, my sis!! ngahaha, if you're gonna follow our big sis, you'll get married by next year lah!

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