Friday, January 15, 2010

can hardly let go

well, the only thing is the fear only goes bigger....

alas, instead of pushing more effort into my studies, my attentions incline greater towards my own obsession. hahaha

and so, today, putting such lame excuse as to get me worked up, i decided to watch a movie before commencing my revision. hohoho. well, one thing did come true. watching it makes me happy, free from sour feelings that always lurk inside here. i can say i'm glad i watched it after all.

so, the movie mentioned above is called "jyuuryoku pierrot"(gravity clown). the title was somewhat appealing to me and the cast appeals me more (one of the main casts is okada masaki-a rising star now). it's about two brothers, izumi and haru who have such a tight bond but when a series of arson start to attack, curiosity from the evidences from the clues left at the crime scenes lead them to investigate the whole mystery which somehow ended up related to their own family. while getting the bottom of it, izumi slowly unveiled a tragic family secret that has come back to haunt them.okay, that's only the synopsis i read prior to watching it.

so, generally, i'd say this is one of the movies that offers no much laughter, owing to its tragic story of their past, one might also cry but watching the whole of it till the end gives you a very nice feeling, pleasant i'd say. that would be thanks to its script at parts where it's worth quoting-one includes where the title of the movie takes from. but, even from starting, where it says "haru ga ni kai kara ochita"[can also be translated as "spring comes from second floor"] instantly catches your interest. the relationship between the two brothers is well portrayed too. and i love the technique they use that effectively shows flashback bit by bit to unfold the story. while at present, the mystery of the arson is unravelled, the flashbacks told what actually had happened back then that leads to the current present. all in all, their stories are chronicled smoothly, your feelings just went along with the characters unaware. and one more thing i like about it is how each scene is never wasted for nothing of simple fillers, they are something to the whole story which later connects to a more important piece you'll only realize later.

and i don't know the case when others watch this, but when i watch it, it caught me in surprise to find out how the stories turn out. perhaps, it's me who's slow but it was pretty unpredictable. so, it really put me in suspense while the mood builds up. while the story centered on izumi-the older brother, unknowingly something apparently was going on with haru who is also the subject where the story of their past circles around. and i certainly love those boys who play their role as kids. they're lovable and cute but constructively play their part displaying the strong bond between the brothers. oh, and i found it interesting how the mother named them 'izumi' and 'haru' as when translated to english, both become 'spring'.

and as for any stories, good ending leaves impact rite? this is one of those. little did i expect, the exact first line of the story would be the last line, giving it such a nice ending.

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